CW: The Syndication Gods Saved 'Nikita' For A 4th Season, And They'll Save 'Hart Of Dixie' Too

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October 1st, 2013

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Program Status
Hart Of Dixie :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Nikita final season

When the Cancellation Bear predicted that woefully rated Nikita was likely to be renewed just a few weeks into the 2012-13 season, the doubters howled. They're much quieter now, after Nikita was renewed for a short fourth (and final) season.

The CW syndication gods will also demand that Hart Of Dixie be renewed for a fourth season. CBS' Les Moonves in a recent investor presentation surprisingly frankly all but admitted that the CW loses them money on an operating basis, but they (and Warner Brothers) make it up in the licensing value of the shows they create for the network. Shows that generate more episodes are far more valuable on a per episode basis.

Is this effectively the same CW post as last Tuesday? Of course it is. No CW shows have premiered yet, what would you have the bear do?

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  • :) :) :) :) - more likely to be renewed than cancelled by May, 2014
  • :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: - certain to be renewed by May, 2014

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  • Andrea

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks Bill!

  • HV

    Here’s my predictions for Fall 2014 at the CW:

    8:00 The Originals
    9:00 NEW-Supernatural spin-off

    8:00 NEW
    9:00 Supernatural

    8:00 Arrow
    9:00 The 100

    8:00 The Vampire Diaries
    9:00 NEW

    8:00 Hart of Dixie
    9:00 America’s Next Top Model/Whose Line is it Anyway?
    9:30 (America’s Next Top Model)/NEW comedy (I heard that CW picked up 30 minute pilot)

    2 new dramas, including The Flash

  • Dan

    Syndication is easier to achieve with shows under 88 episodes with dramas since they are a half hour longer than comedies. The Unit is a good example of this. Thats why Nikita is able to get syndication even with 73 episodes. On a side note its final episode is titled “Cancelled”.

    However Hart of Dixie was doing better on average than Nikita was doing at this time last year so its more likely to get the full 22 of a fourth season.Beauty and the Beast may become the new Hart of Dixie and Nikita but its too early to tell. However if it gets cancelled it would be the first CW series to get cancelled after 2 full seasons. So my guess is its more likely to last a while.

    I think The Carrie Diaries wont last past the initial 13 episodes and end up like Life Unexpected. My guess is The Originals, The Tomorrow People and Reign will all get full seasons (Maybe the lowest rated of the 3, probably Reign will get a few more episodes added to the order) and somehow in the Mix the midseason shows will replace one of them by Feb or March.

    Arrow, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries will be renewed for 2014-2015 and hopefully all 3 will help the new dramas become hits.

  • Hi


    I think BatB will be the “new Nikita” with low ratings but will get at lest an 4th final-short-season.

  • Jon


    Nikita did get a 4th final short season. BatB will be cancelled this year its gonna seriously tank with HoD as a lead in because it has horrible ratings for a lead in show

  • nora

    The CW network is getting worse in fact is a Flop! Arrow All smoke and no fire, has a high rating, TVD? the usual stuff! BATB? flop with a very bad actors!

  • Me

    Nikita is such a good show. I’m so sad that season 4 will be it last,but I’m also glad because we don’t want a dragged storyline.

  • CreacK

    Why dont they put spinoffs on the same night? This season sees Vampire Diaries and Originals on seperate nights and everyone seems to be predicting the same for next year with Supernaturals spinoffs on a different night than Supernatural and Flash on a different night than Arrow. NCIS LA seems to be doing good in teh slot after NCIS, so why not do the same on CW?

  • Eric

    I live Nikita!!!

  • Movie12

    Yesterday the whole cast and crew of Nikita finished filming. Sad :(
    Deserved at least a final 13 eps. Can’t wait for the season 4 premiere.

  • Kate

    Umm no Nikita did not deserve “at least” a final 13 episodes. Nikita fans should be happy they got the 6 additional episodes to tie everything up, that’s very generous of the network.

    How does everyone think the freshman shows will debut/average in the demo?
    The Originals – debut 1.2-1.4, average .8-1.0
    The Tomorrow People – debut 1.0-1.2 (it’ll get that Arrow boost), average: .7-.9
    Reign – debut: .7-1.0 (TVD boost), average: .5-.8
    The 100 – debut: .6-.8, average: .4-.7
    Star-Crossed – debut: .7-.9, average: .5.-.8

  • Gus

    When shall The Vampire Diaries show up in syndication? Far more successful than Nikita with much more buzz to it. TVD should be ready for syndication somewhere if they are already showing the new Hawaii Five-O in syndication . And yes who would take in Nikita?

  • Dollface

    Why do so many people think the 100 will be DOA it looks interesting and might just be a hit well by cw standards.

  • thesnowleopard

    Why, Bill, I distinctly recall your being convinced Nikita would get a full fourth season just due to the syndication factor. A handful of episodes that haven’t even been scheduled yet is hardly fodder for those who thought it thoroughly deserved to be canceled based on miserable ratings. Especially since that tiny final order means it effectively has been canceled. No reason to speculate about something that’s already a done deal.

    As for Hart of Dixie, its ratings have never been astonishing, but they have been reasonably steady for the CW and certainly better than Nikita’s bargain basement demos. So, it’s really no shocker that getting a third season means it will probably go the full syndication monty and get a fourth. If the network and studio aren’t regretting giving it a third season, it’s doubtful they’ll regret giving it another.

  • Walker of Dog

    The artwork is hypnotic. So many nipples…

  • Jon

    From the interviews at comic con Maggie Q and Craig Silverstein said they always wanted the show to end in 4 seasons they just hoped for 13 episodes they got 6 instead, but it seems like they never thought it would have gotten a full season, and they didn’t even want that.

    NIKITA will get to end on its own term and will be remembered by its fans as a truly fantastic show unlike shows like Supernatural, one tree hill, gossip girls and smallville they will be remembered by the fans as shows that once was good but because they have run to long they will mostly be remembered as shows turned incredibly bad.

    Nikita will be a show like Breaking Bad, Fringe and LOST remembered as good shows ending on their own term before turning bad for the fans.

  • DougF



    I needed that laugh.

  • anti-bondoel

    So Jon, how long have you been a delusional Nikitard? :D

  • Jon

    So you two don’t believe me just go on youtube see the interviews for yourselves it seem to me you are just butthurt because i am right in everything i wrote :-)

  • Ryan

    Jon is right insofar as Nikita will go out on top. I have no doubt these last 6 episodes will be among the series’ best given all the momentum in the season 3 finale. Anyone who thinks that the past couple of seasons of Supernatural are Supernatural at its best is just crazy. I dropped Smallville during season 8 because it was just bad and had gone on for too long. I’m worried the same will happen with Supernatural: it just hasn’t been the same since Season 5.

    I wouldn’t put Lost in that category of shows that end on their own terms though…

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