Guess the Ratings for Tonight's 'Beauty and the Beast' Premiere (Poll)

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October 7th, 2013


Last year, the CW's reboot of Beauty and the Beast premiered to a decent (by CW standards) 1.2 adults 18-49 rating in the post Vampire Diaries timeslot. However, by the time the season finale rolled around, the series fell to a disappointing 0.5 adults 18-49 rating. Fast-forward to the present, and Beauty and the Beast has been moved Monday at 9PM, behind Hart of Dixie. Will this shift help or hurt this sophomore series? Make your predictions about the adults 18-49 rating for tonight's second season premiere below, and don't forget to leave a comment defending your choice!

  • Kissan

    Tonight’s ratings:

    HIMYM-3.0 This will go down more until it reaches a 2.5

    We Are Men-1.8 Down and cancelled in two weeks

    2BG-2.5 Will hold steady

    Mom-2.2 Steady and good retention from 2BG

    Hostages-1.5 It went down so much it won’t be able to fall anymore

    Bones-2.3 It’ll go up! The end of the Pelent Saga!!!

    Sleepy Hollow-3.2 This just got a renewal so now I think people will check it out

    DWTS-2.3 It’s getting more interesting by the weeks

    Castle-2.1 Same old same old

    The Voice-4.8 It’ll go up more at 9:00 and more at 9:30

    The Blacklist-3.4 Just got a full season pickup so I expect people to check it out

    HOD-0.6 It can do good up against tough competition and the competition isn’t as big now

    BATB-0.5 A new day with a weaker lead in? CANCELLED BY THE END OF THE SEASON

  • Dave

    HoD will get a 0.6-0.7

    Floppity and the Beast will start with a 0.5-0.6 and tuble hard by midseason. It won’t see a season 2. The difference between it and NIKITA is that NIKITA was shipped to Friday for Seson 2. Floppity has a prime Monday 9pm slot so there’s no excuses.

  • Nasir

    i could see HoD and/or BaTB being renewed as summer series (if they dont collapse terribly) if the CW’s midseason shows do exceptionally well (& get renewed) by the network’s standards.

  • Ed B

    0.7-0.8 for sure. It’s the season premiere and people loved the show last season. It’s gotten good reviews and the CW have been promoting it.

  • david

    I think it will get a .7 tonight. I just watched the episode and it was really good.

  • j

    Seems like a pointless poll for a mostly pointless netlet. How well Sleepy Hollow/Blacklist hold up, and whether CBS comedies stabilize after steep falls, are way more interesting.

  • Pepper

    Am feeling generous and voted 0.5, but wouldn’t be surprised if it were even lower

  • California

    How I Met Your Mother: 3.1
    We Are Men: 1.8
    2 Broke Girls: 2.4
    Mom: 2.1
    Hostages: 1.5

    Bones: 2.2
    Sleepy Hollow: 2.8

    Dancing with the Stars: 2.2
    Castle: 2.2

    The Voice: 4.8
    The Blacklist: 3.2

    Hart of Dixie: 0.6
    Beauty and the Beast: 0.6

  • phil h

    never understood why the CW didn’t run repeats of the show to try and build up viewers whom may have missed it during it’s first run? You never know, it may have gained some viewers for the 2nd season!

  • SS

    I think HOD will be fine (it really doesn’t have another show like it to compete against), but I suspect that Sleepy Hollow is going to put a dent in Beauty and the Beast (Sleepy Hollow is just a better show in the fantasy genre).

  • John A

    0.5-0.6 for the premiere. Then at 0.4 next week.

  • BigBrotherFan

    How I Met Your Mother: 3.1
    We Are Men: 1.8
    2 Broke Girls: 2.4
    Mom: 2.0
    Hostages: 1.3

    Bones: 2.1
    Sleepy Hollow: 2.8

    Dancing with the Stars: 2.0
    Castle: 2.1

    The Voice: 4.6
    The Blacklist: 3.2

    Hart of Dixie: 0.5
    Beauty and the Beast: 0.4

  • al

    No blacklist poll or sleep hollow poll? does anyone even watch the cw? LOL

  • Joseph

    Everything on the broadcast networks will be badly wounded by Football on ESPN and (to a lesser extent) by Baseball on TBS.

    Tonight (October 7th), the English-language broadcast networks may between them attract the fewest number of viewers on an “in-season” (read: not Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, or the Summer) Monday night in decades.

  • Stu

    So will network tv.

  • L.

    Crap show, crap results. 0.4.

  • Stu

    Don’t worry CW will be gone by 2016

    so will network tv.

  • P3TE

    I’ve already watched it illegally, it was leaked early lol hahaha noobs..

  • luka

    Tonight ratings:

    How I Met Your Mother: 2.9
    We Are Men: 1.5
    2 Broke Girls: 2.2
    Mom: 1.8
    Hostages: 1.3

    Bones: 2.3
    Sleepy Hollow: 3.4

    Dancing with the Stars: 2.1
    Castle: 2.1

    The Voice: 4.5
    The Blacklist: 2.7

    Hart of Dixie: 0.6
    Beauty and the Beast: 0.5

  • Charlie

    It will be down from the premiere but flat with the finale.

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