Which New Fall Broadcast TV Show Will Be Canceled Second? (Poll)

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October 4th, 2013

RIP, Lucky 7. The cancellation bear is dining on your lottery winnings. But he's still hungry.

So now it's time to guess which new broadcast primetime show you think will be caught by the cancellation bear and canceled second! With two weeks of data, you can make an informed prediction.

Because comment thread lawyers are everywhere, let's be clear that for the purposes of this poll "canceled" means removed from its initially scheduled timeslot, either off the air entirely or rescheduled to a burn off timeslot, even if the network *claims* the show will return later.

What's your guess for this season's second to go?

While I've included all new shows in the poll (in randomized order) expected to premiere before Christmas, the ones premiering late are obviously very highly unlikely to be canceled first, but the adventuresome are more than welcome to take a shot.

Like they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often.


  • Mitchell


    One could say a lot of things about Dads, but ‘pushes boundaries’ probably isn’t one of them.

  • Samunto

    After seeing the Thursday final ratings, i’m afraid NBC’s ‘Welcome’ will be next. Yet to watch the pilot but if it falls next as new shows usually do, it’ll get pulled. Double episodes of P&R are even a possible scenario.
    Hey, NBC went witha low rated news magazine Thurdays at 10 last season.

    Was looking forward to watch the pilot. Yet to catch up.

  • bill

    i won’t watch any show with a laugh track

  • BG


  • rk911

    The Blacklist is on NBC…gonna be difficult for ABC to cancel that show.

  • jake3988

    CBS has a very low tolerance for poorly performing comedies. While NONE of the new comedies look promising ratings-wise (Crazy Ones, maybe, if it stabilizes)… WAM is a relative thud for CBS and unless it gets better ratings next week, it’ll yanked quickly.

  • s0303

    i said ironside…i’m expecting it to be below a 1.0 next week…i would have said we are men, but it was only 0.4 lower than cbs “hit” 2 broke girls this week…

  • Cam

    When does “the 100″ premier?

  • Brandy

    @Dan,Once:Wonderland is a limited series, it won’t get a full season though it’ll have more than 13 episodes.Its been announced that it’ll be replaced by a new show come Midseason.

  • queeneeuq

    Trophy wife

  • Lily

    I want Reign to get canceled!

  • Joseph

    I was surprised “Lucky 7″ was first to get whacked by the Cancellation Bear.

    I thought it would have stayed on the air another couple of weeks.

    But mark my words: If you like “Mom”, see this week’s (October 7th) episode.

    It will be the last!

  • Tim

    What’s insane is thinking that double episodes of P&R is a viable replacement for wttf! P&R got a 1.2! That’s below Animal Practice numbers!

  • CreacK

    @s0303 That will actually speed up We Are Mens cancelation. WAM is the lead-in for 2BG and I think thats whats hurting 2BG. I think that WAM will be canceled after next week, or at least moved to try to bring up 2BGs numbers.

    @Joseph I doubt CBS will cancel two Monday shows in one week and WAM has worse numbers and its lead-in is doing better than Moms. Plus, they need a stronger lead-in for 2BG, then thatll raise its numbers and inturn, could raise Moms numbers.

  • Ted Craig


    2BG started the year down, so it’s hard to blame WAM.

    While I expect TW to be canceled fairly soon, I can’t see ABC overhauling all of Tuesday night that fast. Hostages, even though it’s a limited series, seems a reasonable guess.

  • Ryan

    Dads for sure. Just awful.

  • Dan

    @Brandy – I remember reading that but I thought I read somewhere that it could get more episodes? I guess not, It seems SHIELD will be the only full season renewal and if OUAT succeeds it could get season 2.

  • Dan

    @Crave Records – They are only a syndication machine when a comedy makes it past Season 2. Once it does its in the clear for Season 2 its safe for syndication. The only show that got Season 2 that didn’t get Season 3 is Gary Unmarried.

    So its feasible that a show could get additional episodes or a full season and not get season 2. Out of Practice, The Class, Worst Week, Accidentally on Purpose, and Bleep My Dad Says are all examples of CBS shows that got additional episodes but not Season 2.

    Its very likely Mom, The Millers, or The Crazy Ones could get a full season or additional episodes but its even more likely that once they do, they wont get Season 2.

  • Dan

    @KJ Styles – I would think WTTF would be axed before Dads, it premiered a lot worse and FOX really doesn’t need to Pull dads if they could just burn through the episodes through may. WTTF could be replaced by Parks or MJF repeats or maybe the new Community season. We’ll see but after We Are Men is cancelled next week, we may not see WTTF or Dads cancelled until October.

    Betrayal, and Hostages wont be pulled but the networks will probably air all episodes and just cancel the series in May since they have limited orders anyway. NBC will probably announce that they wont order anymore Ironside episodes or they could surprise us and order a few more episodes. Its too early for that show. I don’t think ABC will cancel any of their comedies until November.

    SHIELD will be the next full season renewal, followed by Brooklyn Nine Nine.

  • sally

    i cant stand The Millers because I cant stand the mother

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