'Blue Bloods' Gains 3 Million Viewers & 'Hawaii Five-0' Rises 44 Percent in Adults 18-49 in Live + 3 Ratings

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October 2nd, 2013


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"Blue Bloods" Posts Night's Biggest Viewer Lift With +3 Million Viewers


"Hawaii Five-0" Gains +50% in Adults 25-54 and +44% in Adults 18-49


  • The season premiere of BLUE BLOODS added +2.97m viewers (14.67m from 11.70m, +25%), +0.9 rtg pt in adults 25-54 (3.3 from 2.4, +38%) and +0.6 in adults 18-49 (2.3 from 1.7, +35%).  BLUE BLOODS posted the night's top lift in viewers.


  • The Friday premiere of HAWAII FIVE-0 added +2.65m viewers (12.11m from 9.46m, +28%), +1.1 rtg pts in adults 25-54 (3.3 from 2.2, +50%) and +0.7 in adults 18-49 (2.3 from 1.6, +44%).


  • UNDERCOVER BOSS (P) added +906,000 viewers (9.13m from 8.22m, +11%), +0.4 rtg pt in adults 25-54 (2.5 from 2.1, +19%), +0.2 in adults 18-49 (1.8 from 1.6, +13%).



  • alavenia

    I am happy that Hawaii Five-0 is doing good, I hope the viewers will increase!!!

  • Leah

    Rob R. you are entitled to your opinion and mine is that this episode of H50 was great. I may be wrong but you say you took a break all last season but didn’t I read some nasty comments about the show from you. Just say you don’t like the show, that I respect but running it down without watching just because you don’t like it, that I don’t respect.

  • Jlopie1

    @Leah — well said. There is way too much criticism here towards shows – any show, not just H50 — by commenters who loudly and frequently let everyone know how much they hate a particular show! How can a legitimate viewer respect comments from someone who continually, week after week, trashes a show? Why would we believe that person has even watched? I certainly don’t continue watching a show I truly despise! Their remakes,therefore, are negligible. Neither do I need to comment on a show I don’t watch just to get attention. That’s my 2 cents and BTW, way to go H50 and Blue Bloods! What a great duo!

  • Ekele

    Tom Selleck would be a huge draw, appearing on H5O as a former private investigator. A cameo appearance by the star of Blue Bloods would be very easy to write into present day H5O. Would love to see this…make it happen!
    The ratings would be high!

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