Will 'Once Upon A Time's' Ratings Rise Without Competition from 'Breaking Bad'? (Poll)

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October 6th, 2013

Once Upon A Time Episode 301

Update: those troubled and embattled souls who have implored the poll gods to at least do one measly poll for Revenge? Your pleas were not in vain!

Last week, the broadcast networks Sunday night programs returned to across-the-board declines. They did have once-in-a-lifetime competition: the series finale of Breaking Bad. Now that the saga of Walter White has concluded, will broadcast ratings improve? Specifically, will the ratings for Once Upon a Time rise? Last week the season premiere earned a 2.6 adults 18-49 rating.How do you think it will fare tonight?

  • Sierra

    Dumb poll because it was REVENGE that faced Breaking Bad. Also can we get a poll for Revenge at least one friggin time?

  • OnceFan

    OUAT is simply the more relevant and superior show. Why should there be a poll to its ratings when they will be outshined by Once Upon A Time’s ratings anyway. ;)

  • rob60990

    Who cares when ABC real HIT drama Revenge is on tonight? ;)

  • aciel

    the real question is are revenge’s ratings going to rise without facing competition from breaking bad?

  • aciel

    hey tv by the numbers
    why won’t you get your facts straight it was revenge who faced the competition with breaking bad and plus ouat doesn’t even air at the same time as breaking bad.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    “Always a Once poll never a Revenge poll???”
    “I hate that in 2 years TBTN only does polls for OUAT………..”

    Max writes the poll questions ;-)

  • Connman

    Ya think?

  • Fred

    OUAT and REVENGE were above par last week. I’m gonna predict a 2.8 and a 2.6 respectively .

    Love both shows. I’ll watch Betrayal as well. Not a great show but it may improve.

  • Cyrax86


  • Nathan

    ONCE: 2.7
    Revenge: 2.4


    OUAT didn’t face BB last week, but this week will face FB overrun & the Simpsons

    Voted 2.4

  • Ryan

    For people saying that Revenge faced Breaking Bad: that is true, HOWEVER, a lot of people had parties or get togethers to watch Breaking Bad. If I’m going to a friend’s house, I’m also going to DVR OUAT. Even if I’m watching Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones or another true event series at 9 PM, I’m going to DVR or skip the 8 PM show on another network so that I don’t miss the first couple minutes of the 9 PM cable show.

  • Dan

    I don’t understand this poll if people living in the Stone Age without a DVR wanted to watch both Once and BB they would just change the channel from ABC to AMC at 9.

  • tomko44

    One would hardly think that OUAT viewers and Breaking Bad viewers are the same. There is nothing to correlate the two shows, so I would think it would have no effect on OUAT.

  • Justin121


    May adjust to 2.6 in finals.

  • Fred

    OUAT was AMAZING last week . Many will want to view it live tonight .
    The Neverland plot is very intriguing .
    Even the formerly dull Mulan is now a more compelling character.

  • ludoredjohn

    Since last week was the premiere, I’d say there will be a small drop to 2.5 or 2.4 – call me crazy but do people really go from watching a show about meth dealers and psycho gangs to fairy tales? I am not saying nobody does but surely it would be a minority so with virtually no impact on ratings

  • Ram510

    Who is doing these polls? Why would you have to separate polls for 2 shows on the same channel on the same night. What a waste of time and energy, they must not have much else to do today

  • BG

    I hope we get a Revenge poll next week :D


  • tv_viewer

    My predictions:

    OUAT (repeat) 1.3
    OUAT (8 pm) 2.4
    Revenge 2.2
    Betrayal 1.2

    Breaking Bad (or its absence) shouldn’t have any effect on OUAT’s ratings. I based my prediction of OUAT on Grey’s Anatomy’s drop in its second week.

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