'Camp' Canceled By NBC After One Season

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October 2nd, 2013


Summer series Camp has been canceled by NBC after one season. Only 10 of the 13 ordered episodes were aired.

The news was Tweeted by series star Nikolai Nikolaeff.


  • Pavelsauce

    Eh, not surprised. I liked it at first, but then lost interest, and saw less reason to return due to the declining ratings.

  • starship

    At least they had a sort of satisfying finale.

  • Ken

    Disappointing, but not surprising based on the ratings. Episode 9 felt like a finale, making episode 10 a bit anti-climactic anyway. Oh well.

  • CBSviewer

    Not a surprise but I thought it had a chance considering Unforgettable and Mistresses were Renewed.
    I hope Get Out of Here Alive gets a second season.

  • Connman

    starship said: “At least they had a sort of satisfying finale.” Didn’t watch it at all, but how satisfying can it be if they only aired 10 of the 13 episodes (unless they skipped entire episodes)?

  • Mitchell

    NBC originally ordered 13 episodes but the order was later cut down to just 10. Every episode made was aired.

  • ethan

    This stinks…it was a really fun summer series, and I liked it a LOT. This kind of thing would be great for the CW

  • Mathew

    Ugh. Now just want to here if capture and oh sit! Are renewed or cancelled

  • xwiseguyx

    I had watched the first few episodes and thought it was going to be a fun show .. like Meatballs, the TV Series.. but the storylines lost my interest after about episode 3.. still it was a great concept (having a summer camp series each year) that failed with the writing…

  • Justin

    This show aired?

  • Mark

    It really hurts that Mistresses and Unforgettable were renewed with pretty similar ratings. This show was better than both of them (if not perfect.)

  • WHugoP

    That’s good news for Siberia, right? Anyone here can tell me if the CW renewed Capture?

  • skyfi

    It seems Siberia will get 2nd season after all.

  • Brad

    I heard Siberia was already renewed for a Second Season before the First even aired?

  • Anthony

    That’s good news for Siberia, right? Anyone here can tell me if the CW renewed Capture?

    No it’s not good news for Siberia, if anything that’s terrible news for it as it rated much worse than Camp. As for Capture, the CW hasn’t made an announcement one way or the other, but high likelihood it is gone and never coming back.

  • Tommy

    Man, this stinks. I personally thought it was a very well done and humorous series. Since it aired during the summer and more or less matched ‘Hannibals’ ratings I was kinda holding out that it would be renewed.

    Hopefully it will at the very least be released on DVD sometime in the future.

  • Why Watch

    Deservedly so in my opinion.

  • Sam

    OMG I never saw that coming… Said no one ever.

  • k:Alex

    After 5 episodes I didn’t watch it anymore, I hate it when TV shows are getting to too much soap opera style

  • k:Alex

    I’m almost sure about that, it had good (enough) ratings, so long as the production costs are low enough, it will return.

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