Will 'The Blacklist' Stay Strong in Week 2? - Poll

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September 30th, 2013


The Blacklist was one of premiere week's bright spots, garnering a 3.8 adults 18-49 rating, which is gigantic for a 10PM show. Of course, have the even huger premiere of The Voice (5.1 adults 18-49 rating) as a lead-in helped.  The question is whether the show is going to continue at the same levels or fade the way Revolution did in the time period last season. What do you think will happen? Make your prediction then explain your reasoning in the comments.

  • gerry

    3.5 this week. it will still hold much of its audience. i think this show could be a nice hit for nbc, and they should move it in the spring to make sure it can stand on it’s own two feet before s2 renewal but i think it will manage just fine. (and i say this despite my hatred for james spader, so that’s something.)

  • carol

    I was pleasantly surprised at how good The Blacklist was and I know I will be there for the remainder of the season…. 3.6

  • Jayme

    Hostages 2.7
    Blacklist 3.1
    How I Met YOur Mother 2.4
    Sleepy Hallow 3.1
    The Voice 4.2
    Mom 1.2
    2 Broke Girls 1.4
    Castle 2.1

  • bjssp

    If TV goes up a little, that gives the show a little more room. And it’s a pretty solid show, so who knows?

    My guess is a 3.5.

  • bjssp


    Where might NBC move it to? The problem is, there’s no really good slot.

  • John Doe

    it’s a far better show than Revolution, though I’m not entirely won over yet. I think it’ll stabilize around 3.1-3.4 in a few weeks dependent on its quality

  • Kissan

    I say a 3.5 or 3.6 and stabilizing at around mid to high 2’s. I don’t see this going down more and more like Revolution was doing and plus it has a much higher Voice lead in. I also know a lot of people that are still gonna be watching it.

  • David Howell

    3.5 or 3.6. I went with the lower band because a 3.4 would surprise me less than a 3.7, but I’d be setting the over/under at 3.55 here.

  • David Howell

    I think I agree with Kissan on where it will settle in the end, too, though maybe at the low end of that. High 2s in November sweeps, mid-2s by May?

  • PurpleDrazi

    It will drop but I think the Voice lead in and the buzz from the premier will keep it pretty high. I’m going with a 3.5

  • NBC Fan

    The Voice and The Blacklist are preempted in New Orleans tonight.

    Dancing with the Stars-2.2

    How I Met Your Mother-3.5
    We Are Men-2.7
    2 Broke Girls-2.7

    Sleepy Hollow-3.0

    The Voice-4.9
    The Blacklist-3.4

  • Pinkle

    The Voice – 5.0
    The Blacklist – 3.6

    HIMYM – 3.5
    We Are Men – 2.6
    2BG – 2.7
    Mom – 2.1
    Hostages – 1.5

    Bones – 1.8
    Sleepy Hollow – 3.1

    DWTS – 2.3
    Castle – 2.0

  • chris

    Revolution was a joke from Day 1

  • k:Alex

    Blacklist. 3.5 /3.6, I think (and hope for NBC) it can hold the good ratings.
    Hostage. 1.4/1.6, It’s CBS.
    Castle. 2.0/2.1, as usual.

    We are men. 2.0, I saw the pilot on CBS, it’s bad, really bad.
    Mom 2.1/2.2

  • jason50

    3.4 a small drop, it will lose those that watched the premire and it wasn’t their type of show but not a whole lot of competition for the hour. It may also take some of the viewers that are dropping Hostages, which I’ll guess takes a bigger drop than Blacklist.

  • Fourat

    @Chris you are a jock !

  • HalCapone

    Maybe I’m wrong but I think Blacklist doesn’t appeal to much of The Voice demo. Last week, I thought there was a respectable decline in the 2nd half hour of Blacklist. The serialized nature of The Blacklist might work against it so I predict a steady week to week decline until it settles around low 2’s to upper 1’s by November. This is the 10pm hour after all and it is still NBC, The Voice or no Voice.

  • HalCapone

    jock/joke? Not sure you intended to pay Chris a compliment.

  • bjssp


    What was the drop for the show?

  • Freddy Arrow


    “The serialized nature of The Blacklist might work against it”

    Aren’t they going after a different person from the list every week? Doesn’t sound very serialized to me.

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