'Wilfred' Moving to FXX for 10 Episode Fourth & Final Season

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October 2nd, 2013


Comedy Wilifred is moving to FXX for a ten episode fourth  -- and final -- season, Variety reports. It was renewed, canceled and moved in one fell swoop. It's a television triple play!

  • Veep

    I think all of us here knew this was count to happen. Good for the Wilfred fans!

  • tv#1


    Thank you so much FXX! I greatly appreciate this. I am sad to see it end, but I am happy that it will be getting an official ending.

  • EatMorePez

    This seemed quite likely after Legit was moved to FXX after deplorable ratings on FX.

  • justin

    First of all, when your given a final season you can’t say it was canceled. Second, the whole point of FXX was to move all of their comedy shows there and allow FX to focus on shows like Sons of Anarchy and American Horror Story. To many things are wrong with this short article.

  • Alienware

    Kinda of sad it’s ending, but still better than nothing I guess.

  • Bill

    I’m surprised we even get a final season with the # it pulled last season

  • Mike

    Thrilled that it can go out on its own terms.

  • Feedback

    I still think this FXX fiasco is ridiculous.

  • Dan

    At least the show can wrap up and get a proper finale. The ratings were so low this season that it was a miracle the show got renewed for a fourth year.

  • JoshuaCanada

    Nice, we will get it wrapped up. What the hell will Louie be paired with this summer though? Wilfred & Louie was the best hour of TV in previous summer, maybe Louie will be shipped off to FXX as well? Hopefully even though it’s on FXX, FX Canada will still continue to play it.

  • Dan

    @Bill – Well FXX needs something to air next season. I assume Wilfred wil pair with Legit next summer while on FX, Louie will inherit Archer’s slot on Thursdays and on FX Anger Management and Saint George along with other 10/90 series FX is going to air next season.

    Sunny and League can’t go on forever, and Wilfred and Legit are likely done so FXX needs to get some programming for next year.

  • Dan

    @JoshuaCanada – I doubt Louie will ever move to FXX unless FX becomes drama only. I think Louie will air Spring 2014 after Archer finishes its run Thursdays at 10 in either April or May. It doesn’t have to be paired with anything. Wilfred wasn’t.

  • Masnadetizitori

    So,next is the last season of Wilfred?Good,but is a sad notice!Maybe more secrets blow up,and maybe Ryan and Jenna togheter.Everything is possible!See you next summer!Ciao!

  • Shepherd

    I kept waiting for this show to become at least a shadow of what the AU version was, and it never has. Considering the astronomical differences in budget, this show was a real failure.

    Glad it got a final 10 eps though. :)

  • Aron

    Is archer also moving to fxx? I know last season it averaged 1.0+

  • John A

    Thats great result for the fans but it will get like 0.0.

  • AwesomeAndrew

    I’m glad Wilfred is getting a final season. Hopefully FXX will be out of the ultra premium sports package by then so us normal people can get it.

  • Brian

    No the show won’t get a 0.0 get real!

  • bobface

    As someone else who has to pay extra for an ultra premium sports cable package, I’m not counting on FXX being moved even by the time Wilfred airs it’s final season. That whole FXX thing just seems like a huge scam.

  • CraveRecords

    @justin: When a low rated show is “given a final season,” it is canceled. When a high rated show is “given a final season,” it’s going out on top.

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