Will 'Revenge' Grow in Week Two? (Poll)

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October 6th, 2013

Revenge Season 3 premiere

Comment lawyers, your voices have been heard! It  is true that the Breaking Bad Finale did not compete head-to-head with the Once Upon A Time premiere (though if you live on the West Coast and get East Coast cable feeds, like me, Talking Bad did overlap with OUAT). So let's consider the show that did compete directly with Breaking Bad, Revenge. Last week, its season premiere earned a 2.3 adults 18-49 rating. Now that Walter White has taken down the Neo-Nazis, will viewers focus their attention on Emily Thorne's quest for vengeance? Revenge did gain a full ratings point in Live+3 ratings, suggesting that plenty of people watched it late. So how do you think it will fare tonight?


  • Dan S

    I say 2.3-2.4 tonight. I honestly think next year ABC should put DWTS on Sun since scripted drama is getting beat by cable dramas. Next week is the return of Walking Dead that’ll beat all the networks except maybe for football.

  • jake

    revenge was never going to get desperate housewives ratings, desperate housewives was a t.v phenomenon, networks cant just recreate that

  • danny94

    @ Dan S – ABC cant put DWTS on sundays because len and Bruno do the uk version which airs on Saturday so they couldent to both

  • Jarrad Climpson

    I’m from Australia, and I know this doesn’t matter so much on here but Revenge has been “Australia’s (despite being an American tv show) number #1 Drama two years straight”. Its huge here, bigger than Once Upon A Time and Scandal (which they don’t air anymore) so Revenge has accomplished something. It was also the 4th biggest premiere episode (may be a bit off) of a American tv series ever in Australia, Desperate Housewives being the biggest. I thought that was a nice fact :)

  • Sierra

    I dont think they shared an audience. 2.0 for episode 2

  • Shanaynay

    Lol only ONE EPISODE had a higher rating then Desperate Housewives!

  • omabin

    Wow, I can’t believe you guys actually did a Revenge poll, this is the second time since it has moved to sundays as far as I remember. I wanted to guess a 2.3-2.4 but I went with a 2.1-2.2. I wanted to be more optimistic but I just couldn’t. I did however checked and DH did went up a few times in its second episode for whatever that is worth. It is not an unforeseen trend like I thought it would be. Not facing breaking bad should help but the post premiere drop should still offset that in my opinion. Hoping for the best, love the show!

  • Brianna

    Lol Revenge is never going to get the same ratings as Desperate Housewives! Desperate Housewives was the most watched comedy in the world with 120 million viewers for 2006-2012! Third most watched show overall worldwide.

  • Matt C.

    Even if it does rise this week, it’s going to take a big hit next week for The Walking Dead premiere. Although I’m a huge Revenge fan, even I have to admit I’ll be watching TWD premiere live (but then watching Revenge on my TiVo directly after TWD ends).

  • callum

    well slap my ass and call me judy! its a revenge poll

  • Brianna

    @Jarrad Climpson
    If your from Australia then what are you doing looking at American ratings? No need to offend you, just curious cause I know other people from other counties also did it as well and also what ratings does a show in Australia have to get to be a hit? Isn’t it like 1-2 million viewers?

  • danny94

    revenge was pulling in 2.6-2.8 against the walking dead last season so i doubt the two shows have much of a crossover audience, its juts a fact that after a rocky season 2 revenge has weakened

  • danny94

    @ Brianna – I live in the UK and i go on this site all the time as i watch a lot of American telly and i like to know how the shows i’m watching are doing in the ratings, after all it dosnt matter how the Shows rate in the UK

  • diana

    @Matt C.
    last season before revenge faced any award shows it pulled like a 2.6 last season when the walking dead premiered it just had a bigger impact on it later in the season because the quality of the show went down. but this season now that the quality is up it shouldn’t have any problems facing the walking dead

  • elizabeth

    honestly if fans were really dedicated to this show they would watch it regardless of whatever is on. if people watch another show over it than that shows people aren’t really dedicated to this show

  • erwanfromfrance

    I voted 2.5-2.6, well, that’s what I hope, but I think it will be around 2.1-2.2

  • CrimTV


    Yeah, i’m from the UK too and I literally watch 2 British scripted shows (Miranda and Doctor Who) everything else I watch (which is a lot) is American and I go on here to see if all my shows are doing good!

  • Luke21


    And i’m from Dominican Republic and I watch like 20 american shows and I come here every single day

  • frodo

    Thanks for the Revenge poll TVratings. And yes many people who watched Breaking Bad like me will watch Revenge this week. I love both shows and a lot of my friends do too. Homeland will definitely steal some viewers too.

  • frodo

    I say 2.3-2.4 although I hope more tune in.

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