'Scandal' Tops Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings for the Week of September 30-October 6

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October 7th, 2013

Scandal Season 3 Premiere

Nielsen has released the first week of data for its new Nielsen Twitter TV ratings system. The table below includes the following four metrics (per SocialGuide):

Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings Weekly Top Ten list is ranked by Unique Audience and include four metrics for each of the top episodes.

  • Tweets - Tweets ascribed to a linear TV episode.
  • Unique Authors – Unique Twitter accounts that have sent at least one Tweet ascribed to a specific TV episode.
  • Impressions - The number of times any Tweets ascribed to a TV episode were seen.
  • Unique Audience – The total number of distinct Twitter accounts accruing at least one impression of one or more different Tweets ascribed to a TV episode.


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  • Wagner

    How you make sure that all the tweets are related do the actual episode and not other episode of the show?

  • Phill

    This rankings are pointless imo

  • karin

    Weird & pointless,i agree

  • Tyson

    The bottom line is the bottom line. If advertisers want to spend money based on this data, then great. Otherwise, the information is useless.

  • Croq

    Can’t really trust these “ratings”, easily manipulable. And just because a show is getting a lot of tweets doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of people are watching…

  • eridapo

    I’m nor surprised the reality shows are at the top of this list, and three shows aim at teens..

  • Casey

    You know, WWE used to have an obsession with getting things to trend on twitter during Raw. Someone would say something and it would either trend on twitter by itself or they’d beg you on the air to tweet it and make it trend.

    They do still mention stuff that trends on Raw but they don’t go out of their way to beg people to help get something trending.

    The reason is obvious, they never got any money from things trending on twitter.

    For that reason, I consider these to be cute but unnecessary and ultimately worthless as said above. Plus, certain shows because of their format are going to be more friendly to tweet about than other shows. Competition shows should always do well in this kind of thing because you’re getting something you can express your opinion about in a tweet, E.G. someone’s performance.

    There’s not a lot of reason for me to tweet about Big Bang Theory or Two and a Half Men as they happen if at all.

  • a

    I can’t believe Nielsen is spending money doing this.

  • Chris J

    Interestingly nothing from CBS made the list.

  • Michael

    This is just worthless like the GetGlue charts. Unless, this is actually being tallied and beneficial to the rating system (which is not) who cares, Nielsen? Lol! This chart by no means necessary is going to help a network decide whether they should cancel/keep a show.

  • Phill

    inb4 next week top its all CW

  • Dan

    Scandal is a beast, I wonder how long until ABC screws with the show and moves it to another timeslot.

  • tom

    CBS is the 5th place network????

    Again, unless there is $$$ valued by advertisers, it is pointless. GetGlue isn’t even being taken seriously so why should this????

  • PurpleDrazi

    This isn’t about TV show ratings…it’s about helping Twitter finally make some money. Twitter is tracking all of this so they can promote tie-ins with advertisers.

    I expect we will start seeing ads on Twitter soon.

  • hanp

    The list is interesting but hardly surprising. But ultimately irrelevant.

  • Mal

    I’m with “a,” this list seems both uninteresting, unnecessary, and wasteful. Sure, there is revenue to be made from online advertising, but adveritising VIA Twitter nowhere near as accessable and quantifiable as through television or even web traffic. Unless every tweet has a product ad attached, I don’t see how measuring how much people talk about a show in 140 characters (or less!) matters to anyone. At all. Ever.

  • Mal

    *… in retrospect following the word “both” with 3 items is embarrassing.

  • PurpleDrazi

    Just read an article on Deadline which puts things into perspective:

    “These numbers bear little resemblance to the TV ratings. Certain shows are Twitter crack, but not necessarily ratings magnets — we call it The Sharknado Effect. (Remember how the media predicted Syfy’s orgy of bad special effects had been a ratings phenom after seeing people go nuts over it on Twitter only to have to back-peddle when the ratings came in and they were totally meh?)

    The Scandal season debut, for instance, will not be among the week’s Top-10 most viewed programs and it will not top the list among younger viewers either, though it will make that Top-10 list at somewhere around No. 7.

    Only three of the top ranking Twitter shows are going to finish in the Top 10 TV based on TV ratings.”

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