'The Originals' & 'Sons of Anarchy' Top GetGlue Chart for the Week of September 30-October 6

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October 7th, 2013


The Originals was the top broadcast show on GetGlue, and Sons of Anarchy was the top cable show for the week of September 30- October 6. Remember: a show's social media popularity does not correlate to its renewal prospects and/or actual ratings.


  • Robin

    Seems a little weird that the originals is that high and tvd so low

  • Dillan

    The Originals is probably that high because each day, GetGlue has been offering a different sticker for each check in.

  • Emma

    “Seems a little weird that the originals is that high and tvd so low” this

  • CBSviewer

    Where is Supernatural ?

  • Abby

    please god! make the originals’ ratings rise in it’s tuesday 8pm timeslot premiere! pleaseeeeeeeee

  • Nasir

    Hopefully The Originals rise. I think it has promise especially with the twist at the end of the premiere.

    Shocking to see TVD so low. Guess it was true it didnt have much buzz for the premiere.

  • Wright

    Good for TO.

  • hanp

    Surprising no NBC show. I would have though at least The Voice should be there.

  • hanp

    Oops I just realized it only includes scripted. Mea Culpa :)

  • chris13

    The Originals were arise in the ratings paired with Supernatural on Tuesday Nights this Fall on The CW.

    I think a 1.0 for a premiere that was already shown as the back door pilot in A Vampire Diaries Episode Last Spring is great considering the facts!!!

    Not to Mention Supernatural will hold its own as a true Veteran CW Show. Long Live the last WB Show!!!

  • tv#1

    I really enjoyed TO pilot. I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the season. I hope it is able to rate well in its new time slot.

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