Predict the Ratings for the Premieres of 'Super Fun Night' & 'Ironside' (Poll)

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October 2nd, 2013

Super Fun Night

Tonight, two new shows premiere. On ABC, comedy Super Fun Night (premise: three socially inept women try to have a good time) debuts in the cushy post-Modern Family spot. ABC has put a lot of effort in to promoting it. If you watched the network at all during the summer, you probably had a picture of star Rebel Wilson block out the bottom right hand corner of your TV screen at least once. But the network recently decided to air a different episode in place of the pilot which is not a good sign. Last year the first episode of The Neighbors garnered a 3,2 in the time period on September 27, 2012. Then Suburgatory took over the time period, garnering a 2.8n adults 18-49 rating for its season premiere on October 17, 2012.

On NBC, Ironside, a remake of a 1970s police drama, takes over the 10PM time period.  Last season, Chicago Fire premiered to a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating. Given the growth of that series over the course of the season, NBC may be willing to be patient if Ironside is not an immediate hit.

How do you think the premieres of both shows will fare? Make your predictions than explain your reasoning in the comments.




  • Dan S

    I say 2.3-2.4 for SFN & 2.0-2.1 for Ironside. Both shows look lackluster & I have no interest in even sampling them. I already watch CSI & Nashville at 10pm so I’m not interested in trying to watch a 60’s reboot or is that 70’s ? SFN which was already rejected by CBS last year probably had good reason to pass on a show that won’t even show its pilot 1st.

  • platypusperry

    Recap episode makes sense. I seen Arrow listed as new on tvbtn tv listings. Tomorrow Night will kick off The CW season with.Vampire.Diaries and a Special Timeslot Season Premiere of The Originals.

    I have a feeling people might.check.super fun night due to critic backlash as well.

  • Kissan

    Everybody SHIELD got a 3.1!!!!

    The Goldbergs-2.2
    Trophy Wife-1.4
    Lucky 7-0.8


    Chicago Fire-2.8

  • Shepherd

    Options for SFN are simply way too high! Even the network knows that its a dud (deciding not to even air the pilot). Whatever it gets, I believe it will continue to plummet in weeks to come since the first episode to air was hand picked as the best episode/ one that tested the best. ~2.0

    I’ve already seen Ironside, so I don’t have a guess.

  • Shepherd

    Oh, and I think DD will hit Nashville the hardest, lol. It may drop as far as 1.5 or so.

  • erwanfromfrance

    My predictions :
    The Middle : 2.2 %
    Back In The Game : 2.0%
    Modern Family : 4.0%
    Super Fun Night : 2.8%
    Nashville : 1.9%

    The X-Factor : 2.4%

    Revolution : 1.8%
    SVU : 2.2%
    Ironside : 2.0%

    Survivor : 2.5%
    Criminal Minds : 2.8%
    CSI :2.0%

    I think Super Fun Night is going to premiere well thanks to Modern Family but will drop hard next week around 1.7-2.0%.*

    I think Ironside will premiere well too, there’s a good match between SVU and it, I don’t think it will drop next week.

  • Jeff R.

    Polling on this rather than the Revolution/Arrow face-off?

  • Matt

    2.8 for SFN, and I’m going out on a limb, 2.4 for Ironsides, could be a shocker

  • Joe

    Only good things on TV tonight are SVU and Revolution. Ironside looks interesting, I’ve only seen a couple episodes of the original but this version looks good. Looks like I’ll be tuning into NBC. And if your a fan of revolution, watch this live so we can have a third season.

  • Alan

    Really hoping SFN does well, but I hope ABC doesn’t air the episodes out of order like Apt23!

  • Harry

    Super fun night will be the first show to premiere low even having modern family as lead in.

    I dont think fans of cougar town , happy endings , suburgatory and how to live with your parents will bother watching knowing it will get canceled

  • avstylez

    ironside pilot episode leaked like 3wks ago and i have to say, the show is great..#definately worth the watch

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    Ironside 2.2
    Super Fun Night 1.9
    Revolution 1.6
    Arrow 1.3 (as Rev. declines Arrow will improve)

  • Samunto

    Ironside will premiere decently with about a 2.4.
    SNF on the other hand will unfortunately not do the 3.2 Neighbors did. It may get sampled with around a 2.6 but expect it to fizzle. It’s been reviewed badly and getting bad word of mouth then there’s the change of the pilot episode.

    After yesterday’s Tue ratings I’m feeling sad for ABC. Things aren’t looking good.

  • CraveRecords

    Ironside is one of the worst new shows I’ve seen this year. I struggled to get through the second half of the episode and only saw it through out of determination.

  • Katherine

    Chris, Arrow is a recap show.

  • k:Alex

    Super Fun Night 2.6/2.7 (stong lead)
    Ironside 1.9/2.0 (I didn’t like it, but it isn’t the kind of show I like)

  • Dillan

    Super Fun Night – 3.2
    Ironside – 2.2
    The X Factor – 2.5
    Arrow – 0.5

  • Tony JJ

    The Middle 2.2
    Back in the Game 2.0
    Modern Family 3.8
    Super Fun Night 3.2
    Nashville 2.0

    Revolution 1.6
    SVU 2.4
    Ironside 1.4

    Survivor 2.3
    Criminal Minds 2.8
    CSI 2.1

    The X Factor 2.5

    Super Fun Night will start out strong, Modern Family lead in and I feel Rebel will attract some 18-34 year old women out of curiosity, but if the show is as bad as the critics say (or maybe this episode will be better than the pilot) the show will probably drop in coming weeks.

    Ironside will flop. No buzz and looks awful.

  • NBC Fan

    The Middle-2.4
    Back in the Game-2.0
    Modern Family-4.0
    Super Fun Night-2.3

    Criminal Minds-2.8

    The X Factor-2.4

    Law & Order: SVU-2.3

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