L+3 Ratings: ABC's 'Once Upon A Time' Emerges as Sunday's Top Broadcast in Adults 18-49; 'Revenge' is the Night's Biggest Overall Gainer

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October 4th, 2013

Once Upon A Time Episode 301

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Live + 3 Day Ratings for Sunday, 9/29/13:


Based on Nielsen’s Live + 3 Day playback data for Sunday, the season opener of ABC’s Once Upon a Time emerged as Sunday’s #1 broadcast series in Adults 18-49, leapfrogging over Fox’s NFL-led premiere of The Simpsons to lead by 9% in the L+3 numbers (3.5 rating vs. 3.2 rating). The ABC drama grew from its Live + Same Day numbers to 10.3 million viewers (+1.8 million – 10.3 million vs. 8.5 million) and a 3.5 rating in Adults 18-49 (+0.9 rating points – 2.6 rating vs. 3.5 rating).


The season premiere of ABC’s Revenge on Sunday at 9pm gained a full Adult 18-49 rating point in the L+3 numbers, going from a 2.3 rating to a 3.3 rating (+43%), making it the night’s #2 broadcast series, behind only ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Revenge’s L+3 increase with Adults 18-49 was considerably higher for this year’s premiere than for last year’s opener (+43% vs. +28%). Revenge was Sunday’s biggest overall gainer, adding on another +2.5 million viewers to its L+SD tally (8.1 million to 10.6 million).


ABC’s series debut of Betrayal on Sunday at 10pm grew to 6.5 million viewers (+1.3 million – 6.5 million vs. 5.2 million) and a 2.0 rating in Adults 18-49 (+33% – 2.0 rating vs. 1.5 rating) in the Live + 3 Day numbers.

  • romo

    To josh:

    What does scripted have to do with it ?
    Survivor isnt scripted & thats a series.

  • aciel

    sure the premiere for revenge wasn’t perfect but i saw lots of potiential to an exciting season after this premiere that’s how scandal started it started slow then the writing got better i believe if the writing gets better on revenge then its ratings will get better scandal style

  • platypusperry

    ABC should continue to promote Revenge as returning ti its old formula albeit with new storylines of course.

    Emily VanCamp did a great job on interviews prior to the season preniere that initiative bs is gone and returning to storylines of personal revenge and vendettas.

    Good for both shows in dvr as both viewrs and demo are a major imprivement over the dreadful spring ratings after the scheduling mishap by abc. Not to mention the dvr numbers best last sprung and its on live 3 data with 4 days to go!!!

  • Alvar

    The fact that ABC is launching a Once Upon a Time spinoff should be enough proof of the network’s confidence in the brand and that it will be around for several more years.

  • Corey

    OMG REVENGE! I love this show and that was a ripper episode so Im so happy to hear this! I think viewership was so on Sunday cause of breaking bad but so happy people still watched the episode and cant wait to see how the next one goes. It reckon it will definitely get a fourth! It has to.

  • BG

    I love Revenge!!! I hope it continues to grow.

    @Corey-Revenge always has tough competition, but I think it will do well this year. The writers are going back to what worked in Season 1. Season 2 wasn’t great, but the last 3-4 episodes made up for it. :) TWD returns next week, so hopefully it won’t fall too much.

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