'Masters of Sex' Grows Nine Percent in Week Two

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October 7th, 2013


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HOMELAND Retains Premiere Week Audience,
Both SHOWTIME Series Deliver Outstanding Time-Shifted Numbers In Their First Week

·         The second episode of season three of HOMELAND held virtually all of its audience from the S3 premiere with 1.83 million viewers at 9 p.m. (vs. 1.9 million) and 2.5 million viewers for the night (vs. 2.61 million viewers for its S3 premiere night).

·         The new SHOWTIME drama series MASTERS OF SEX grew in its second week up nine percent at 10 p.m. with 1.1 million viewers (vs. one million last week) and up seven percent for the night with 1.5 million viewers (vs. 1.4 million last week).

·         The premiere weeks for HOMELAND and MASTERS were expected to grow given our subscribers’ patterns of delayed viewing, but the numbers defied expectations:

–      HOMELAND is pacing well ahead of season 2 (up 24 percent) with over 6.4 million viewers (vs. 5.2 million for HOMELAND season two), on track to tie as the highest-rated first week for a SHOWTIME series in network history (along with Dexter S8).

–      After an impressive launch, MASTERS OF SEX continues to deliver incredible numbers, on pace to receive 5.6 million viewers for its premiere week, up 35 percent vs. HOMELAND’s first season (vs. 4.13 million).

  • Rod

    Yes!! Two best shows on TV right now.

  • Jon

    Wow that is good numbers for the week there. A renewal should come for it any day now :-)

  • Paul

    1.1 million is still pathetic.

  • John A

    I watched a bit of Masters of Sex. What rubbish it was. Homeland very boring too. Nothing good on Showtime anymore.

  • John B

    @John A, some of us like quality TV. If you don’t, then catch up on Honey Boo Boo.

  • Harry Ballsachss

    Good for MoS, really enjoying it. Homeland could go either way for me this season after last year’s shaky season.

  • John A

    Never watched Honey Boo Boo but that rates better than crappy MOS.

  • John B

    And that makes it better? Honey Boo Boo rates better than Mad Men, idiot.

  • John A

    Mad Men does the same as Honey Boo Boo more or less.

  • Concerned Citizen


    By Showtime’s standards, it’s not bad at all. Add to that the critical acclaim and it shouldn’t have any problem getting a second season renewal.

  • cas127

    “By Showtime’s standards”

    It is kinda amazing that pay TV (like Showtime) can bamboozle 20 million households into paying about $150 per year for a whole *2 hours* of weekly new programming (repeated 7 or 8 times during the week) and about 90 very, very low profile movies per month (also repeated endlessly).

    Considering the huge number of entertainment alternatives, that ain’t great value for the dollar…

  • Johnny G

    Considering we get Homeland, Masters of Sex, Shameless, Nurse Jackie, Ray Donovan, Episodes, and House of Lies (and had Dexter and The Big C which have finished), I believe the $150 a year is definitely worth it. I’d probably pay for just Homeland, Shameless, and Nurse Jackie but since I enjoy the entire line-up, it is a deal for me.

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