How Long Before 'Mike & Molly' Replaces 'We Are Men' On Mondays? (Poll)

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October 1st, 2013

We Are Men Cast

That thud you heard was We Are Men faceplanting out of the gate for CBS last night. The show was the lowest rated in-season sitcom premiere ever for CBS.

Lower even than the previously #bearchow Partners, which lasted 6 episodes in Fall 2013.

The CBS sitcom bench has 22 episodes of Mike & Molly at the ready.

How many more episodes of We Are Men will air before it gets yanked for Mike & Molly?

  • Networkman

    @HV, you may just be right. CBS may feel that Friends with Better Lives would be more of a better companion to HIMYM. And Mike & Molly may need nurtured by CBS this season. It is also produced by Chuck Lorre so it would make sense to pair it with another comedy created by him. I can also see MOM getting help and moving to Thursday and Mike & Molly simply going back to 9:30 on Monday night to lead into Intelligence.

  • Networkman

    @s0303, Also remember that both 2 Broke Girls and Mom goes up against the strongest hour of The Voice. The Voice’s demo was in the 5’s and it was pulling in more than 15 million viewers. Lastly, both are going against FOX’s biggest hit Sleepy Hollow. So I definitely feel CBS should be more patient with Mom, who has great retention out of 2 Broke Girls. It is crazy to see the rapid growth of viewers through out the night for The Voice.

  • KevinY

    I liked We Are Men, and considering it was only .4 lower than 2 Broke Girls I think it’ll last longer than most of you think.

    The real question now is, which show actually will air this season, Friends With Better Lives or Bad Teacher? One will likely get the “Friend Me” treatment.

  • ragincajun

    I wonder if CBS would consider moving TAAHM back to Monday if The Crazy Ones and The Millers perform decently on Thursday. If so, I’d like to see something like this:

    The Mentalist

    The Millers
    The Crazy Ones

  • Thunder

    I love how many people commenting on WAM obviously did not watch the show and are fans of 2BG. I have not seen it either, but it can’t be worse than 2BG – now that is a show that really sux.

  • gerry

    i voted between either this or dads being first cancelled. i’d say with dads airing at slightly better ratings (for fox) but this being fresher out of the gate, its really a toss up. i give it two more eps.

  • gerry


    the pilot was .4 before a 2bg non premiere in its 3rd season. the second ep of we are men is going to plummet.

  • Christina

    I watched We Are Men, and I was shocked at how not-bad it actually was. *L* The promos didn’t do it any favours, clearly, but if people just tuned in they might be pleasantly surprised.

  • Cam

    How about bringing back Rules of Engagement? I started watching reruns on a local station, and it’s pretty good.

  • Rebecca

    They won’t bring back RoE (I liked that one and saw each episode), but they’d do better with TBBT reruns any time they can air them. I’m enjoying Mom, so I hope that one lasts a while. Once HIMYM is gone, I won’t have anything left on CBS but TBBT and Mom (if it lasts). Hated We Are Men, and I only watched maybe five minutes of it.

  • Igwell

    The Millers will be fine.

  • Igwell

    One will likely get the “Friend Me” treatment.

    That’s dark.

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