How Will the 'Once Upon a Time' Premiere Fare Tonight Among Adults 18-49? (Poll)

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September 29th, 2013


Guess what's back? It's the Once Upon a Time poll!

Last year, the second season of the fairytale drama premiered to a 3.9 adults 18-49 rating (only down a tenth from its series premiere) . Will Once Upon a Time see another big premiere this year? Or can we expect something more modest, considering the finale only notched a 2.3 adults 18-49 rating? Make your predictions below and give us a magical explanation in the comments!


  • aciel

    series high for revenge was a 3.3 which was when it started and the series low for it was a 1.4

  • aciel

    the series low for revenge was a 1.4 and that was the day it was up against the grammys which was around march


    Went w/ 2.4-2.7 (probably 2.5)

    I knew a lot of fans of the show in all age demos & since about last March they’ve all said how lame the show has become (and I so agree)

    Never a fan of Revenge (thank you, TGW) & no desire to sample Betrayal (chick flick), I must say I think ABC is in for a bumpy road Sun 9/29 in the year 2013

  • Dan S

    I voted 2.8-3.1 for OUAT which should do well in its premiere. I can’t say the same for Revenge & Betrayal will likely do the same 1.3 that Lucky 7 did last week.

  • starship

    I’d say Once can go as high as 3.2, but will probably end up around 2.6-2.8. Revenge should get at least a 2.2. I expect Betrayal to crush and burn, so even if not exactly DOA, it is a goner.

  • Cle

    why do you think Revenge will have 100% retention out of OUAT.. I dnt think so.. (I a not being a retentionista)

  • Mumbo

    Once Upon a Time – 2.5
    Revenge – 2.0
    Betrayal – 1.6

  • James

    Once Upon A Time-2.5

    Not great for ABC.

  • CrimTV

    @Lucas Melo

    You can’t refer to Once Upon a Time being a flop when it’s entering it’s third season!

  • rob60990

    “What kind of guy gets giddy about Revenge? lol seriously?”

    The kind that lives in the 21st century.

  • Ben Thompson

    OUAT 2.5
    Revenge 2.0

  • Networkman

    Once Upon a Time – 3.2
    Revenge – 2.8
    Betrayal – 2.1

    I don’t feel as if Betrayal is going to start off with numbers that are disastrous. I do feel it is compatible with Revenge so viewers may be interested. So I don’t feel it will start with problematic numbers such as Lucky 7. But it will slowly decrease into the mid to high 1’s.

  • Justin121

    I’ll take anything above a 2.0 as a win for Revenge, Betrayal. 2.3 for Once.


    Once: 2.4
    Revenge: 2.3
    Betrayal: 2.1
    Good Wife: 1.7
    Mentalist: 1.8


    2.6+ for Revenge, 2.1+ for Good Wife, 2.5+ for Betrayal, don’t really care about Once…

  • John A

    OUAT 2.5. Revenge 2.1. I’m guessing low but hoping for higher. And hope TGW can get a 1.8.

  • were123

    Considereing the hype Revenge has got over these last few months is not crazy to think it could even reach a 3, but to be honest I wouldn’t put my money on it.

    OUAT: 3.0
    Revenge: 2.4
    Betrayal: 1.7

    Though I wish the entire line up does better than what I predicted above, I believe these are the ratings we’ll see tomorrow

  • Dylan

    What if Revenge does better than OUAT ? I mean the promo of Revenge was INSANE!

  • Douglas from Brazil

    Why people are thinking in high numbers for ABC and CBS shows in a night where’s the Breaking Bad series finale?
    The higher will be Once hitting a 2.0 and then ratings will scramble below 1.7 at 9pm both ABC and CBS.
    My new bets are:

    Once: 2.0;
    Revenge: 1.5;

    Amazing Race: 2.6-2.5;
    The Good Wife: 1.5-1.3;(expect a series low)
    The Mentalist: 1.5-1.3;(expect also a series low)

    Fox Animations:2.5-1.7(8-10pm)

    Sunday Night Football: ? ( It matters?)

  • JJF

    I am gonna be the pessimist for the ABC shows, even then I like 2 of ’em. :P I am thinking a 2.3ish for OUAT. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it higher but I am not too optimistic given the spring slump. I could see Revenge doing maybe a 2.0 or even a 2.1/2.2, but only due to the curiosity of the promos. (OUAT has been slacking on the promos.) I see Betrayal doing marginally better than Lucky 7. It looks painfully bland. 1.6? Wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Pepper

    OUAT isn’t very good anymore, no way will it pull anything above a 3.0

    I’ll go with 2.7 with the possibility of adjusting up or down a tenth

  • platypus Perry

    Nbc will be first with football as usual.

    If FOX has Football as a leadin the Simpsons will hit 4.2, bobs burgers 2.7, Family Guy 3.4, American Dad 2.7.

    Once Upon a Time will score a 2.8 (hopefully) witg Revenge going back to season 1 roots Im hoping for mid 2s at 2.5. Betrayal a 1.6.

    60 Minutes 2.1, Amazing Race 2.4, Good Wife 1.7, Mentalist 1.9

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