L+3 Ratings: ABC's 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.', 'The Goldbergs' and 'Nashville' Score Bigger Playback Gains in Week 2

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October 7th, 2013

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cast

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Live + 3 Day Ratings for the week of 9/30/13 (Monday-Wednesday):

Based on Nielsen’s Live + 3 Day playback data for Monday-Wednesday of the 2nd week of the new season, the series debut of ABC’s Super Fun Night surged to a 3.8 rating among Adults 18-49 in the L+3 Day numbers, up from a 3.2 rating in the first reported L+SD statistics (+0.6 rating points).

In the Live + 3 Day data for the 2nd episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the new ABC drama saw significantly bigger TV playback gains than for its premiere telecast. The show surged 48% to a 4.9 Adult 18-49 rating (vs. a 3.3 rating in L+SD), up from a 38% increase for its debut telecast. Additionally, the second episode of the show built 39% in L+3 to deliver 12.07 million Total Viewers (vs. 8.66 million viewers in L+SD), up from a 30% increase for its premiere. Growing to a 4.9 rating in Adults 18-49, S.H.I.E.L.D. moved ahead of CBS’ NCIS in the L+3 numbers (+11% - 4.4 rating) to emerge as Tuesday #1 scripted series in the key young adult demo.

Week 2 of ABC’s The Goldbergs posted larger TV playback increases than did its week-earlier debut, gaining 32% after 3 days of TV playback (versus +26% the prior week) to deliver a 2.9 rating in Adults 18-49 in the L+3 ratings (from a 2.2 in the L+SD numbers).

ABC’s Nashville also posted bigger TV playback gains in week 2 than its premiere telecast. The sophomore ABC drama gained a full Adult 18-49 rating point in the L+3 numbers, going from a 1.9 rating to a 2.9 rating (+53%), up from +0.9 rating points (and +45%) for the prior week’s premiere episode. In addition, the second episode of Nashville picked up an additional 2.39 million Total Viewers after 3 days of TV playback, marking a 40% increase in week 2 (versus +36% for the premiere). In the L+3 numbers, Nashville tied CBS’ CSI for #1 in Wednesday’s 10pm hour among Adults 18-49 (2.9 rating). Initially in the first reported L+SD ratings, the CBS drama led Nashville by 2-tenths of a rating point with young adults.

In the first 3 days of available TV playback for the week, ABC had 3 shows add on at least 3 million viewers over their first-reported Live + Same Day totals (the most for any network): S.H.I.E.L.D. (+3.41 million), Castle (+3.32 million) and Modern Family (+3.10 million).

  • Derek

    Well then. Congrats ABC for your shows not being interesting or exciting enough to watch live such as intense shows like Scandal and the Walking Dead…well, I guess ya got Scandal going for ya for now.

  • DenverDean

    Nice spin by ABC to talk about greater percentage increase from week before for several shows. Well, duh, if the base is much lower, the percentage will go up. Tuesday is a fast-moving wreck. Scandal (R) will do nothing to help. There is absolutely ZERO logic in launching an entirely new night of programming. You need to have at least one or two established shows to help with “halo” effect. Should have kept BOP at 10 with its small, but loyal audience – would’ve acted as a buffer and ABC desperately needs stability that a procedural can bring to network.

  • Tony JJ


    I don’t know ABC did it 5 years ago on Wednesday and got 3 comedy hits out of it. While I do think ABC should have kept body of proof there because clearly their only “buzzed” about new drama is SHIELD. If they had a potential breakout drama besides shield then I’d say put that at 10 but I think everyone knew lucky 7 didn’t have mainstream appeal and flop on arrival.

    On another note. ABC really needs to push Nashville this year. Their new dramas don’t look promising and if they can get Nashville to grow like scandal last year then that would be amazing. Obviously it isn’t that easy but The writers need a big plot that will peak people’s interest and ABC needs to promote it big time!

  • harry

    ABC has Modern family , Scandal , agents of shield and greys anatomy in that order as hits. Greys anatomy is the biggest hit of all considering it is on its 10th season .

  • Wright

    Good for S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • Matt

    Modern Family, Scandal, Agents of SHIELD, Grey’s Anatomy, Castle, and DWTS are ABC’s huge hits in the 18-49 demographic and total viewership, with Castle, Modern Family, and DWTS consistently scoring above 10 million viewers almost every week. Hopefully, with lesser competition, SHIELD will go up to about a 3.5 and 9 million this week and finally settle in that area, now that since The Voice will not be airing at 8PM. Revenge and ONCE are doing modestly on Sundays, but since Scandal has established its own audience, ABC NEEDS to move Grey’s back to Sundays, but at 9PM. This would refreshen their Sunday night lineup and hopefully boost Revenge’s ratings. ONCE could stay put at 8PM, Grey’s at 9PM, then Revenge at 10PM. If Revenge can get a 1.9 out of a 2.5 lead in, then imagine what it can get out of a 3.0 Greys lead-in. This should happen by midseason, once their dramas return for the second part of their 2-part continuous seasons. While Resurrection was scheduled for Sundays at 10, ABC should place it on Thursdays at 8, Scandal at 9, then killer women at 10, since ONCE Wonderland will most likely only run for short, 13-episode seasons. This would truly help refresh Revenge and ONCE and the sunday night lineup for ABC.

  • Tony JJ


    I just have a few problems with your schedule moves. I don’t think Greys would hold up well with a move in its 10th season but then again who knows it has surprisingly held up well all these years but despite Scandal rising it would hurt Thursdays by moving Greys. And sandwiching scandal with resurrection and killer woman would be an awful idea. Killer woman is destined to be DOA and resurrection while I think it shows promise could very well flop badly especially against TBBT. So ABC would go from winning Thursdays (they should start winning with Greys/Scandal winning their slots and OUATIW should be coming in second plus CBS 8:30-11 isn’t that strong. So they should be number 1 this Thursday. If anything come midsession just swap Greys and Scandal and then next fall decide on something if Scandal rises at 9pm. Otherwise I think moving Greys prematurely could hurt Thursdays and Scandal.

  • maui

    I like the Goldbergs, nothing surprising, but anything with some 80’s and the cast they have is solid. How about a little Pacman cereal?

  • HH17

    Glad to see The Goldbergs doing well. It looks like such a fun show. I’d love to see it around a while.

  • Wesley

    Nashville rocks!!!

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