How Long Before 'Mike & Molly' Replaces 'We Are Men' On Mondays? (Poll)

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October 1st, 2013

We Are Men Cast

That thud you heard was We Are Men faceplanting out of the gate for CBS last night. The show was the lowest rated in-season sitcom premiere ever for CBS.

Lower even than the previously #bearchow Partners, which lasted 6 episodes in Fall 2013.

The CBS sitcom bench has 22 episodes of Mike & Molly at the ready.

How many more episodes of We Are Men will air before it gets yanked for Mike & Molly?

  • Ram510

    I think we could see some of the networks be a little “patient” with some shows just because in some situations it wouldn’t make sense to replace a show before the Olympics. For example it’s probably safe to assume all 3 comedies Mom, WAM and Millers will be duds but clearly CBS isn’t going to replace all 3 in the fall and they’d have to perhaps be a little choosy of which one to replace first. The same could be said about ABC and NBC too

  • Mike

    With mom not even performing well and 2 broke girls not either… I don’t see why they’d remove we are men unless it dips below a 2.0

  • CraveRecords

    Two because CBS will take a look at The Millers first. I think they’ll air a “special” Monday episode of Crazy Ones of Mom at 8:30 and 9:30. WAM will probably air October 7 + 14. Special programming (repeats) will air for two weeks while the return of M&M is promoted. M&M will be on in November at the latest.

  • Tommy M.

    @ Mike, CBS will give their worst rated new comedy the boot because they have 22 episodes of Mike and Molly that they need to air. Sure they could squeeze them in midseason, but why do that when it’s proven in the past that it can perform better? Even if M&M didn’t have a full season order, CBS would still drop the dead weight hoping that one of their other new comedies could do better. If that comedy did do better they could extend the episode order by giving the show a back 9 order.

  • Jo

    Hated it, can’t watch anything Jerry O is in. Can’t act and isn’t funny in the least.

  • k:Alex

    By the end of next week, it is canceled.
    NBC is more patient and they canceled ‘Do No Harm’ after two episodes.

    Next week ‘We are men’ next week 1.6 -1.8 (still CBS, their are always people too lazy to turn their TV off).

  • s0303

    to be fair, it only got a 0.4 lower than the “hit” 2 broke girls this week…it will definitely be on next week and probably the week after that…

  • Jake

    TWO more for We Are Men.
    And ONE more for Mom & Hostages.
    Most new shows these days don’t last past the first year. I like Hostages & they’ll end up cancelling it. I think I’ll quit watching anything new. Think I’ll start waiting for a show to be on for at least 2 years before I start watching cause I can always rent the first 2 years on video before the 3rd season starts.

  • Dan

    1 more airing before M&M returns

  • Dan

    I think Mom will get a full season but it will likely be replaced by FWBL if Millers out performs it. However if Millers flops than FWBL will likely replace it. Of the 3 I think Mom has the best shot at keeping a full season.

  • ToXiX

    CBS will give Mom more time than Millers or We Are Men because Chuck Lorre is behind it.

  • Tomcatt630

    Tony Shaloub is as ‘sexy’ as Big Foot and Godzilla, ick!

  • jake3988

    It looked absolutely terrible and I most certainly did not tune in.

    CBS expanded their sitcom slate and in doing so, looks like they choose sitcoms they never should have (except for The Crazy Ones. The pilot was great). This will be chow very soon.

    CBS better be praying that We Are Millers (which does look decent) does well or there’s going to be some panicking going on!

  • darius

    If we are men who received a series order first turned out to be so bad, God knows ehat to expect from the other 2 new comedies Bad teacher and friends with better lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • J.G.

    What I’m guessing will happen. We Are Men will be pulled the week of the 15th; Mom will fill its timeslot the 22nd and 29th as a “test” with encores of The Crazy Ones filling the 9:30 slot until 11/4 when Mike and Molly rejoins the Monday lineup at 8:30, bumping Mom back to 9:30 where it’ll finish its 13-episode order. If Mom does well at 8:30, M&M goes to 9:30.

  • Dan

    @Bill – you mean Partners lasted 6 episodes Fall 2012 not 2013.

    My guess is this, We Are Men will be pulled after next week and burn it’s remaining episodes off on Saturdays, Mike & Molly will return on either October 21, 28 or November 4.

    CBS is doing the same thing with Mike & Molly as they did fall 2011 with Rules of Engagement. However that year they scheduled Rules for Saturdays probably because they expected/hoped both 2 Broke Girls and How to Be Gentleman would get full seasons (Like how Mike & Molly and Bleep My Dad Says got full seasons the year before) however HTBAG flopped and Rules returned. This season with 4 new shows its more likely 1 will fail and that’s why CBS has M&M for midsesason with a full order. They anticipated this.

    I think Mom will get a full season along with The Crazy Ones.

  • Ann

    I voted 3 more episodes but then that would put my prediction of this show being the first one canceled in jeopardy given how poorly some other shows are doing. Oh well.

  • Dan

    Probably 1 or 2 episodes of We Are Men and then 2 weeks of Big Bang Theory repeats, however they should return Mike & Molly ASAP.

  • HalCapone

    Mike and Molly was losing steam in the ratings last year and I don’t think it will perform appreciably higher than We Are Men (just a gut call). CBS is losing steam on most nights (in last place tie with FOX) and it’s only 2 weeks into the new Fall season. Even though DVR usage is up, I don’t think it will be enough to stanch the bleeding. If Crazy Ones falls far and fast CBS should be very nervous.

  • David Howell

    I’m calling a two-and-through, one more episode left.

    Something needs to be dumped fast when there’s a 22-pack of M&M on the bench. If Mom has to go? Friends with Better Lives comes in (and ideally the bottom of the hour shows are flipped). If The Millers fails? TBBT reruns come in, or there’s Bad Teacher (which would at least mean CBS would have consecutive singlecams, even if it was the filling in a Chuck Lorre multicam sandwich). CBS have options.

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