Which New Fall Broadcast TV Show Will Be Canceled Second? (Poll)

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October 4th, 2013

RIP, Lucky 7. The cancellation bear is dining on your lottery winnings. But he's still hungry.

So now it's time to guess which new broadcast primetime show you think will be caught by the cancellation bear and canceled second! With two weeks of data, you can make an informed prediction.

Because comment thread lawyers are everywhere, let's be clear that for the purposes of this poll "canceled" means removed from its initially scheduled timeslot, either off the air entirely or rescheduled to a burn off timeslot, even if the network *claims* the show will return later.

What's your guess for this season's second to go?

While I've included all new shows in the poll (in randomized order) expected to premiere before Christmas, the ones premiering late are obviously very highly unlikely to be canceled first, but the adventuresome are more than welcome to take a shot.

Like they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often.


  • Chris J


    Your thoughts on NBC sound about right.

    WTTF, is probably the only show that will be pulled.

    Ironside will probably finish its 13 episodes seeing as the only thing that could replace it with would be GRIMM or Dateline. Not the best of options for them.

    Parks repeats will probably land at 8:00 with new episodes pushed to 8:30. Them when Community comes it takes the 8:00 slot.

  • Tabitha

    CW doing pretty good in this poll! For now! LOL

  • Dan

    @Chris J – Ironside could end up like Prime Suspect where all episodes air but no more are produced, or they could have faith in it if it does a little better and give it a full season like they did with Chicago Fire which actually ended up paying off. Its too early to tell but honestly worst case scenario for Ironside is that no more episodes get produced but all episodes air.

    @Tabitha – CW is in a position this year where all 3 shows could get full seasons and the only cancellation will be The Carrie Diaries after 13 episodes air (ANd if all 13 air straight through, it will end on January 24, 2013. If Reign’s retention is good it could get a full season and I expect The Originals to hold up with supernatural and The Tomorrow People tor retain all of Arrow. I think Originals and Tomorrow People have the best show at a second year and I think this may be a new beginning for The CW.

  • Carrrie

    Dads definitely!

  • Ming

    Next to be definitely cancelled:

    — Dads (number one on my list)
    — Hostages
    — Mom
    — Betrayal

  • Jo

    A few I liked but they got progressively worse. Cancel all and start over.

  • CBSviewer

    Welcome to the Family or We Are Men. Mom is a good candidate too.

  • CBSviewer

    @ Dan

    Ironside could end up like Prime Suspect where all episodes air but no more are produced

    I think Ironside will be canceled soon and replaced by Chicago P.D.

    they could have faith in it if it does a little better and give it a full season like they did with Chicago Fire which actually ended up paying off

    Chicago Fire premiered with a 1.9 and beat SVU which got a 1.8.
    Ironside had a 1.3 with a 2.0 lead-in.

    Its too early to tell but honestly worst case scenario for Ironside is that no more episodes get produced but all episodes air

    The worst case scenario is that Ironside gets canceled after 2 episodes ;)

  • TV Viewer

    We Are Men. CBS has Mike and Molly waiting to replace it, and wam is terrible. The vultures have been circling this show before it even debuted. Why did CBS even bother to put on something so awful on the air? What were they thinking? Did they really believe there was an audience for this junk? Did they have nothing else they could show on TV that might be better and wam looked like the lesser of many evils?

  • Dollface

    @ dan I agree with cws having chosen so many fantasy/supernatural/scifi shows it may be a new day for the cw if the originals the 100 reign and the tomarow people oh and starcross all do well although I figure one won’t make it to season two, this may may be the kickstart they needed.

  • Joseph A

    Silly to think HOSTAGES will be canceled since its a short run series of 13 episodes ,

    Some of the shows one could bet and win easy money on at not making a full run in their current time slots ,, (Not a complete list just the ones I can comment on)

    Sean Saves The World – concept was a fail
    Welcome To The Family – casting was a fail
    Dads – Crap writing

    Shows that need better writing to be worth of a second season , (again not a complete list)

    The Millers
    The Goldbergs
    The Michael J Fox Show – Also wish they had cast a more believable wife

  • Dan

    @TV Viewer – I think every networks goal was to premiere as many new comedies as possible and hold their reliable performers back as backups.

    ABC premiered 4 new shows over 2 nights and has Suburgatory in case one of them flops.

    CBS premiered 4 new shows over 2 nights and has Mike & Molly in case one of them flops.

    NBC premiered 3 new shows airing on 1 night and has Community in case one of them flops

    FOX has 2 new shows on 1 night and if one of them flops they can Move Raising Hope to replace it which is currently scheduled for fridays. (Although I think FOX wil keep Dads in the slot through November and just air all 13 episodes and keep RH on Fridays)

    Also while Mom is a good candidate to be cancelled my guess is due to the Chuck Lorre name and since We Are Men has lower numbers and a better shot at being pulled (not to mention it doesnt fit in with any of the other shows) We Are Men will be pulled and Mom might get more eps. Welcome to the Family may last a few more episodes depending on if NBC has Community ready.

    While worst case scenario would be that NBC cancels Ironside after a few episodes, my best guess is that they probably wont. The show isn’t an outright flop and they probably want to wait until January to premiere Chicago PD instead of rushing the series to fall so I doubt Ironside will be pulled. NBC will probably just burn through the series.

  • Dan

    @Joseph A – My guess is that Hostages, Sean Saves the World, and Dads WILL last their entire run.

    Hostages since its only has 15 episodes and is CBS’s only fall drama will air all 15 episodes but since its limited series wont get cancelled until May and definitely wont a second season. It should air its run out and will be replaced by Intelligence by February so CBS should look forward to that.

    Sean Saves the World will probably get additional episodes or a full season only because NBC only has 4 comedies airing on Thursdays and if SSTW builds on WTTF (In other words it doesn’t have to out run the bear just the other guy) then it will be considered successful, (Kind of like how Guys With Kids built on Animal Practice and got 3 more episodes) My guess is Sean Saves the World will probably move to another day, maybe Wed at 8 while Revolution is on hiatus maybe paired with Undateable. I doubt it will get a second season however.

    Welcome to the Family is doomed. It may get pulled soon but it could last until Nov, depending on if NBC has Community ready. We’ll see on that one. If We Are Men is the second cancellation WTTF is likely the third.

    Ironside may last all 13 episodes produced but may be pulled, like WTTF its 50/50 depending on what NBC wants to do and if they are ready to replace it.

    Dads will air all 13 episodes produced only because of FOX’s relationship with Seth Macfarlane but wont get a full season.

  • Joseph A

    Thinking that Comcast / NBC might not be that patient, they have a lot of pressure to get results and have numerous mid season replacement waiting in the wings.
    If this were last year I might think the NBC shows might stay on a bit, BUT, they just axed a large number of staff in their digital division with a decision to focus and support the programming.
    I would not be surprised if some shows end once the Winter Olympics happen.

  • Brandy

    @Dan, first Reign will only be 13 episode limited series.Second CW can’t give al Reign, Tommorrow People, The Originals full seasons as CW also has The 100(which will also be a limited series) Star-Crossed,import comedey Seed and Famous in 12 to air at Midseason.I think Seed & Famous in 12 will air on fri once ANTM,Nikita,Carrie Diaries are done and I strongly believe The 100 takes over for TTP and Star-Crossed for Reign.HoD,BatB,VD,SPN,Arrow all have full season so the only place to put the midseason shows is in place of the new fal shows which means only one of TT or TO gets a full season.I could see TO getting a full season and moving to Thurs &Star-Crossed being paired with PN as a possibility too.

  • ReallyTired

    Why would anyone vote for Masterchef Jr.? That show isn’t getting canned. No way.

  • Croq

    I picked Hostages, but I feel like it could be any of about 5-6 shows…

  • Hooky

    Why is everyone hating on “Dads” as I love that show! It is hilarious and I normally do not like anything by Seth MacFarlane.

  • ATXCountry

    It’s silly that Dracula and Almost Human are on this poll when they don’t premiere for 3-4 weeks. (Who voted for them?) Something has to get cancelled before that….and I’m looking at you We are Men.

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    I agree – the poll should either not have included the shows that weeks away from even starting, or else the polls should be based on the relative number of episodes before it is cancelled. Then Dracula could be a contender. WAM is probably the next in the bear chow line. As mentioned before it depends on the network and if they have anything else waiting in the wings to be given a try.

    I also agree, that most of these are lackluster at best. In another two weeks a poll like this is going to be a real mess trying to balance out all the variables. I expect to see a culling of at least three shows in about two weeks. Anyone charting the failure rate on a year to year? Probably looks like global warming.

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