'The Vampire Diaries' & 'The Originals' Deliver Strong Ratings Among Adults 18-34

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October 4th, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Premiere

via press release:

Last night’s 5th season premiere of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES returned against all original competition, with its most watched (2.55M) and best W18-34 rating (1.8) for an episode since March 21.


The TVD premiere grew versus last season’s May finale by +18% in A18-34 (1.3) and +14% in total viewers (2.55M), and held even among W18-34 (1.8).


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES premiere outrated NBC’s original comedies in the hour among both A18-34 and W18-34.


The series premiere of THE ORIGINALS gave The CW its best time period ratings in a year, drawing 2.15M viewers, a 0.9/3 in A18-34, 1.4/3 in W18-34 and 0.9/3 in A18-49.


THE ORIGINALS retained 84% of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES total viewer lead-in, 78% in W18-34, 69% in A18-34 and 75% in A18-49.


Last night was The CW’s most watched and highest rated Thursday night in W18-34 since 11/8/12,  and the highest-rated night among A18-34 since 1/24/13.


Last season, THE VAMPIRE DIAIRIES averaged major increases in audience when time-shifted viewing data is added, averaging a +44% increase in A18-34 in Live +3 Day ratings, and a +54% increase in A18-34 in L+7.


Among W18-34, those increases are +46% in L+3 and +57% in L+7 viewing.


In total viewers THE VAMPIRE DIARIES added an additional +36% in L+3 and +45% in L+7.


When digital streaming across online and mobile viewing is added, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES added an additional 63% to its total audience per episode on average last season.

  • Matthew

    Love both shows!

  • Jerry

    LOL @ CW spinning terrible numbers for both shows. Lowest rated VD premiere ever. Lowest rated post-VD premiere for any show (Originals).

  • EatMorePez

    its most watched (2.55M) and best W18-34 rating (1.8) for an episode since March 21.

    Is that really something to brag about? There have only been 6 new episodes since March 21.

  • Wright

    TVD and TO were great last night. Especially TO. Of course the ratings this year are going to be lower than last year for TVD because that’s usually what happens with shows from year to year. Give TVD a break.TO definately has alot of potential.

  • AAA

    I liked TO yesterday, but hopefully it won’t drop much further and drag SPN along. I gave up on TVD after season two, but since TO is paired with the only show I watch live, I really want it to succeed so I have my live Tuesday night lined up. TVD did OK considering the competition.

  • harry

    TVD is against highest rated program on television (big bang theory) for a cw show it does excellent.

  • Donald

    TVD & TO both premiered to horrible episodes with horrible writing. TO used a bunch of old footage as well and was one of the worst pilots to a show i’ve ever seen.

  • Dochas

    I don’t care for TVD but I did like The Originals. There is great chemistry on that set. Daniel Gillies, Joseph Morgan and Charles Michael Davis have a certain charisma about them. I’ll watch a few more episodes to see if it holds.
    As for the CW’s spinning, let’s see if they spin when/if another of their shows doesn’t do as well as they hoped. Arrow, TTP, Reign, HOD. They always seem to spin, or excuse Julie Plec’s moves.
    I have no worries about Supernatural. It carries itself without any help from the CW. They always have. The show that could, would and did.

  • Dochas

    @Donald, to be fair, this episode was promoted as the same built in episode from TVD from last season, only from Elijah’s point of view. I’m waiting for the next few episodes to see where it all goes.

  • Dochas

    @Harry…starting Tuesday they can’t use that excuse if TO does better than TVD later in the season. IF. TO will be up against MAOS, NCIS and The Voice. Very bad timeslot for them.

  • AAA

    @Dochas, I am not so confident about SPN on Tuesdays. It’s a well-known death slot for CW, and casual viewers may ignore it just out of the habit. It’s brutal for show in its 9th year to change time slot again. Low TO viewership can hurt ratings for sure.

  • CraveRecords

    I forgot the shows were premiering last night, but watch on Hulu anyway since I can’t get any stations over the air in the mountains. I’m guessing when the other CW nights have new episodes, there will be a bump of a tenth or so for both shows.

  • CrimTV

    Just have to laugh at people saying TVD did terribly. It’s a show in it’s fifth season, of course it will start showing it’s age, it already has before! This is The CW we’re talking about, not CBS.

  • david

    I thought both shows were good, even though i allready saw the Originals pretty much. I did think the Originals would at least have a 1.0 rating. I wonder how it will do on Tuesday. I would say not a bad start for the CW for Thursdays this season.

  • tv2day

    Cw is a small network. U can’t match their numbers to the others. Originals along w ncis will hurt the uninteresting agents of shield show. Abc better get some super heroes ntheir or its just alphas with a bigger budget

  • Cedric

    TVD did good for a succesful CW show in it’s FIFTH season! I’m not worried about it at all! and the season premiere episode was absolutely amazing <3 definatly one of my favorite episodes to date

    The Originals didn't do as could as I would have hoped. The episode also wasn't really THAT interesting, but I'm hoping the show will get better with each new episode :) I really want to love this as much as I do VD!

  • Ann

    TVD are going to struggle this season. Plec has ruined the show. I hate Klaus so I could care less about TO.

  • John A

    Whats the nonsense that CW had bad ratings from these two about? Come back tuesday and see how HOD and BATB did and u will see bad ratings. 0.5 and 0.4 at best.

  • JJ

    Both premieres were strong last night. Looking forward to the rest of the season!

  • Jerry

    Another year, another round of fan excuse bingo from CW viewers!

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