Will the 'Breaking Bad' Series Finale Go Out on a High Note? (Poll)

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September 29th, 2013


Tonight is the series finale of Breaking Bad. The final episodes have been gaining steam in the last few weeks, building towards a new series high for last week's penultimate episode. Could the series go out on another high? Make your predictions below and share your thoughts on the finale below!

  • Dan S

    We’ll yeah the show is going out with a record high. Poor Revenge is going to get slaughtered against BB tonight. Fortunately I can watch it live with east coast feed at 6pm my time. I understand AMC sold all their advertising time at record rates for the finale. I hope it score at least 6.0

  • AgentCoulson

    Definitely it will be a new series high… I guess 3.6 in the worst case scenario. Maybe 3.8/3.9… I voted >3.8

    But very few people will care. The best television show ever made it’s ending, it will end tonight! It seems to me I’m watching it since 10 years, not 5. I’m so in love with this show! It’s surreal!

    So it will be an amazing night ad I’m super-super–excited.

  • Feedback

    This is going to sound very hipster, but I’m kinda upset. Where were all you people when this show debuted? I remember watching the premiere thinking how amazing it blended comedy and drama and how the tone was so different from Mad Men. I thought the short first season was brilliant, but it didn’t really have good ratings.

    If all of these people who jumped on the Breaking Bad bandwagon in the past year would have given this show a chance all those years ago, we might be entering the 6th season with 2-3 more in sight. The ending probably wouldn’t change much, but we could have gotten more out of Walter’s reign as kingpin other than a montage in Season 5. And we could have gotten more stories out of him being in exile in New Hampshire, plus the nationwide manhunt.

    Breaking Bad is over and it’s because all of these new viewers didn’t give it a chance when it first aired.

  • Chris

    How is it NOT possible that this show will end with a series high? The last two weeks have been series highs and all week long people have been pondering how Breaking Bad will end. Bad will no doubt go down widely regarded as one of the greatest television dramas ever. That having been said, let’s sit down tonight and enjoy this show for one last time.

  • Oliver

    I can’t wait for the finale because then people will shut up about this stupid show.

  • josh

    400 000 $ per 30 sec guys… Its gonna be HUGE!!

  • Shepherd

    I thinking at least a 3.5-3.6. Probably a 3.6-3.7. I really deserves every point it gets. It’ll be sad to see the show go.

    2.1-2.3 For OUAT at best. I really think it will pull Spring numbers.

    Maybe a 2.0 for Revenge. I’m still not convinced that syndication can save this lemon.

  • Lisa

    Feedback- come on now. Do you really want this show to go on forever until it sucks and we are all happy it’s finally ending? I’ve also been watching from the beginning and I’m so happy the show can go out on a hight note. 6 seasons is great for this type of show. I’ll miss it very much but it needs to end.

    For the ratings. I’m saying a 3.8

  • Mitchell


    If you were a true hipster you’d be wishing that less people watched Breaking Bad. There’s nothing less cooler than being a fan of a popular show.

    True hipsters have moved on to Low Winter Sun.

  • Setheriel


    Wow. Soooo edgy man :/


    The show ending now has absolutely NOTHING to do with its early ratings. This is the place where Gilligan wanted to end the story. It’s at its logical end. You seriously think this show could not get another 10 seasons if Gilligan wanted it? Get real man. It ends here because this is the end of the story, period.

  • Oliver

    That said, there is one thing special about this show: it’s ending as its ratings peak.

    The only other example I can think of was the final season of Dexter which concluded last week.

  • Oliver

    How is that edgy? I’m completely tired of people talking about it.

    The only show worse in that regard is Girls, because only about 7 people watch the show but they incessantly like to talk about how it’s the greatest show of all time.

  • Setheriel

    @ Oliver

    So then, why the hell are you commenting in an article about a show you don’t like and are sick of hearing about? Your sick of people talking about the show, so you are here, in an article about the show, talking about the show.

    Yeah, makes a ton of sense man. You just wanted to be edgy and let everyone know that you don’t like one of the most popular shows on TV. People like this are so silly to me :/

  • Fernkelsey

    For once it’s great to see a show that is 100% deserving of the praise and rise in viewership that it gets! I, as well, am glad that it is ending on a high note! I’d rather get less of a show that I love, but have it be absolutely epic, instead of getting more and more of a show, and having it go past its prime. That’s just my two cents, and seeing it go above a 4.0 would just be icing on the cake! :)

  • Owen

    The only question is how high it will end.. think around 4.5

  • Bee

    hm.. last week’s ep was the previous high at 3.4. this week is the series finale + it just won the best drama emmy last week + more minor things like a whole episode of conan w. the cast and AMC’s from-the-beginning marathon. i’ll go with 3.8. tho it could hit a 4.0 or something crazy happening like 4.6 or whatever lol

  • NBC Fan

    Breaking Bad-4.5

    Masters of Sex-0.7

  • John

    Yeah, the show did not end because of ratings. The show ended because it was time to end it. Vince originally only wanted 52 episodes (4 seasons of 13 episodes) but then wrote some more to extend the story. I’m sure if the ratings were like this a year or two ago, it might have gotten more episodes. Maybe instead of two seasons of 8 episodes we would have gotten two seasons of 10 episodes. I really do not believe for one minute we would have gotten THAT many more episodes if the ratings were higher. Either way, it has allowed the show to go out on top and leave the fans wanting more. I couldn’t be happier.

  • Jo

    Hope he hitches back to New Mexico and Lois picks him up.

  • Mr T

    Hey Oliver, you forgot about Seinfeld, which ended its final season at #1 for the year!

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