How Long Before 'Mike & Molly' Replaces 'We Are Men' On Mondays? (Poll)

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October 1st, 2013

We Are Men Cast

That thud you heard was We Are Men faceplanting out of the gate for CBS last night. The show was the lowest rated in-season sitcom premiere ever for CBS.

Lower even than the previously #bearchow Partners, which lasted 6 episodes in Fall 2013.

The CBS sitcom bench has 22 episodes of Mike & Molly at the ready.

How many more episodes of We Are Men will air before it gets yanked for Mike & Molly?

  • Andies

    I thought the show was bad when I watched it on demand.. I turned it off after 15 minutes.. I say 4 episodes in it gets replaced

  • Michael

    First show on each network to be canceled:

    ABC–Lucky 7 (as early as tomorrow but def this week!)
    CBS–We Are Men (no later than October 8)
    NBC–Sean Saves The World

  • Alan

    Next week and it’s done. Or maybe if it’s lucky, it will air 3 episodes.

  • TV God

    I want 2 Broke Girls, and Mom to each have many seasons. Both are very great shows, and last nights episode of each proves that both can be very emotional. I think they both have great potential. 2 Broke Girls, I see lasting at least 8 seasons, whereas Mom I can see lasting 8 or more.

  • Tommy M.

    I’ll go 3 to 4 more episodes. CBS will need time to promote the return of M&M once they make their decision to pull WAM. I’d bet on them going with comedy repeats for a few weeks before bringing M&M off the bench.

  • Paulo PT

    One more episode, next monday! Then CBS will replace for TBBT repeats and première M&M for November sweeps!

  • cb

    CBS needs to decide if it wants to continue splitting its Audience on Monday Nights or to target one Sub-Demo or the other.

    CBS seems to be selling to Men 18-34 from 8-9 with HIMYM and WAM and then to Women 18-34 from 9-10 (even though the growing-Raunchier-by-the-episode 2 Broke Girls COULD be a show that appeals to both if they could better bridge the gap between Bridesmaids Raunch and Sex and the City’s Smart and Sexy)…

    Mike and Molly could help sway the night back to a Female viewer geared line up, the female HIMYM fans would seem more likely to stick around for Mike and Molly over We Are Men (though I will continue to watch We Are Men-on Mute if I have to, for the Jerry O’Connell Speedo Hot Tub scenes).

    We Are Men would have been better paired with Two and a Half Men on Thursdays, IMO.

  • Dan S

    I voted for 1 more then WAM is done. Not that I plan on watching The Millers but a lot of people are predicting its demise before it airs. Is it really that bad ?

  • Jan Perry

    We r men wasn’t that bad. I thought Rules of Engagement stunk. Look how long that mess was on.


    I say one (if that)–How To Be A Gentleman only lasted two & Made In Jersey (the other joke) only lasted three!

  • scully

    What happens when “The Millers” flops too? They can’t replace Men, Moms and Millers with “Mike and Molly”. Guess we’ll see Big Bang multilple times each week.

  • fox

    Only One.

  • HV

    @Dan S
    In my opinion, this season, four shows are just disasters waiting to happen: Betrayal, The Millers, Reign, and Growing Up Fisher. The Millers has gone through casting changes for two of its main actors, and Growing Up Fisher has made a re-cast and re-named itself. Betrayal I’ve heard is just awful acting. Reign is a period piece drama on a teen/young adult network. None of these shows will get a season 2.

  • TV Viewer

    One or two episodes of We are Men will air before it is cancelled.

    I just have to wonder if someone actually thought this would be a good show (it does have a decent cast in it), or if they looked at all their other choices and picked the lesser of a lot of terrible choices?

    This show is in really hot water (similar to the photograph) and CBS is about to stick a fork in them because they are done!

    Really great when a lousy show gets terrible ratings.

  • HV

    Well the first failure will get replaced by Mike & Molly, and the second by Friends with Better Lives. If a third comedy is to fail, as you think that Mom will, it will get replaced by Bad Teacher.

    Here’s what I see happening:
    8:00 How I Met Your Mother
    8:30 We Are Men (6 ep) (Sept. 30-Nov. 4)/Friends with Better Lives (13 ep) (Feb. 24-May 19)
    9:00 2 Broke Girls
    9:30 Mom (22 ep)
    8:00 The Big Bang Theory
    8:30 The Millers (3 ep) (Oct. 3-Oct. 17)/Mike & Molly (22 ep) (Nov. 7-May 15)
    9:00 The Crazy Ones (18 ep) (Sept. 26-Apr. 3)/Bad Teacher (6 ep) (Apr. 10-May 15)
    9:30 Two and a Half Men

  • Bill Gorman

    “What happens when “The Millers” flops too? They can’t replace Men, Moms and Millers with “Mike and Molly”. Guess we’ll see Big Bang multilple times each week.”

    My wild guess is that M&M replaces the lowest Monday sitcom. The second lowest plays out 13 eps.

    TAAHM repeats replace The Millers if it bombs. I’d be stunned if The Crazy Ones doesn’t get a full season order.

  • Anthony

    I say it only lasts one more episode before being pulled. Sandwiched between two much higher rated shows, and will certainly fall to sub 2.0 levels next week spell disaster for the show.

  • Tyson

    One more episode will be enough for CBS to know that We Are Men is #bearchow.

  • Samunto

    It will probably get yanked before Nov sweeps but let’s not forget that ‘Mike & Molly’ may not have lots of episodes ready to air now as filming was pushed back to fall.

    Will hostages continue to air on Mondays even after it drops to a 1.2-13 next week? Unforgettable awaits with six new episodes….

  • Parker

    Given the generic theme of The Millers + the pedigree and stars, I don’t see The Millers tanking.

    But CBS is wasting Two and a Half Men on Thursdays. Airing something different at 9:30 will not hurt or help Elementary at this point.

    Two and a Half Men can still draw atleast 10 million viwers and could serve as an anchor on Monday nights.

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