'Homeland' Season 3 Premiere Delivers 1.9 Million Viewers, 'Masters of Sex' Premiere Garners 1 Million Viewers

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September 30th, 2013

Homeland Season 3 premiere

via press release:


Season Three Premiere of HOMELAND Delivers The Series’ Biggest Premiere Episode & Night Yet, Up 26%

MASTERS OF SEX Ties Season One Premiere of HOMELAND – Sampled By Over 2.4 Million

With 1.4 Million For The Night PLUS One Million Pre-Premiere Sampling


  • The season three premiere of the Emmy® and Golden Globe® Award-winning SHOWTIME drama HOMELAND returned with its highest-rated premiere yet last night with 1.9 million viewers at 9 p.m. and 2.61 million viewers for the night:
  • Besting its season two debut by nine percent (vs. 1.7 million) and 26 percent (vs. 2.07 million) respectively.


  • The network’s top-rated and also most time-shifted series, HOMELAND attracts the most DVR+7 and On Demand viewing per week of any SHOWTIME original series (69 percent delayed viewing).


  • Season two averaged 6.25 million weekly viewers.



  • The new SHOWTIME drama series MASTERS OF SEX debuted to one million viewers at 10 p.m. and 1.4 million viewers for the night, tying the HOMELAND season one premiere.


  • Over one million viewers and counting have sampled the MASTERS OF SEX premiere, which was offered  two weeks prior to its premiere across multiple platforms, including select television providers On Demand channels and websites, on SHOWTIME ON DEMAND® and SHOWTIME ANYTIME®. Online viewing data will be available in the upcoming weeks.
  • Mary

    Masters of Sex was great last night! I’m definately going to be watching that show this year.

    Homeland was pretty awesome too.

  • Seth

    Wow, was not expecting that. I figured people were through with Homeland. Congrats to Showtime and all the producers, directors, actors and caterers of Homeland.

  • Colin

    Wow, Masters if Sex is dead. 1 Million is very low for a drama series on Showtime. Good news for the future of Ray Donovan though, looks very healthy now. Had a better lead-in of course, but who cares.

  • Colin

    Masters OF Sex

  • TomJH

    Homeland is down from season 2’s finale.

  • j

    Masters of Sex has loads of critical adoration which will likely lead to a healthy Emmy future. It’s not dead at all.

  • Daniel

    Showtime promoted Ray Donovan a lot more than Masters of Sex. Homeland and Mastersof Sex were great.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @TomJH: All of S2 of Homeland (including season finale) had Dexter as a lead-in. Last night didn’t, seems pretty good considering.

  • Michael

    How can you say MOS is dead when it had the same rating as the HOMELAND premiere 2 seasons ago and that show has now doubled its audience?

  • Andrea

    Don’t know what Showtime was thinking scheduling its premieres yesterday? Why not wait until next week?

  • hello

    1 million isn’t too bad, i think L Word had less than 400k viewers and that ran for 6 seasons

  • LF

    I was too emotionally drained to watch Homeland and MOS last night after the Breaking Bad finale. But will definitely watch them both this week. Glad to see good numbers for Homeland!

  • johnhelvete

    The key number for Homeland will be if it improves on the season 2 average of weekly viewers, 6.25 million viewers.

  • Coven

    Showtime always has a way of twisting crappy ratings into a positive. People are always quick to criticize other networks like HBO or F/X when they get lower than usual ratings but not Showtime. No one will ever point out it Showtime fails at something. What gives?

  • Philip

    @Coven What did Showtime fail at?

  • Bee

    awesome! i was nervous it would be down considering there’s no lead-in anymore, the premiere was leaked, and of course, the return of network tv + breaking bad finale.

    great starts and i hope both shows build.

  • Mattie0808

    I’m with Andrea. Scheduling it for last night was pretty ridiculous. They couldn’t move it back one week?

    I was unhappy Season 2 after “Q&A” — I was amazed at how quickly things turned for me, because I thought the second season was ON FIRE all the way up through the end of that episode — but definitely intend to check out Season 3 and see which way things are going…

  • DD

    Not bad considering the Breaking Bad finale was last night

  • Lukes

    Ratings this sunday cannot be taken as representative of anything, due to BB finale. So it’s impossible to make any dead-non dead comments.

  • joe

    first 2 ep of master of sex leaked to the net few weeks ago so chunk of people might have already seeing last night one and skipped it

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