Which New Fall Broadcast TV Show Will Be Canceled Second? (Poll)

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October 4th, 2013

RIP, Lucky 7. The cancellation bear is dining on your lottery winnings. But he's still hungry.

So now it's time to guess which new broadcast primetime show you think will be caught by the cancellation bear and canceled second! With two weeks of data, you can make an informed prediction.

Because comment thread lawyers are everywhere, let's be clear that for the purposes of this poll "canceled" means removed from its initially scheduled timeslot, either off the air entirely or rescheduled to a burn off timeslot, even if the network *claims* the show will return later.

What's your guess for this season's second to go?

While I've included all new shows in the poll (in randomized order) expected to premiere before Christmas, the ones premiering late are obviously very highly unlikely to be canceled first, but the adventuresome are more than welcome to take a shot.

Like they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often.


  • Jagger Dagger

    Sean may save the world, but he can’t save his show from the Bear.
    I would probably say Dads, but I think FOX will give Seth a break and cancel it a few weeks later than it should.

  • Dan

    Lets see if I’m right, My guess For each network

    CBS: We Are Men will be cancelled on Tues-Thurs and Mike & Molly will either Return October 21 or October 28. The Millers, The Crazy Ones and Mom will all get full seasons or additional episodes but two of the 3 will be replaced by Bad Teacher and Friends With Better Lives by March. Hostages will probably air all 15 episodes but wont get a second season.

    NBC: Welcome to the Family will be cancelled maybe after 3 or 4 episodes in late October. Not sure if Community is ready to replace it but if it does maybe NBC can order 3 more episodes to get it to 100. If Community is not ready then its possible WTTF could last through sweeps. Unlike last year where NBC had 10 comedies scheduled for fall (2 of which Community and Whitney were held for a failing show) This year they only have 4 with 1 returning show for midseason. If WTTF gets pulled, my suggestion is for NBC to move MJF to 9:00, air Community at 8:30 and air Sean Saves the World at 9:30. Ironside will likely last and air all 13 episodes but will not produce any more. The Blacklist and Michael J FOX already have full seasons and Sean Saves the World will probably get one too.

    FOX: With Sleepy Hollow renewed for a second season, my guess is Dads will be their first cancellation but its hard to determine when. FOX could let it air all 13 episodes but then again they could easily pull the show and replace it with New Girl repeats. My best guess is that FOX airs the show out or burns through it maybe Sundays at 7:30 or something. Their whole Tuesday block is shot so they may as well air the whole thing out. Brooklyn Nine-Nine will get a full season.

    ABC: Lucky 7 was just canceled unsurprisingly. Betrayal will, like Hostages, air all 13 episodes as scheduled but won’t get a second season. My guess is that Goldbergs and Super Fun Night have the best chance at full seasons but comedy wise, Trophy Wife and Back in the Game seem screwed. Trophy Wife is a good show and really should be airing post Modern Family. My guess is all 4 comedies will make it past November sweeps as ratings aren’t horrible enough to pull any of them. Agents of Shield and OUAT Wonderland will probably both get full seasons, Shield likely by next week.

    Final guess, We Are Men is most likely to be the next cancellation followed by Welcome to the Family and then Dads and Trophy Wife. Since all 3 networks have replacements lined up, they don’t need to keep them for long.

  • TV God

    Sean Saves The World will get a full season order, since it is also owned by Universal. NBC also loves Sean Hayes, and he deserves it. Sean Hayes has done so much for NBC.

  • Steve

    We Are Men. Shirtless guys are like cancer cells. It doesn’t matter how many you have, it’s still too many. Plus, the pretense is just stupid. Ripping someone apart because they enjoy the company of younger women? Ahem, I beg your pardon.

    Anyways, yeah, this show is just not funny. Plus, CBS has to cut its lowest rated sitcom and this one is doing worse than Mom was.

  • @TheEmulator23

    @XwiseguyX 30 Rock & Parks & Rec command a pretty penny for streaming rights & Rec is about to go into syndication. Ironside will not stick around simply because it’s a really old Demo watching. Advertisers don’t like Ancient fogies. They aren’t influenced like younger adults/kids.

  • @TheEmulator23

    @TVGOD Networks don’t care who you are(ask Conan) Sean could still be canceled, but I believe it may make the year for the reasons you stated. Next year though? Doubtful.

  • Dan

    My guess is this.

    Mike & Molly will replace We Are Men and then by midseason it will replace The Millers which will probably get additional episodes. Mom will get a full season and Friends With Better Lives will air at 8:30 after M&M moves. Bad Teacher will replace The Crazy Ones after it finishes its extended order.

    With 2 midseason shows and M&M with 22 episodes, my guess is that whichever new shows get additional episodes among The Millers, Mom and Crazy Ones. It wont be a full season but 16-20 episodes only because each show is doing decently and because of the packed schedule. This will allow enough room for all episodes to air.

  • @TheEmulator23

    @DAN Good Stuff! Agree with almost everything you said. Millers had great numbers but I wasn’t a fan. They made Beau too dumb. Hostages they’ll let run, Welcome to the Family will be lucky to air 4 episodes. I didn’t watch it as I’m not a fan of Mike O’Malley. Goldbergs will be around next year. Good cast that once they meld, will fit well in the ABC lineup. The rest of your predictions I completely agree with. I was shocked at Super Fun Night numbers, but I’m a middle 30’s man, I’m not the target audience…at all. Cheers Dan! @TheEmulator23

  • brian

    I voted for Hostages, because I can see CBS moving it to Saturdays between comedy reruns and 48 Hours. But a good case could be made for We Are Men and Dads.

  • Chris Brannigan

    I’ve watched, I think, all the new prime time comedies except for The Millars (no particular reason, just haven’t yet) and I thought every single one of them was terrible. Trophy Wife was pretty funny and has some potential but Mom, Dads, Michael J Fox, We Are Men, Welcome To The Family, The Goldbergs – all absolutely terrible! I also haven’t watched Super Fun Night as the promo for that was terrible enough that I dont need to watch the actual show. The entire premise seemed to be “fat chick does stupid stuff” which isn’t a concept I really find funny…but then I’m one of those who thought Melissa McCarthy was the worst thing in Bridesmaids rather than the best thing!

  • Dan

    @@TheEmulator23 – Goldbergs would work well behind The Middle and Trophy Wife behind Modern Family. Those new Tuesday shows are very similar to both ABC veterans. I wasn’t as shocked at Super Fun Night because you have to remember every show premieres well out of Modern Family, Apartment 23, Happy Endings, The Neighbors, How to Live, they all got very decent numbers out of MF and SFN is no exception. However its how much SFN loses out of MF that will determine its place by November.

    This would still be my schedule

    8:00 The Middle
    8:30 The Goldbergs
    9:00 Modern Family
    9:30 Trophy Wife
    10:00 Nashville

    8:00 Agents of SHIELD
    9:00 Super Fun Night
    9:30 Back in the Game
    10:00 Scandal (Repeats) / Killer Women (January).

    Your right, Hostages will air all 15 episodes and Betrayal will air all 13 episodes because both networks already have scheduled their replacements and the shows are both serialized. Plus neither network has a show that they are ready to replace it with. That duo failed but similarly limited Sleepy Hollow succeeded and got a second season.

    The Millers was OK but wasn’t horrible, it has potential to get better and has a great cast (Thats the only reason I watched it, Will Arnett, Beau Bridges, Margo Martindale and JB Smoove are some of my favorite TV actors) but if it doesn’t hold on to enough of its Big Bang lead in, then CBS could move M&M there by March and air FWBL in M&M’s place (which I expect to be Mondays at 8:30 in a few weeks) The only reason I don’t think FWBL would replace Millers on Thursdays is because it seems more like a HIMYM type show and that would be a better lead in. Bad Teacher would probably replace Crazy Ones only because both are single camera but TCO will probably get 18-22 episodes so my guess is that it will likely run repeat free Jan-March. Another guess is Mom will be kept because of The Chuck Lorre name and its potential to grow.

    Some say CBS is a mess the way their comedy block is, my guess is that its transitioning. Once The Voice, DWTS, and Sleepy Hollow are gone in January, the Monday comedies will rise.

    As for Welcome to the Family, the show could get pulled but unlike last year where they had 10 comedies (Go On, The New Normal, Animal Practice, Guys With Kids, 30 Rock, Up All Night, The Office, Parks & Rec, Whitney and Community) This year there is only 4 although this season looks less complicated then last. The thing with last year is that they held back Whitney and Community (Originally scheduled for fridays) in case a comedy failed and when Animal Practice flopped, Whitney replaced it, then when Up All Night went on hiatus and never returned 1600 Penn replaced it and Community replaced 30 Rock when it ended its run.

    This year NBC has 4 comedies on Thursdays. Unless Community is ready by November, I don’t think they would pull Welcome to the Family yet. Its possible but repeats of MJF would probably do worse. If Community is ready to air by November 7 and NBC is willing to order more episodes from Sony then WTTF will be pulled. This is similar to CBS’s situation with Partners last season, they pulled partners but since they only wanted 13 episodes of Rules from SONY ROE premiered in February. (However ROE’s 13th ep worked as a finale so extra eps wouldn’t have made sense)

    I still think they should have renewed Go On even though I’m gonna hear “Go On ended its run with an anemic 1.2″ it still would have done better in the 8:30 slot than Welcome to the Family did. I also think Body Of Proof would have performed better in the Tuesday 10pm slot than Lucky 7 did, but I understand that networks have to introduce new shows to attract advertisers.

  • Dan

    @Brian – I thought about CBS moving Hostages to saturdays and while that’s possible, I don’t see it happening due to the fact that CBS has no other shows to replace it with. Since its CBS’s only drama, their best course would be to just let it run the clock, maybe late in the game around January CBS can move it to Saturdays if it really drops and premiere Intelligence early but they may want to just stick to the schedule that they have.

    Their drama schedule may just stay the same all season. I could see Unforgettable’s 6 leftover Season 2 episodes airing in place of The Good Wife (If it takes a little hiatus) Or possibly if Good Wife runs straight through it can replace it. If Mentalist runs repeat free than maybe Reckless could replace it when it finishes its run, or maybe in place of Undercover Boss on Fridays.

  • Michael

    Sadly… “WTTF” will be next. Too bad too. First episode seemed to have some promise too, but Ratings woes that bad, you can’t even save that one on NBC! I expect Michael J Fox Repeats in a “back to back” format on Thursday Nights…which could move “Sean Saves the World” but whatevs.

    PS: I would have seen “Hostages” BUT I don’t have that one CANCELLED just yet….Moving that show to Saturday Nights on the other hand….I would start putting money on that one though in the near future ;) :P

  • CreacK

    ABC: Will probably wait for another network to cancel one before they cancel any others. I think Betrayal will get to air all their episodes since its a limited series.

    FOX: Brooklyn 9-9 will probably at least air all episodes, maybe with a full season order before being canceled. Dads may get canceled but I hope they at least let it try to live on Sundays, maybe at 7:30 since it is a McFarlane show and could do well if placed with others more like it.

    NBC: Welcome to the Family will probably get cut first for them. Sean Saves the World could probably air all episodes, maybe even a back 9, but I dont see it returning next year. Since its a sophmore, Revolution will probably get a full season, but I dont see it returning next year either. Ironside will probably go fast, possibly faster than WTTF. I dont know if its ready yet, but NBC does have Chicago PD that could take Ironsides spot if its ready. Michael J Fox will probably air its whole season but I wouldnt be surprised if its bear chow in May. Even though its not a freshman, I could see them canceling Parks and Rec in November or December.

    CW: I wouldnt be surprised to see The Originals get canceled but itll proably survive to see May. Tommorow People looks good and itll probably see May. As a previous commenter pointed out, CW doesnt pull their shows usually. Dispite this, I could see that happening to Reign.

    CBS: I think We Are Men will be the very next cancelation out of all teh networks. CBS has Mike and Molly, Bad Teachers and Friends with Better Lives waiting on the bench. I think Mom could survive to see episode 13, but I doubt itll go past there. I see Hostages surviving since its a limited series, but I dont see it returning next year. I wouldnt be surprised to see The Millers have a full first season and get canceled after that. Crazy Ones will probably get a full season and a second season(the only new fall series to do so.

  • james

    the fact that dads is so high up in votes is a testimony to the horrible state of peoples sense of humor.

    it pushes boundaries, get over it, its funny.

  • Igwell

    The ONLY reason I didn’t say Dads is that I don’t know just how ready Fox is to damage their relationship with Seth MacFarlane.

    I think MacFarlane has very little to do with Dads, just like Conan has very little to do with Super Fun Night.

  • CraveRecords

    @Dan: CBS is a syndication machine. No way they’ll give a show an additional 3-7 episode order. Any comedies that get additional episodes are for a full season. They know how to cut their losses when they see them.

  • Eric_Philly

    So many “good” options, it’s hard to choose! I’m going Hostages… but I’m almost certainly wrong.

  • Wally

    Who’s the idiot that voted for The Tomorrow People?

  • KJ Styles

    Definitely We Are Men. CBS ALWAYS cancels it’s lowest rated comedy and it has Mike & Molly waiting in the wings to replace it. Dads will be third, and Welcome To The Family 4th.

    Hostages will air all of it’s episodes only because CBS doesn’t have anything to immediately replace it. Intelligence isn’t set to air until February.

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