'Scandal' Season Three Premiere Delivers Series High Ratings

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October 4th, 2013

Scandal Boom Goes the Dynamite Olivia

The season three premiere of Scandal garnered a series-high 3.6 adults 18-49 rating, up 13 percent from a 3.2 for the season two finale. The full morning ratings grid will be available soon,

  • Mitchell


    1.7, up a tenth from last week. Might get adjusted down though.

  • CBSviewer

    @ Paris

    Nobody will cry because Revenge got a 2.3 on Sunday at 9 against the Breaking Bad series Finale and NFL. Scandal had Grey’s Anatomy lead-in and a weak competiton.

  • Adam


    I don’t get either, I watch and love both shows so I don’t see why fans act like they’re competing against each other, but then I don’t understand anything people who comment on this site do. What is it about ratings that bring out the most insane trolls?

  • Andre

    Of course scandal will beat greys, but it’s not a fair comparison, lets see if in 7 years scandal can beat a 3 year old hit show for a fair comparison.

    Love both shows btw, just making a point.

  • Alan

    Paris thinks that ABC is the only network that exists LOL

  • Michael1

    Theoretically, all ABC dramas are competing with one another in order to be renewed for next season.

  • CrimTV


    The Originals got a 1.0/0.9 in half hours, so it probably will be either a 0.9 or a 1.0 rating.

  • Dan

    I guessed 3.5, I knew the show would continue high. Its likely to stay a hit.

    I don’t know why there is this Scandal Vs. Revenge feud. It makes no sense, both shows air on the same network in completely different timeslots and both shows will get fourth seasons, Revenge because of syndication and Scandal because of its high ratings.

  • karin

    why only Scandal’s ratings? Hype?

  • ccc


    Thanks! I can handle it being adjusted down when it starts higher.

  • Watcher


    I agree it’s not like one or the other is failing or in danger of being cancelled. Scandal is doing great and Revenge is guaranteed a 4th Season (which imo is just enough for the series) so I don’t get the hate.. they must not have lives..

    (Thanks to everyone who answered)

  • tom


    Thank you. Can’t help but to feel disappointed at that number, to be honest. Then again, The CW network is a flop network overall. Getting a 1.0 is like a 3.5 on their channel now.

  • CrimTV


    Yes and TVD got a 1.2. Hopefully they are both extremely stable this season!

  • RyanCanada

    this show is so incredible.

  • Dan

    @Michael1 – Not really, Grey’s, Castle, Revenge, OUAT, and Scandal are all returning next season. The only dramas that are competing really are the new dramas.

    @CrimTV – Is that a good start for Originals? I wonder what Vampire Diaries got.

  • senor chang

    wow, some people in this thread are saaalty.

    news flash: shows you don’t like get good ratings sometime and life goes on.

  • Ashley

    Good for Scandal but we all know TBBT will slaughter everything.

  • Tony JJ

    Those are some serious numbers especially for a 10pm drama. Especially considered it premiered to a 2.0. I guessed a 4.1. I was a little high but I know for a fact we will see some 4.0s this season. Last nights cliffhanger was insane! I want next Thursday. And the fact that it grew in the half hours. Normally 10 pm dramas drop. Very good!

    Oh and I love revenge and scandal so people need to leave them separate. They aren’t even competing for the same time slot.

  • Scandalfan

    I’m so happy for Scandal, i was expecting a 3.1-3.2. That show is so goooood. I happen to like Revenge too please stop comparing the 2 shows. ABC should’ve moved Revenge back to Wednesdays, The Walking Dead is coming back and it is going to crush the show.

  • Dan

    1.2 for Grey’s 1.0 for Originals, thats good retention. Hopefully Originals can hold that Tuesdays at 8.

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