L+3 Ratings: ABC's 'Once Upon A Time' Emerges as Sunday's Top Broadcast in Adults 18-49; 'Revenge' is the Night's Biggest Overall Gainer

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October 4th, 2013

Once Upon A Time Episode 301

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Live + 3 Day Ratings for Sunday, 9/29/13:


Based on Nielsen’s Live + 3 Day playback data for Sunday, the season opener of ABC’s Once Upon a Time emerged as Sunday’s #1 broadcast series in Adults 18-49, leapfrogging over Fox’s NFL-led premiere of The Simpsons to lead by 9% in the L+3 numbers (3.5 rating vs. 3.2 rating). The ABC drama grew from its Live + Same Day numbers to 10.3 million viewers (+1.8 million – 10.3 million vs. 8.5 million) and a 3.5 rating in Adults 18-49 (+0.9 rating points – 2.6 rating vs. 3.5 rating).


The season premiere of ABC’s Revenge on Sunday at 9pm gained a full Adult 18-49 rating point in the L+3 numbers, going from a 2.3 rating to a 3.3 rating (+43%), making it the night’s #2 broadcast series, behind only ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Revenge’s L+3 increase with Adults 18-49 was considerably higher for this year’s premiere than for last year’s opener (+43% vs. +28%). Revenge was Sunday’s biggest overall gainer, adding on another +2.5 million viewers to its L+SD tally (8.1 million to 10.6 million).


ABC’s series debut of Betrayal on Sunday at 10pm grew to 6.5 million viewers (+1.3 million – 6.5 million vs. 5.2 million) and a 2.0 rating in Adults 18-49 (+33% – 2.0 rating vs. 1.5 rating) in the Live + 3 Day numbers.

  • erwanfromfrance

    That’s great for Once Upon A Time and Revenge, hope they can rise sunday, the episodes were AWESOME !

  • romo

    This isnt true.

    SNF is a series & still #1 for the night.

  • CrimTV


    SNF is a series & still #1 for the night.

    SNF isn’t a broadcast series, it’s a sports show.

  • romo

    Its every week – its in the top 25 – how is it not a series ?

  • Dylan

    GO REVENGE ! ( just noticed that total revenge has more viewers than OUAT ! wow )

  • Wright

    Good for OUAT!!!!


    Everyone thinks revenge won’t get a fourth season I think otherwise.

  • Lucas36

    Revenge won to once in total viewers :D

  • Deezy

    A rookie question, and its probably been asked a million times but please indulge me. Do these L+ numbers factor into cancellation/renewal prospects at all and if they do, how much?

  • James

    WOW for the first time revenge beat once in viewers and the rating were so close. i believe revenge can better ratings than once soon

  • were123

    They don’t, at the very least we don’t know how much impact it has, because there are na type of numbers for L+ called C+3, which shows how many people actually saw the ads and didn’t fastforward them. C+3 is unknown, but it should be considerably lower than what you see here.
    Still, seeing this kind of increase could be an indicator of potential grow for the show, although it’s not usually the case

  • Evan

    Revenge was going up against Breaking Bad which had MONSTER ratings for its final episode. I knew that people would be DVR’ing Revenge. Hopefully Revenge sees at least a .1-.2 bump before Walking Dead comes back. Obviously Revenge’s ratings aren’t what ABC would want but Sunday at 9 pm is now one of the most competitive time slots because of Football and The Walking Dead. I hope Revenge can just maintain above a 2.0 this fall and spring and they’ll be good.

  • romo

    IDMB calls SNF a tv series.

  • M


  • JJ

    Viewers seem to love both Revenge and OUAT. I dont see ABC letting these series go anytime soon.

  • josh

    IDMB calls SNF a tv series

    IMDB knows nothing its football not scripted show if you cant see the difference no one can understand it for you

  • Matt

    Wow… didn’t notice until now that Revenge and OUAT are actually Broadcast TV’s #1 and #2 shows. That’s honestly very good. I can see them both rise a tenth in the demo this sunday, due to less heavy competition.

  • Matt

    Also, this is ONLY L+3 playback. There’s also L+7 to come.

  • rob60990

    Fantastic rise for Revenge. Live +7 should be huge.


    Go REVENGE!!! this made me a happy camper. This show is amazing!

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