How Long Before 'Mike & Molly' Replaces 'We Are Men' On Mondays? (Poll)

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October 1st, 2013

We Are Men Cast

That thud you heard was We Are Men faceplanting out of the gate for CBS last night. The show was the lowest rated in-season sitcom premiere ever for CBS.

Lower even than the previously #bearchow Partners, which lasted 6 episodes in Fall 2013.

The CBS sitcom bench has 22 episodes of Mike & Molly at the ready.

How many more episodes of We Are Men will air before it gets yanked for Mike & Molly?

  • FlorianNz

    Next Tuesday.

  • robert

    Worse show ever. I didn’t watch it,but I knew it was going to be bad.

  • Mon

    One more WAM and then maybe 2 weeks of TBBT repeats then Mike & Molly.

  • Oliver

    But the CBS sitcom bench isn’t as empty as it was last fall. Mike & Molly awaits.
    Huh? Last season CBS had Rules of Engagement, and they only had 1 freshman sitcom on their fall schedule rather than 4.

  • Greg

    One more week, like it happened with How to Be a Gentleman, then replaced by TBBT repeats until November, giving them just enough time to promote Mike & Molly’s return. By comparison, Mom should air throughout the rest of the year.

    CBS’ Mondays look dire right now. They have to be considering moving Two and a Half Men there on midseason (it’s an old show anyway).

  • Jeff (Canada)

    I’ll say one. CBS will want to have definitive proof that this turd should be thrown away. One episode airing could be just a fluke, but two episodes is a lot more proof, enough proof that they’ll need to axe it.

  • EatMorePez

    I voted for We Are Men to be the first show canceled this season. So I’ll go with one more episode before they pull it. But the question is: Will ABC pull the trigger on Lucky 7 first? That could come as soon as tomorrow.

  • CBSviewer

    We Are Men will air one more episode. Then, it will be canceled. After that The Big Bang Theory will replace it for 2-3 weeks before Mike & Molly returns.

  • omabin

    I say it airs two more episodes and is pulled. It was my prediction before the season and I stand by it. Although I vastly underestimated the level to which it would flop.

  • Pat

    Looks like Mom might stay around after all.

  • eridapo

    I say 3 because WAM is not the only issue plaguing CBS right now…

  • Tom Shaw

    Huh? Last season CBS had Rules of Engagement, and they only had 1 freshman sitcom on their fall schedule rather than 4.

    You’re both right.
    M&M has a 22 episode order (Rules only had 13), so there is little to gain by delaying the decision on the worst CBS show.
    But as you said, last year, there was only one option to replace. This year, CBS will want to verify that WAM is doing worse than Mom and The Millers before they make that call.

    I’d be surprised if CBS pulls the trigger before at least two Miller data points are in, so I will go with October 15th.

  • TBFL

    CBS loves to kill things after 3 airings

  • Bill Gorman

    @Oliver, good point.

    @Tom, even better point.

    I’m editing.

  • CreacK

    Id say 2 more, that way they have 3 sets of numbers and can be sure. They only reason I didnt vote for it to be first(I think) was that it airs a week later. I think one of last weeks premiers will end up getting canceled soon before WAM, maybe

  • Chantal

    I won’t watch anything with Kal penn blech !

  • Michael1

    Does this imply that “We are Men” would move to Thursdays were “The Millers” to tank on that night? CBS aired “Mike and Molly” at both 8:30 and 9:30 for many Monday Nights this summer, so it would make sense that they wanted to give it one of those time slots in the fall.

  • A

    I think they’ll wait until November sweeps to bring back Mike and Molly.

  • HV

    I think that We Are Men will be removed from the schedule in mid-November, and in January or February Friends with Better Lives will take over the timeslot.
    “What about Mike & Molly?” you ask? It will end up on Thursday at 8:30 beginning November 7, after The Millers is pulled after 3-4 episodes.

  • diegobythenumbers

    As I said on Sunday Final Ratings, Bad. Too bad for CBS. His old series are sinking and the network can’t make its new series to success. Too bad. NBC is not weak anymore. Until The Voice’s mid-season break.

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