ABC's 'Once Upon a Time' Retains 96% of its Week-Ago Premiere in Adults 18-49

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October 7th, 2013


via press release:

Against strong sports-driven competition from NBC’s Sunday Night Football and an NFL overrun-fueled CBS, ABC drew 15% more viewers than Fox on Sunday night.  ABC’s Once Upon a Time was Sunday’s #1 drama in Adults 18-49, outdelivering CBS’ NFL-boosted The Good Wife and The Mentalist.

More than quadrupling its repeat lead-in at 8pm (+317% - over an encore of last week’s premiere episode), ABC’s Once Upon a Time retained 96% of its week-ago premiere in Adults 18-49 (pacing within 1-tenth of a rating point). In addition, the ABC drama held 100% of its premiere audience in Adults 18-34. Once Upon a Time ranked as the top-rated entertainment program in its hour with key Women: W18-49 and W18-34. It was also the #1 most social broadcast telecast of the evening.
During the 9 o’clock hour, ABC’s Revenge topped Fox’s comedies by nearly 2.0 million viewers (Family Guy/American Dad) and beat out its non-sports competition with Women 18-49. L+3 Day Ratings:  Last week’s Revenge premiere gained a full Adult 18-49 rating point in the L+3 numbers (+43%) and the percentage increase was considerably higher for this year’s premiere than for last year’s opener (+43% vs. +28%). Revenge was also Sunday’s biggest overall gainer in L+3, adding on another +2.5 million viewers to its L+SD tally.

During the 10 o’clock hour, ABC’s Betrayal defeated its CBS drama competition (Good Wife/Mentalist) with Women 18-34.


  • danny94

    Good for OUAT

  • Joseph

    Awkward how they don’t even mention revenge never mind betrayal

  • Lucas

    I want to know about Revengeeee!

  • Bgun

    So again, for the 3rd time, the rating only slips 0.1 from the season premiere.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    So what they’re saying is that OUAT repeats terribly at 7pm.

  • tom

    So, OUAT dropped a tenth then. Still good, but the show is eroding fast.

    Revenge and Betrayal (which I think will be gone this week) must have done bad. Really bad to the point where it’s not even in press.

  • Mitchell

    For those interested, I heard that Revenge got a 1.9 and Betrayal got a 1.1.

  • tom


    Thanks for the info.

    Betrayal is definitely gone then and Revenge should have not been renewed. It was already horrid last season.

  • John A

    LMAO nothing about Revenge?

  • reidjr


    I know people love to hate Revene but its does good ratings wise.

  • The Old Woman

    I am not sure why they are mentioning the sports driven competition considering that OUAT’s audience is mostly female. Football has never affected OUAT ratings.

  • cimmer

    This is not a good sign. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but networks only does this kind of release when they DON’T like the ratings a show gave them otherwise they let the ratings speak for themselves. I always worry when the networks try to spin.

  • DenverDean

    @reidjr – No, REV doesn’t do well in the ratings a 1.9 at 9 p.m. in the fall is not good.

  • Raul

    Go OUAT

  • Wright


  • Rebecca

    I hope OUAT doesn’t lose more viewers as time goes on – I found the season premiere a bit boring last week but last night’s second episode was much better IMO. I’m sticking with it. It was hit or miss with me last season, too, but mostly good (hit).

  • Matt

    ABC NEEDS a new schedule for midseason. Keep Sundays the same, but move Grey’s back to Sundays at 9PM, in order to lead into Revenge to help boost Revenge’s ratings. Instead of putting Resurrection on sundays at 10PM, air it on Thursdays at 8PM, since ONCE WONDERLAND will probably run for only short seasons. Keep Mondays the same. Then on Tuesday, move Super Fun Night’s to 9PM to air after SHIELD and then Mixology at 9:30, considering that both comedies have the same party/friend/fun night-esque premise. Also place new drama, MIND GAMES, at 10PM, considering that both it and SHIELD are male-centric and airing them on the same night would make sense. ABC should create a family comedy Wednesday and put Goldbergs after The Middle and Trophy Wife after Modern Family. On Thursdays, put the highly-anticipated and high-concept new drama, RESURRECTION at 8PM, Scandal at 9PM, and new drama KILLER WOMEN at 10PM. Killer Women and Scandal are both female-oriented, so having Scandal lead into it would also make sense. Shall, Back in the Game continue to do OK in the ratings, move it to Fridays after Last Man Standing at 8:30. Both have a male-centric premise and both feature famous male lead actors. While this schedule might not completely happen, hopefully some of it will because, IMO, it makes much more sense than the current one.

    8:00PM- ONCE
    9:00PM- Grey’s Anatomy
    10:00PM- Revenge

    8:00PM- SHIELD
    9:00PM- Super Fun Night
    9:30PM- Mixology
    10:00PM- Mind Games

    8:00PM- The Middle
    8:30PM- The Goldbergs
    9:00PM- Modern Family
    9:30PM- Trophy Wife
    10:00PM- Nashville

    8:00PM- Resurrection
    9:00PM- Scandal
    10:00PM- Killer Women

    8:00PM- Last Man Standing
    8:30PM- Back in the Game
    9:00PM- Shark Tank
    10:00PM- 20/20

  • JR35

    Did the release update afterward, or do people mean no mention of Revenge in the headline?

  • Fred


    I actually enjoyed the first ep more than last night.
    The Fairytale world felt like a recap. Although the NeverLand realm was very exciting.
    In any case I love the show and will stick with it until the bitter end.

    My grades so far:

    Season 1 – Solid A
    Season 2- B+ ( too many dull characters and filler eps)

  • Rebecca

    I think now that the Peter Pan/Hook characters are a bit more fleshed out (Pan is still a bit mysterious but I thought it was better last night), I’m enjoying the Neverland bits and I kind of hope they don’t find Henry any time soon, lol (poor kid…I like him more than I used to, though). I think recaps are alright sometimes, especially at the beginning of a new season (when I didn’t re-watch any of season 2 over the summer anyway). And I didn’t watch the first hour of last week’s 2 episodes since I knew the first hour was a real recap/summary. I tend to not watch reruns, so we tuned in for AFV thinking it was premiering its new season last night (I was wrong) and saw the rerun of OUAT’s premiere starting so I turned it off and found AFV on Netflix. I still don’t let the kiddo watch OUAT; she finds it too scary. I’d grade its seasons the same way you did.

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