Guess the Ratings for Tonight's 'Beauty and the Beast' Premiere (Poll)

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October 7th, 2013


Last year, the CW's reboot of Beauty and the Beast premiered to a decent (by CW standards) 1.2 adults 18-49 rating in the post Vampire Diaries timeslot. However, by the time the season finale rolled around, the series fell to a disappointing 0.5 adults 18-49 rating. Fast-forward to the present, and Beauty and the Beast has been moved Monday at 9PM, behind Hart of Dixie. Will this shift help or hurt this sophomore series? Make your predictions about the adults 18-49 rating for tonight's second season premiere below, and don't forget to leave a comment defending your choice!

  • ludoredjohn

    @Robin – that was hilarious!

    There isn’t much for B&TB to lose after they ended at 0.5 so I’d say 0.4 is kind of optimistic… and the show should never have been renewed but hey, crazy decisions…

  • Charlie

    LMFAO you BATB will be so wrong again just like last season when use all said it will get cancelled but wait it got renewed and use also said if it did get renewed it would love to Friday WRONG!

    if Nikita can make it with much lower ratings and Hart of Dixie up to season 3 and guaranteed a 4 I’m certain BATB will be back with a 3rd season woo

  • Charlie

    BATB haters*

  • Charlie

    * move to Fridays

  • Laina

    I’m going to be optimistic and say both HoD and BatB will get a 0.6 tonight.

  • Jon

    The difference here is Nikita aired on fridays ;-)

  • Melanie

    What the heck — I’m feeling optimistic and generous, so:
    HOD .8
    BATB .7

    (It will probably be lower – – realistically .6 and .5)

  • Wright

    .6 FOR HOD
    .4 FOR B&tB

    Long Live The CW!!!!

  • jason50

    O.4 tonight. Even if the writing did get much better this season(like Revolution) don’t think the show will pick up any new fans. Besides Sleepy Hollow is at the same time, I think more people will check out the new show than jump a board this one.

  • buttondiet

    Wow, a 1.2 for it’s premiere behind TVD is not decent, that’s awful. and then to drop to a 0.5 by the end… I mean, this is one lucky show.

  • Deo

    I went with .7/.8, didn´t know it was preempted…are there anymore shows preempted today?

  • Tabitha

    HOD 0.6
    BaTB 0.4

  • Tom

    “I mean, this is one lucky show.”

    Lucky? Hardly. For the umpteenth time, the CW had more gaps to fill in its schedule than budget to them. Five news shows was the limit. Which means that Carrie and B&B are back notwithstanding their poor ratings.

  • Tom

    Make that “budget to fill them.”

  • Bill Gorman

    “Lucky? Hardly. For the umpteenth time, the CW had more gaps to fill in its schedule than budget to them. Five news shows was the limit. Which means that Carrie and B&B are back notwithstanding their poor ratings.”

    I’d agree on Carrie Diaries, but not on BATB.

    Carrie Diaries was inexplicable other than “we just can’t add another rookie in Fall ’13.” Because its ratings were terrible relative to other CW shows.

    BATB ratings were not bad. It averaged >90% of the CW 18-49 ratings average in the spring.

  • starship

    Pre-emption in NY area + the show airing a day early in Canada this year means no more than 0.5 tonight, could go up to 0.6 the following weeks since it won’t be pre-empted at least.
    HoD I’d like to say will have a 0.6, but with the pre-emption might actually be a 0.5 too. At least both shows might be inflated in preliminaries and allow the CW to release a positively spun press release before the finals come out.

  • erwanfromfrance

    Predictions for Monday :

    ABC :
    Dancing With The Stars : 2.2
    Castle : 2.2

    FOX :
    Bones : 2.3
    Sleepy Hollow : 3.0

    NBC :
    The Voice : 4.8
    The Blacklist : 3.2

    CW :
    Hart Of Dixie : 0.6
    Beauty & Beast : 0.6

    CBS :
    How I Met Your Mother : 2.8
    We Are Men : 1.8
    2 Broke Girls : 2.5
    Mom : 2.2
    Hostages : 1.4

  • Tom

    @ Mr. Gorman

    That’s may be true on a comparative basis. But then we’re talking about the CW, aren’t we? Moreover, by its last four episodes, ratings for the Beast had declined to the 0.5/1.25 range. That’s hardly indicative of a great Spring.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Who cares about BatB? The important issue is whether or not Sleepy Hollow tonight will stay at a 3 or above!

  • Carl

    My parents are big fans and didn’t even know the show was premiering tonight until I told them, so…

    Of course that doesn’t mean anything, but I think timeslot changes are going to hurt a number of CW shows.

    I’ll say .05-.06, since it’s the season premiere.

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