'General Hospital' Spikes to 5-Month High in Total Viewers & Ranks as Daytime’s Number 1 Program for the 6th Consecutive Week in Women 18-34

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October 3rd, 2013


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“The Chew” Delivers its #2 Week Ever in Women 18-49, Soaring

by Double Digits Year to Year Across All Target Demos


“General Hospital” Spikes to 5-Month High in Total Viewers and Ranks as Daytime’s #1 Program for the 6th Consecutive Week in Women 18-34


“The Chew”: (1:00 – 2:00 p.m.)


Surging by double digits over the year ago week across all target demos, “The Chew” delivered its 2nd-most-watched week of all time in Women 18-49 (541,000/0.8 rating) – behind only last week’s record high – and was its 5th-most-watched week ever in Total Viewers (2.60 million).


  • Wednesday’s show, featuring ‘family friendly foods’ served up by Chef Mario Batali, stood as the series’ #3 telecast on record in Women 18-49 (610,000/1.0 rating), while Monday’s telecast, featuring ‘fabulous fall feasts’ placed among its Top 10 telecasts of all time in Total Viewers (2.79 million). In fact, in the past few weeks, “The Chew” has delivered 4 of its Top 10 most watched telecasts in Total Viewers.


  • Year to year, “The Chew” skyrocketed across all key measures, including by 21% in Total Viewers (2.60 million vs. 2.14 million), by 42% in Women 18-49 (541,000 vs. 381,000) and by 24% in Women 25-54 (653,000 vs. 526,000).



“General Hospital”: (2:00 – 3:00 p.m.)


Fresh off its best season in 5 years, this week “General Hospital” surged to a 5-month high in Total Viewers (2.80 million) – since week of 4/8/13 – posting double digit increases over the year ago week across all core categories.


Notably, “General Hospital” ranked as the #1 program in daytime for the 6th consecutive week in Women 18-34 (262,000/0.8 rating), and placed a solid #2 in Women 18-49 (730,000/1.1 rating) and Women 25-54 (954,000/1.6 rating).


  • “General Hospital” grew by robust double digit margins year to year in Total Viewers (+11% – 2.80 million vs. 2.52 million), Women 18-34 (+44% – 262,000 vs. 182,000), Women 18-49 (+44% – 730,000 vs. 554,000) and Women 25-54 (+31% – 954,000 vs. 726,000).



Source: NTI, U.S. ratings, weeks of 9/23/13 and 9/24/12, Live + Same Day. Gapped/Breakout programming excluded.



  • Matt

    44% growth in 18-49. Most Watched week in 5 years. 45% growth in 18-34. Highest Rated season in 5 years. Outstanding. Keep up the good work Ron and Frank! GH is the best it’s been since the ’90s. Absolutely amazing!

  • Matt

    5 months, not 5 years for most watched week. sorry.

  • SG

    After barely watching for many years, I started watching for Laura’s return but have found it very engrossing the last few weeks…baby Connie doesn’t hurt!

  • Jessica

    I would like to thank OLTL without their failure we wouldn’t have received the gifts that are Ron and Frank,
    I would also like to thank PP for reclaiming their characters for without them we wouldn’t have Kiki/KirstenAlderson
    Silas/MichaelEaston these truly are gems!!!
    And the Diamond in the rough the man that can change a lump of Cole into gold
    Ron and Frank are the only 2 that can beat the odds and face all challenges “Grab The Bull By The Horns”
    Proving everyone wrong and showing there is light at the end of the tunnel!
    Thank You Ron and Frank,
    Most of all Thanx RogerHowarth if it wasn’t for Franco & Carly I would be lost!

  • Cali

    This is so funny – I’m not the only one who came back! I tuned in for some of the 50th anniversary stuff and got totally sucked back in after ten years of not watching any soap operas. I’ve been watching daily now.

  • Monica

    Wow this is incredible!!
    Ron and Frank are amazing
    I’m loving the Show we have Vet returns Anna Duke Laura Scotty Lucy Heather,

    Morgan and Ava the twisted sick affair,

    Silas and Sam It’s about time she moved on,

    Dante Lulu Maxie Spin I mean how can you not love this story I would list all the things I love about this but it would go on forever.

    Robin’s Return I mean this most beloved iconic Heroine has been trapped by non other ther Jerry Jax and you have Robert returning telling Anna their baby girl is alive!

    The story of Forbidden Love Franco and Carly Roger Howarth and Laura Wright bring it reminds me of the early days of Luke and Laura spiced with their own magic!!
    Franco is someone Carly would usually want to kill but her seeing the whole new side of him being drawn to him when she knows she shouldn’t Franco is something so new for Carly and I’m loving it,

    Plus we have my favorite Actor of all Time Roger Howarth!

    Amazing Job General Hospital I feel like we traveled back in time to the Golden Days of General Hospital dicovering new places and finding chemistry in unexpected places!

  • Jeff


  • Shawn

    YAY!!! GO GH!!!

  • moshane58

    I never watched OLTL but sorry it was the number one soap on aBC when it was cancelled.ABC has plans to cancel GH to but The Revolution and Good Afternoon America were flops.That is why its still here.I agree I am back watching GH after years of absent and loving it now.The only one I watch except when AMC and OLTL were online.They had a battle but looking good for Gh and hope more come back since Robin has come back.Frank and Ron have done wonders for it and did with OLTL.Glad they got rid of Jill.She made me hate GH.She is known to cut cut cut and kill off main charcters and get cheaper characters.She to me had GH unwaitable.Killed off so many main characters.Now its is so good again…

  • Olivia27

    Hey SoapyPeeps I never watched OLTL neither I watch Days Of Our Lives and General Hospital,
    I’m excited to see General Hospital is alive and going strong I hope it makes it past 100yrs
    I watched GH since Carly arrived into town trying to steal her mothers husband I still remember that one line
    “I’m Caroline I’m your daughter” I’m lucky to have been able to see Carly through her Triumphs and her losses,
    I’m loving her with Franco, He is without a doubt better then any other man Carly has ever been with
    Keep up the good work Ron and Frank, Laura and Roger Love them

  • Adam

    Hell Yeah General Hospital!!

  • Melanie P.

    This is great news! Keep it up GH!

  • RosieB

    I’m waiting for the whole town to cumbust and make love!
    I need Carly to admit she has feelings for Franco and pounce him like a female tiger,
    Silas and Sam just pull into each other give into temptation,
    Good job GH keep it up <3

  • Brittney

    The only reason I tuned in ever was to see Tyler/Nicholas but DYAMN he has some sexy costars.
    Maurice Benard Sexy dimples, Roger is sexy as hell no wonder Carly looks like she wants to jump him everytime he touches her “Get Your Man!”
    Good Job Ron writing is top notch Frank you have the bomb cast crew and writers
    I feel a Emmy coming GH way!

  • Alyssa

    I have absolutely no idea how can something I hated so much all these years become something I can’t get enough of
    Ron and Frank found their home right here at General Hospital,
    I stopped watching when they killed Alan then watched again for The50th anniversary then stuck around loving these stories
    Especially the Dante and Lulu Maxie stuff,
    This Franco guy is Irrisistable love seeing him with Carly,
    Love that Alan has another son,

  • Rebecca

    This is such great news!! Congrats to everyone at GH!!

    The show is red hot and so terrific now, and I’m so happy it’s showing in the ratings. This just proves that if stories are well- written and involve characters that fans care about, they will tune back in and want to come back day after day. GH has an incredibly loyal fan base. Hopefully, things will continue upward and GH will be around for a long time to come.

  • Toni

    Xoxo I love that it’s actually a entire cast before the show hung on 2 men alone I’m glad Frank brought more people on,
    I’m happy the stories are so gravitating and alluring keeps you with enough but making you crave more.
    These Characters are doing things different and exploring uncharted territory.

    Carly Franco is something you never expected and yet your crave more it is truly has that Adam & Eve and forbidden fruit concept, if only Carly would take a bite!.

    All of these stories from Jerry/Robin Lante/Spixie The Jeromes everything is beyond what was expected from Frank and Ron,
    GH truly is a better place

  • Brandy

    Deja vu Ron threw us like a fireball back into time where everything was more exciting more emotional and out of this world nothing was impossible and the word never wasn’t allowed the only rule there was there was none…

    Maxie Dante Lulu Adds a special touch to the screen you could see their POV and it’s heart breaking trying to side with either is impossible it’s tragic and somehow you wish and hope at the end of this both of them get what they want,
    I see a lot of Sean Tiffany Bobbie Tony in this story 

    Tempting Unforgettable  Forbidden Love Carly & Franco are taking up after her Uncle Luke literally The chemistry the story of love and temptation jumps off our screens just like Luke and Laura, the chemistry shared between Tony and Genie is very similar to Roger’s and Laura’s just can’t get enough of it,
    Everything Ron and Frank is doing feels Like Gloria Monty Perfect!

  • robert sprague

    it wont lasts with out the vets im already sick of dante lulu Patrick Sabrina felix I waont luke laura lucy Felicia holly Robert and bobbi.

  • ScarlettRose

    40yrs I have tuned in everyday Gloria Monty days were magical ever since she left us this show has never felt the same until now, I am crying just thinking of it I don’t think people realize or ever bared witness of the magic that was Monty,
    Frank is exactly like Gloria he and Ron knows what General Hospital need they are Daytime Genius that rule with a iron fist pushing stars to do more then their best because they believe in their stars and their abilities they saved General Hospital.

    Looking back thinking of Luke and Laura my daughter watches with me and she ask me what was it like experiencing Tony Geary and Genie I point to the Screen and show her Roger Howarth and Laura Wright that magic found it’s way to my screen twice in this lifetime.

    Thank You Frank and Ron

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