ABC's Monday is Up Over Last Year; 'Castle' Holds its Premiere Rating and Grows 16 Percent Year to Year

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October 1st, 2013

Castle Dreamworld

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ABC Monday Prime 8-11pm (12.2 million and 2.1/6): ABC finished as the #2 net on Monday night in Total Viewers, outdrawing Fox by 4.7 million viewers and CBS by 5.4 million viewers.  ABC was up from the same night last year by 4% in Total Viewers and by 5% in Adults 18-49 (11.7 million and 2.0/5 on 10/1/12).


DWTS 8-10pm (12.8 million and 2.0/5):  ABC’s Dancing with the Stars stood as the 2nd most-watched TV show of the evening to The Voice, topping Fox’s dramas in the 2-hour time period by 5.3 million viewers and CBS’ comedies by 5.6 million viewers.  Bill Nye was the second celebrity dancer to be eliminated from the competition this season.


Castle 10-11pm (10.9 million and 2.2/6):  Building 10% on its Adult 18-49 lead-in at 10pm, ABC’s Castle held even with its week-earlier season premiere and was up 16% over its performance on the same night last year (1.9/5 on 10/1/12).  In the hour, Castle beat CBS’ Hostages (6.0 million and 1.5/4) by even wider margins week to week, leading by 82% in Total Viewers and by 47% in Adults 18-49.  Live + 3 Day Ratings: Last week’s season opener of ABC’s Castle gained nearly a full Adult 18-49 rating point in the L+3 numbers, going from a 2.3 rating to a 3.2 rating (+0.9 rating points) and also added 3.4 million viewers to its next-day totals (going from 11.5 million to 14.9 million).

  • Dave Jones

    “Castle” was almost unwatchable. Surely even the dumbest of watchers could see the plot holes. It seems that whenever the Big Federal Agency plot is used, what little common sense exists in TV land is abandoned. There is always the race to save the next victim, where a simple call to the right people would have had suits and uniforms swarming the crime scene long before Castlebeck got there.

  • omabin

    Castle did very well. It is kind of saving ABC’s ass on mondays now.

  • LL624


  • halaci

    Dave Jones: people who are concerned about plotholes had left “Castle” long ago.


    Oh, please, halaci. People who are concerned about plotholes should abandon television and film altogether.

  • avstylez

    Castle has been a good and steady show for years now..the acting and the storyline is great..i’m not suprised by this..#this new seoson all idea is fantasic and refreshing..#i see more seosons for this great show

  • Em J

    This is very good to know, do you know why? Because this season airs a day early in Canada! Yeah, it’s online one day earlier than the US! Meaning we are THAT dedicated to the series! (Well the Americans are :D)
    Dave Jones you have your reasons to not like the show, that’s fine. But when you call them Castlebeck, then you have NO credibility! Like WOW! They have such a clever ship name, you even got that wrong xD <3 Refer them as Caskett, if you want to use a portmanteau for them :D <3

  • eridapo

    Ha… haven’t seen Halaci since he stop posting on the abc castle forum. .. Sol hating on the show I see.

  • eridapo

    Still hating on the show I see. … was what I meant

  • halaci

    Not hating just being disappointed. It’s a very sad and blind world where criticism is considered equal to hatred. Fan boards and portals are usually like that (no complaint: they are for the fans, not for the viewers). I respect their love and not disturb their places with arguments which they aren’t open even to hear. This, however isn’t a fan site.

  • halaci

    Luckily, it isn’t true and on the other hand nobody expects flawless perfection. Castle is notoriously lacking logic and sense regarding even the main turning points of their plots, sometimes even building the solutions on those holes. I think it’s a pity in case of a show where its showrunner says that the weekly cases are in the center, though I know (and very likely AM knows it too) that it’s not important to its fanbase.

  • Marie Wilkerson

    Why of why do I love Castle…let me count the ways.
    It has humor and at 9pm I need humor but not the silly sitcom stuff.
    It has clever dialogue which is lost on many young folks today.
    It may not be reality but it’s enough for dreaming without the fairytale costumes.
    It has beautiful people who seem beautiful on the inside too.

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