FOX Gives Series Order to Multi-Camera Comedy 'Mulaney' Starring John Mulaney & Martin Short

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October 2nd, 2013

John Mulaney

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Emmy Award Winner Martin Short and Mulaney to Co-Star in

Multi-Cam Comedy Based on Mulaney’s Life


Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX) has given a series order to MULANEY (working title), a young ensemble comedy created, written by and starring John Mulaney (“Saturday Night Live”). The new multi-cam comedy will be produced by Universal Television and executive-produced by Lorne Michaels (“Saturday Night Live”) and Mulaney, and the pilot episode will be directed by Andy Ackerman (“The New Adventures of Old Christine,” “Seinfeld”). Emmy Award-winning actor and comedian Martin Short (“Primetime Glick,” “Saturday Night Live,” “SCTV”) will co-star.


“John is one of the sharpest and most skilled next-generation comedic voices out there, who also happens to be surrounded by the best of the best on this new show,” said Kevin Reilly, Chairman of Entertainment for FOX. “I am personally thrilled to be working with Lorne Michaels again, a friend and show business hero who knows better than anyone how to build a show around talent. Add in the comedy magic of Marty Short and the seasoned hand of Andy Ackerman, and I believe we have the makings of something really special here.”


Set in New York, and based on the life and stand-up comedy of Mulaney, the new comedy follows an aspiring comedian (Mulaney) coming of age under the influence of his boss (Short), his roommates and his neighbors.


A wizened comedy veteran at 30 years of age, John Mulaney began his career in New York’s East Village as part of the two-man “Oh Hello Show,” with comedian Nick Kroll. He has since performed in Ireland, Australia and Grand Island, NE. He was named one of Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch in 2008 – the same year he began working at “Saturday Night Live,” on which he appeared as a “Weekend Update” correspondent and co-created such characters as “Stefon” with Bill Hader. Mulaney has released two stand-up comedy specials: “The Top Part” (2009) and “New in Town” (2012).


MULANEY (wt) is produced by Universal Television, Broadway Video and 3 Arts Entertainment. The series is created and written by John Mulaney. Lorne Michaels, Mulaney, David Miner (BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, “30 Rock”), Dave Becky (“Louie,” “Everybody Hates Chris”), Andrew Singer (“Portlandia”) and Andy Ackerman will serve as executive producers. Ackerman will direct the pilot.


  • Sara Bibel

    A potential replacement for Dads?

  • j

    Is this not the same thing as his failed pilot from this development season?

  • diegobythenumbers

    Dads has no sons. The ratings sterilized it.

  • r0ckmypants

    If this was so bad that NBC, who picked up Welcome to the Family and Sean Saves the World, didn’t want it… what is Fox doing picking it up?

  • diegobythenumbers

    @SaraBibel Dads has no sons. The ratings sterilized it. (Sorry for the last comment, I posted it wrong).

  • Jack Bauer

    How come they forgot to put in Nasim Pedrad to the cast and what does it mean for her future on SNL?

  • Travis

    Whether it replaces DADS or not, Fox has to stop the bleeding over at Brooklyn 99.

  • Sara Bibel

    Yes, this is the show that NBC passed on.

  • Oliver

    They will probably recast and reshoot the pilot.

    NBC wanted family sitcoms.

  • Tom Shaw

    Keep in mind that Fox already has Surviving Jack and Us & Them in the wings, AND still has Raising Hope and Enlisted on Fridays they could reschedule.

    Which implies:
    1) They are apparently sticking with Four Comedy Tuesday for the duration of the year.
    2) Even Mindy Project should be worried.

  • Pierre

    can we assume this is for the current season?
    if that is the case, I really wanna see this as a good sign for Brooklyn 9-9. Not only does it seems like a much better match to it than Dads, it does also shares the same production companies, which raises the question weather or not this could be (or eventually come to be) a package deal…


    I’m thinking they’ll just keep throwing sitcoms on the wall until something finally sticks.

  • James

    Now FOX has four mid-season replacements, so basically every comedy other than New Girl and Raising Hope can be replaced.

  • r0ckmypants

    @Oliver – They picked up Undateable, and that’s not a family sitcom. If this show was any good, NBC wasn’t in any position to pass on it.

  • David James

    Enlisted is going to Fridays anyway, one of Us & Them, Surviving Jack and Mulaney will probably get burned of in the summer, probably not Mulaney if they would go to all the effort of ordering after NBC passed on it. I see Fox airing this Tuesday at 8, then Brooklyn, New Girl and Mindy.

  • RJ

    I suspect (but am not sure) that the pilot is being reshot. I doubt it’s the exact same show that NBC passed on, though it could be fairly similar.

  • Jason

    im a big fan of john mulaney so im really excited about this.

    all because nbc passed on it doesnt mean it was bad. they did go with more family oriented shows this year. hope this is a success.

  • Kate

    Actually according to critics and such it was one of the more promise pilots but NBC seemed to be picking up more broad comedies. As for Nasim, there are multiple credible sites saying she could very well be out. The only people that are still on for sure are Mulaney himself and Martin Short which means it will most likely be reshot.

  • NBCisking

    The reason NBC passed on this show was because it did not fit into there family comedy shows. A lot of people who read the script said it was really great and were surprise the show was not pick up

  • Oliver

    It’s low-risk for Fox to order 6 episodes of a multicam. They aren’t very expensive to make. I also imagine they’ve been quietly encouraged by the ratings of Dads, which are bad but haven’t been disastrous either.

    Well, Undateable is on-brand in that it’s a knock-off of another show.

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