'Wilfred' Moving to FXX for 10 Episode Fourth & Final Season

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October 2nd, 2013


Comedy Wilifred is moving to FXX for a ten episode fourth  -- and final -- season, Variety reports. It was renewed, canceled and moved in one fell swoop. It's a television triple play!

  • Jon

    Why even bother with this show. The show should have been cancelled after the first episode

  • Yarden

    What’s the difference beetween FX and FXX?

  • tj

    @jon..Why bother? Because some networks care about their fans. Unlike A&E who leaves shows with cliffhangers and then cancels them. Yeah, in the short term giving a final season to a dead show may seem bad, but in the long term it’s good because fans at least have the comfort of knowing they can invest in a show even if it’s sure to be cancelled. Closure.

  • tj

    Glades for example :(

  • Columbo

    Kudos to John Landgraf that Wilfred will have an opportunity to tie up loose ends and offer the eight viewers who watch the show closure.

  • Tj

    Unfortunately humor in the likes of Wilfred and Scrubs will never be appreciated or understood by the masses.

  • Devin

    So happy to hear this. FX/FXX has earned even more goodwill from me for doing this.

  • james

    sad to see it go its a brilliant series but its kind of like how i met your mother in which i feel like it could be time.

    just glad they gave it time to conclude, if they had of left it how it is i may have gone on a murdering spree.

  • Philip Thompson

    @Yarden FXX is just an extension channel of FX.

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