'Lucky 7' Canceled by ABC After Two Episodes

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October 4th, 2013

Lucky 7

Lucky 7 has been canceled by ABC after just two low rated episodes. This week's installment garnered a 0.7 adults 18-49 rating. It will be replaced, for now, with repeats of Scandal.

  • Dan

    @Rowe – I doubt bringing a show that’s been dead for almost 3 years would be smart for the network. Something new will always be on tap.

    @Holly – If you guess We Are Men for the second cancellation you would be right again.

    @Ultima – Fair enough that ABC did the right thing on cancelling Body of Proof. But they tried a new drama and it flopped, now back to square one.

  • k:Alex

    Always fun, waiting for the first cancellation.

  • Cyrax86

    For midseason ABC should do:

    8.00 pm: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    9.00 pm: Dancing with the Stars
    10.00 pm: Killer Women

    8.00 pm: The Middle
    8.30 pm: The Goldbergs
    9.00 pm: Modern Family
    9.30 pm: Mixology
    10.00 pm: Nashville

    8.00 pm: Mind Games

    10.00 pm: Resurrection

  • Holly B

    Why do they do this!? I watched it twice and I liked the way the stories were developing! Why do they only give a show two shots and that’s it? Seinfeld had horrible ratings at first. So did many shows. These people in the show must be very disappointed. I think it was developing a good story line and would have caught on if they gave it more than 2 freakin shows! What a waste of money and man power putting together a show!

    “Dads” is a cute show, but they have given that only a few stars. Sure they are going to yank that too. GIVE SHOWS A BETTER CHANCE!

  • Holly B

    I hope they don’t cancel “Ray Donovan” on Showtime, but for the life of me I just can’t see the appeal of “Homeland.” Why would the CIA keep that crazy beotch!? It is totally implausible. No way would that woman still be in the CIA.

    I hope Robin Williams show is given a better chance than “Lucky 7″ was. Someone other than the Hollywood types should tell him those ‘rapid fire’ jokes are not amusing. He has always been his best when he slowed it down and did serious once in awhile. But when he goes on talk shows, they all phony laugh when he does that rapid fire jokes. Enough Robin. You are too old for that nonsense. Mork and Mindy, yes, but not now. Cool it!

  • Fake Me Out

    Never give up. Never surrender.
    There’s more than one way to skin a cat.
    [Insert your own saying here]

    New on ABC @ 10pm Wednesdays this spring …

    Body of Proof: Nashville
    A head strong Medical Examiner moonlights as a country singer trying to make the big time.

    New on ABC @ 10pm Tuesdays this spring …

    Body of Proof: Miami
    A sunglass wearing head strong Medical Examiner moonlights as a serial killer of serial killers

    New on ABC @ 10pm Sundays this spring …

    Body of Proof: Walking Dead
    A head strong Medical Examiner has her hands full after the Zombie Apocalypse

    New on ABC @ 10pm Mondays this spring …

    Body of Proof: White Rook
    A head strong Medical Examiner teams up with a crime novelist and romance ensues.

    Your welcome ABC.

  • Parker Wyeth


    He was listed a an executive producer. His name doesn’t seem to hold much weight
    with all the cancelled shows he’s been part of.

  • chris

    I didn’t get a chance to see any episodes, but from the promos i saw it seemed interesting, unique premise. ABC has no idea how to schedule, they’re almost as bad as CBS on Sunday Nights during Football season.

  • mike

    quote jay sherman



  • Little Miss Milly

    @Fake Me Out

    LOVE IT!

    Body of Proof: Miami sounds really good lol

    Body of Proof: White Rock sounds really good too :)

  • rgxx

    BAM! I Called it! AGAIN

  • a p garcia

    It should have been cancelled after I episode!

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    @Holly B

    Certainly you don’t think the cancellation of TV shows a few episodes in is a recent development in the TV industry.
    The numbers for Seinfeld were never (even in its first episodes) such that it would have been cancelled.

    Lucky 7 was a serialized drama setting records for low viewership for ABC. Do you think it would magically grew in viewership 2 or 3 episodes in. All available data is that this just does not ever happen with shows this low rated.

  • john

    My GOD…What the hell are they thinking?….Why would You have a Debut about winners if the Lottery…..In the MIDDLE of the Worst economy since 1932?…….Is this the hope?????>………. Obama promissed….must be..I don’t see any other….HOPE….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ted Craig

    Both Lottery! and Windfall made double-digits. This the worst performing show about people winning the lottery ever.

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    Just more evidence that the Network execs are just pushing paper in their own private lottery system, hoping for the next Big Bang Theory, or LOST to accidentally get green lit under their watch. I would love to analyze their thought process on why they believe some shows have potential.

    To be fair, I watched the first episode of this and assumed that blackmail was involved in getting it to air. It is just another poorly-converted European show, in the recent list of similar failures and lackluster performers. This bodes poorly for the recently announced A&E interpretation of Les Revenants, unless they are really paying attention to how low quality translations fare. They probably saw the phrase “back from the dead” and green-lit it, before realizing they are not zombies or vampires.

  • Drew

    People hate to watch a show about other people getting lucky while they are still broke living in their trailer and eating smores.

  • Dee Vals

    Excuse me for saying. For once there was no cursing, etc…. And the plot was very interesting.

  • Why Watch

    Not unexpected. Non-interesting premise and not great execution. Not so lucky now.

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