Predict the Ratings for the Premieres of 'Super Fun Night' & 'Ironside' (Poll)

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October 2nd, 2013

Super Fun Night

Tonight, two new shows premiere. On ABC, comedy Super Fun Night (premise: three socially inept women try to have a good time) debuts in the cushy post-Modern Family spot. ABC has put a lot of effort in to promoting it. If you watched the network at all during the summer, you probably had a picture of star Rebel Wilson block out the bottom right hand corner of your TV screen at least once. But the network recently decided to air a different episode in place of the pilot which is not a good sign. Last year the first episode of The Neighbors garnered a 3,2 in the time period on September 27, 2012. Then Suburgatory took over the time period, garnering a 2.8n adults 18-49 rating for its season premiere on October 17, 2012.

On NBC, Ironside, a remake of a 1970s police drama, takes over the 10PM time period.  Last season, Chicago Fire premiered to a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating. Given the growth of that series over the course of the season, NBC may be willing to be patient if Ironside is not an immediate hit.

How do you think the premieres of both shows will fare? Make your predictions than explain your reasoning in the comments.




  • Joe Daniels

    SUPER FUN NIGHT might do quite well since it’s airing after MODERN FAMILY.

  • CBSviewer

    Tonight ratings:

    Survivor: 2.5
    Criminal Minds: 2.6
    CSI: 2.2

    Revolution: 1.6
    Law & Order: SVU: 2.0
    Ironside: 1.8

    The Middle: 2.2
    Back in the Game: 1.9
    Modern Family: 4.0
    Super Fun Night: 3.2
    Nashville: 1.8

    The X-Factor: 2.0

    Arrow: 0.5

  • Glue

    Have they aired different trailers for SFN because they switched the episodes?

  • carole

    Terrible night for regular TV. I guess I’ll be watching reruns of NCIS on USA.
    Can’t wait for White Collar new season..

  • reidjr

    Csi 2.0
    Survivor 2.6
    Ironside 1.7
    Revolution 2.0
    Law And Order 2.1
    Criminal Minds 2.4
    Super Fun Night 1.3
    The Middle 2.1
    Back In The Game 1.9
    Modern Family 3.8
    Nashville 1.4
    Arrow 1.3
    The X Factor 2.0

  • JJF

    SFN will probably premiere strong in the demo but quickly fizzle once people realize what a joke it is. The commercials have been pretty bad and they make it seem like a big 1-joke show.

  • Tommy M.

    I’m willing to bet SFN gets a decent sampling, nothing huge, but decent because of it’s lead-in. Judging by the way most of the 10PM shows have premiered so far ,that didn’t follow The Voice, Ironside will probably clock in around a mid 1.

  • Juan

    I say Super Fun Night premiers very well. Over a 3 I’m sure. While I think Ironside will do ok with a 2.0, hopefully without that bigger SVU competition nashville does better

  • EatMorePez

    1.9 for Ironside

    2.8 for Super Fun Night

  • violet hour

    where are the ratings for tuesday night?

  • senor chang

    Revolution: 1.8
    SVU: 2.3
    Ironside: 2.1

    The Middle: 2.2
    Back In The Game: 1.9
    Modern Family: 3.9
    Super Fun Night: 2.9
    Nashville: 1.8

    Survivor: 2.4
    Criminal Minds: 2.5
    CSI: 2.0

    X-Factor: 2.3

  • DenverDean

    The 10 p.m. hour will have to compete will original Duck Dynasty this week (unlike last week), which for some mysterious reason they did not air new episode. Also, SVU was exceptionally highly rated last week with the highly promoted 2-hour “very special episode.” Ironside looks dead in the water. Nashville and CSI have their loyal audiences.

  • CrimTV

    Agents of Shield scored a 3.1 rating :O

  • Seth

    1.7 for Ironside…Blair Underwood will keep it afloat for a little bit

    2.9 for Super Fun Night…people seem to like Fat Amy, if the show stinks they will leave though

  • Bee

    super fun night should def. be able to break 3.0 at the very least. it’s got MF as a lead-in, lots of promotion, and of course, rebel wilson’s TV debut. what it does beyond tonight remains to be seen. i just hope nashville does well.

    ironside seems DOA-ish. 1.5-1.7 seems right.

  • Adam

    The X Factor 2.4
    CSI 2.1
    Ironside 2.0
    Criminal Minds 2.7

  • Simon

    FYI for those predicting for ‘Arrow’ tonight keep in mind that it is a RECAP show tonight titled ‘Year One’ much like Once Upon A Time does with Recap shows prior to new seasons.

  • casey

    I think that SFN could debut to a 2.5 however I think that will decline soon after, the whole show seems like a joke and to cast Rebel Wilson as the lead is a poor choice, she is not a leading lady.
    Ironside just seems boring to me, in relations to the trailers I saw and NBC has not done a lot of publicity…that I saw

  • reidjr


    I don’t think Ironside will do well but i think Sfn has lost alot of hype and skipping the 1st show to me is a sign they don’t have much hope.

  • Hobbitual

    2.8 for Super Fun Night thanks to the Modern Family lead-in.
    1.8 for Ironside.

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