'Blue Bloods' Gains 3 Million Viewers & 'Hawaii Five-0' Rises 44 Percent in Adults 18-49 in Live + 3 Ratings

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October 2nd, 2013


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"Blue Bloods" Posts Night's Biggest Viewer Lift With +3 Million Viewers


"Hawaii Five-0" Gains +50% in Adults 25-54 and +44% in Adults 18-49


  • The season premiere of BLUE BLOODS added +2.97m viewers (14.67m from 11.70m, +25%), +0.9 rtg pt in adults 25-54 (3.3 from 2.4, +38%) and +0.6 in adults 18-49 (2.3 from 1.7, +35%).  BLUE BLOODS posted the night's top lift in viewers.


  • The Friday premiere of HAWAII FIVE-0 added +2.65m viewers (12.11m from 9.46m, +28%), +1.1 rtg pts in adults 25-54 (3.3 from 2.2, +50%) and +0.7 in adults 18-49 (2.3 from 1.6, +44%).


  • UNDERCOVER BOSS (P) added +906,000 viewers (9.13m from 8.22m, +11%), +0.4 rtg pt in adults 25-54 (2.5 from 2.1, +19%), +0.2 in adults 18-49 (1.8 from 1.6, +13%).



  • Dave

    So is CBS the network to DVR now? I thought that was The CW lol! :D

    Jokes aside though, good for both shows! Those predicting HFO’s demise have to look at the broader picture.

    The Good Wife is flopping(as usual) and so is The Mentalist. Person of Interest has tumbled hard this season and so will Elementary when SCANDAL returns.

    CSI is showing age at this point and NCIS:LA could not be more lead-in dependent without mother ship NCIS.

    Hostages is DOA and Intelligence is not on brand for the eye netlet so that will have a hard time finding an audience.

    The only true hit dramas on CBS are NCIS and Criminal Minds and CBS better sart using them as launch pads sooner rather than later before they turn into what NBC was a few seasons back.

    Btw, I think HF0 should move back to Monday or even Sunday but it looks like it and Blue Bloods are helping each other out so I’m not sure CBS will make a drastic move like that.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    I’m recording H50 this season, but then again, I recorded it when it was on Mondays. I’m still not quite through viewing last season yet.

  • Oliver

    Hawaii Five-0 is going to stick around like a bad smell.

  • ATXCountry

    I’ve recorded Blue Bloods from the beginning….I don’t believe I have ever watched it on a Friday.

  • Dom

    H50 is great and will prob end up back on Mondays soon. Sorry Hostage.

  • Leah

    Let’ me see if I understand this but according to the Live + 3 DVR numbers, Blue Blood had more viewers 14 mi, while H50 had 12 mil but they were the same in the demo 2.3 in the 18-49 age group. Looks good to me, It’s a Friday after all. Not so shabby, but I guess the naysayers will jump on that too.

  • charlotte mustain

    that is great we had 12 million people watching Hawaii 5-0. i have a feeling that it will be around for 5th and 6th season. great news…

  • DenverDean

    Interesting that UB, H50 and BB had almost identical L+SD demo, but only 0.2 recorded UB. It would be better to move TM to Monday than H50, which will have to be displaced in January for Intelligence.

  • Michelle

    I love the Friday night CBS lineup. I guess I am one of the few that do not want to see Hawaii Five-O back on Mondays. I think they are pulling a decent demo for a Friday. I don’t have the stats in front of me, but I think the live total viewers are higher this year than last year? I know that total viewers don’t matter to renewals, but I like it that more people are watching it :)

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    Are the networks putting out more Live + 3 press releases this year or are more of them just being posted here?

  • Cath

    Hawaii 5-0 was heavily recorded when it was on Mondays. Friday nights, especially in fall and winter, are high school football nights when family from young to old go and watch the local teams play. Recording shows makes sense.

    Live +3 numbers might mean more now that more people are delaying viewing. Maybe the networks are pitching those numbers more to the advertisers.

  • lakersupbyten

    Five 0 audience is flocking to magnum..er blue bloods. Got to do a cross over!! A ratings booster for sure!! Aloha!!



    Way to go 5-0 !!! Absolutely LOVE the Friday night 2 hour cop dramas !!!

    Hope CBS keeps it like this for many seasons to come !

  • Percy

    Great for Hawaii Five-0!!!!!!

  • Joe Smith

    i delay watch all tv shows. so i really don’t understand how that means a show is bad. more and more people aren’t watching live tv, but still love those shows.

    anyways, H50 was fantastic. i still love the hell out of it. i’d love 7+ seasons, but even if this or the next is last season i’ll enjoy every second.

  • Rob R

    I recorded Hawaii Five-O after taking a break all last season. I thought I might like it better as a weekend offering. I couldn’t make it through the first ten minutes. What a ridiculous, poorly written show.

  • Tyson

    Joe, you can record all the shows you want. Do you watch the commercials once you watch the shows, or do you fast-forward past the ads?

    Most people skip the ads; therefore, advertisers don’t want to pay for DVR users, no matter how much networks try to sell them.

  • JJF

    H5O might go another year just based on the Sunday shows. But POI isn’t that low yet. And it has protection. H5O might need to worry next year.

  • TV Viewer

    It does look as though almost every poster was correct and the Bubble watch was wrong and Hawaii Five-O will probably be renewed. CBS is having a lousy Fall Season and 5-0 is doing better than a lot of other shows.

    There should be a Tom Selleck cameo on Hawaii Five-O playing anybody, even himself.

  • charlotte mustain

    that is so great that Hawaii 5-0 had 12 million viewers. I believe that Hawaii 5-0 and blue blood are great together. keeping Friday safe. maybe H 5-0 and blue blood can do a cross over like they did with ncis-la. that would be great. Danny Williams and Danny Regan, boy they might fight.

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