'The NFL on CBS' Coverage of Denver's Wild Win Over Dallas Scores Highest Rated NFL Game of the Season on Any Network

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October 7th, 2013


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Game Earns Rating/Share of 18.6/34 in Metered Markets

CBS Sports’ Week 5 coverage of THE NFL ON CBS on Sunday, Oct. 6, highlighted by the Denver Broncos’ wild, 51-48, win over the Dallas Cowboys earned the highest rating of the NFL season-to-date on any network with an average overnight household rating/share of 18.6/34 in the metered markets.

Yesterday’s game rating/share peaked at 24.4/41 from 7:30-7:45 PM, ET.  The 18.6/34 also was an 18% increase from last year (15.7/29; highlighted by Denver-New England; Buffalo-San Francisco; Tennessee-Minnesota).

In addition, the game’s rating/share is the highest-rated program on television in the metered markets since the 2013 Academy Awards (26.1/41; 2/24/13).

THE NFL ON CBS’s Week 5 regional game coverage in the early window earned an average overnight HH rating/share of 9.7/20, up 4% from last year’s 9.3/19.  Yesterday’s regional games were highlighted by New England-Cincinnati; Kansas City-Tennessee; Baltimore-Miami and Jacksonville-St. Louis.

  • hanp

    It’s really fascinating how football keeps getting bigger it seems. So unlike baseball.

  • Bad Samaritan

    @hanp: Of course football is getting bigger. Men watch it for the ritualized combat and team loyalty. Women watch it for the muscly butts in tight shiny pants. Baseball can’t compete with that!

  • E

    @Bad Samaritan, you forgot the real reason why football is so popular. GAMBLING. That is why baseball can’t compete with it.

  • PurpleDrazi

    @Bad Samaritan

    Of course football is getting bigger. Men watch it for the ritualized combat and team loyalty. Women watch it for the muscly butts in tight shiny pants.

    It’s quite possible that many people watch it for both reasons. ;-)

    Also, I’d wager that Fantasy Football has also helped significantly with the increase. Now people aren’t just interested in their particular team, they also want to know how all the players on their fantasy team are doing.

  • DenverDean

    @PurpleDrazi is correct – Fantasy Football has played a large role in driving people to watch games with teams they’ll never follow to see how their (or their opponents) players are doing. I love football, but I’m even guilty of tuning in to games I shouldn’t care about. People will also stick around a blowout game longer for the same reason.

  • K

    @ Bad Samaritan

    Not it. The very good few teams are the reason Football is watched by both sexes. When was the last time you have seen the likes of say Jacksonville Jaguars or Oakland Raiders being an America’s Game of the Week and/or a game watched by the majority of viewers compared to teams like the Steelers, Patriots, Cowboys and now Denver?

    Besides player’s sweaty butts are not that appealing in the least.

  • mikes

    Gambling and fantasy are huge parts but its also just a cultural phenomenon in our country at this point.

  • Christine

    I love the NFL. To me it is the most exciting of all sports on television (though I am not a big college fan for some reason) Yesterday’s game was terrific. The Cowboys still draw a huge auidence nationally and let’s face it, people just like the Mannings.

  • Georgia

    In general, I’ve noticed it seems on nights with a sports event, the sports carries the night. Sports are a major draw for networks.

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