Will 'Revenge' Grow in Week Two? (Poll)

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October 6th, 2013

Revenge Season 3 premiere

Comment lawyers, your voices have been heard! It  is true that the Breaking Bad Finale did not compete head-to-head with the Once Upon A Time premiere (though if you live on the West Coast and get East Coast cable feeds, like me, Talking Bad did overlap with OUAT). So let's consider the show that did compete directly with Breaking Bad, Revenge. Last week, its season premiere earned a 2.3 adults 18-49 rating. Now that Walter White has taken down the Neo-Nazis, will viewers focus their attention on Emily Thorne's quest for vengeance? Revenge did gain a full ratings point in Live+3 ratings, suggesting that plenty of people watched it late. So how do you think it will fare tonight?


  • Fred


    I watch most of the shows you watch!
    Yes Revenge is most certainly worth your time.
    Catch up with it.

    I’m hoping Revenge can reach a 2,6.
    Wishful thinking I know.

  • Paulino

    @Brianna I’m from Brazil and I come here every day to check the ratings,here I watch only big brother brasil,and in US I watch a lot of series

    Vote for 2.5-2.6,I think it shares more audience with TGW than BB and TWD

  • Alan

    It will grow but just a little! I expect it to hit a 2.5 but I’m being realistic.

  • David Howell

    I’m guessing it comes within a tick either way – 2.3 represented a spike, but the competition difference is real. It’s easy to be pessimistic about any non-Shonda ABC drama at the moment though so I’ll predict a 2.2, followed by a dive into the 1s fairly soon as the zombies invade the slot.

  • Bruce Morgan

    In my opinion the show is constantly going downhill. The first season was passable, but since then it has really been a waste of time and poorly written, acted and shown.

  • j

    Wow there really is nothing to vote for on Sunday.

    Thank goodness we have Walking Dead next week so ABC’s fading dramas won’t be the talking point here.

  • BG

    Yay!!! We finally got a Revenge poll!!

    I’m hoping for a 2.5-2.6

  • tv_viewer

    My predictions (also in the other poll for OUAT):

    OUAT (repeat) 1.3
    OUAT (8 pm) 2.4
    Revenge 2.2
    Betrayal 1.2

    Writers have said that a heroes are measured against the villains they oppose. The second season’s villains were the Iniative. Viewers want a more interesting villain than the iniative. The focus is back on the Graysons as the villains.

    I may be in the minority but I think the first half of this season’s Revenge might be more exciting than OUAT. Rescuing Henry from Peter Pan seems to hinge on convincing Peter Pan to grow up, stop playing in Neverland, and let Henry go. That kind of plot isn’t as interesting as defeating Cora with Mr. Gold tricking Mary Margaret to use that candle to trade Gold’s life for Cora’s.

  • BigBrotherFan


  • Mark

    Once Upon A Time – 2.6
    Revenge – 2.3
    Betrayal – 1.1

  • Networkman

    I’m hoping it gets a 2.5 demo. After its fantastic season premiere, it deserves to see an increase in ratings.

  • jay

    OUAT- 2.3
    Revenge- 2.1
    Betrayal- 0.9

  • gemma

    Really hope revenge can up this week, I think it can seems it isn’t up against the good wife

  • becca

    thanks for the revenge poll, hope it does well as last night was a really good episode, the show is definitely back on the right track

  • Ray

    I’m hoping it gets a 2.4 or higher I love Revenge and last night’s episode was great!!!

  • Paris

    2.0 but deserves less

  • Edward

    If the early morning ratings are an indication, everyone here is being too optimistic.

  • HB

    Last night episode was alright.It will see the dip today!

  • Paris

    Some are reporting it got a 1.9

    Pretty pathetic

  • Zth

    Yes, it did get a 1.9 – pathetic predictions around here indeed.

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