'Camp' Canceled By NBC After One Season

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October 2nd, 2013


Summer series Camp has been canceled by NBC after one season. Only 10 of the 13 ordered episodes were aired.

The news was Tweeted by series star Nikolai Nikolaeff.


  • Wade

    Hopefully this means they will keep Get Out Alive with Baer Grylles. That show has some future potential if they get to refine a few things.

  • DanOregon

    I really liked the show. Would have been good paired with Royal Pains on USA. Too bad. Good cast and a nice diversion.

  • E

    Very disappointing. I thought it was a perfect summer show. NBC did no promotion for this. I thought if this aired on Sunday night, it may have done better. Great cast.

  • Tori

    I thought it was a good summer series, cute, entertaining, funny and lighthearted. One of the few NBC summer shows (that was meant for summer, that is) that I’ve liked in some time. A shame it won’t return.

  • NateG

    This show like parenthood, Nashville, the good wife, and many others have too many characters with too many problems that is better suited for the soap channel. Today’s writers make stories too complicated. Having every show focus on broken families, out of wedlock pregnancies, and the struggle of being gay is overdone and boring. This is all my opinion of course but I think people like a easy to understand end game as well. Lost did this well. focus on something that can be asked in one sentence (what do the numbers mean), then spend a season answering the question. What was the point of “Camp” every week? To see who slept with who in the love triangle? Even something with a great premise like “Revolution” can’t get it right. They focus too much on the drama rather then the survival.

  • SJ

    Too bad, I liked it. :( But it was expected given the ratings. At least it didn’t end on a cliffhanger and NBC aired all the episodes that were produced.

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