'Murder Police' Cancelled Before Debut by FOX

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October 8th, 2013


TV Guide reports that animated comedy Murder Police has been yanked from the FOX schedule before it even had a chance to debut any of its 13 episodes. Producer 20th Century Fox TV plans to shop the show to cable

  • Doug


  • Jeff (Canada)

    Murder Police has been “Next Caller”‘d!

  • James

    Presume they feared it would be too offensive for network TV? Strange considering they do show Family Guy. I don’t know anything about Murder Police so I don’t know if it could have been offensive, just guessing as to the only reason I can think of.

  • JoeHamm

    I am shocked right now. Maybe Fox is reconsidering their deal with TBS for American Dad.

  • tommie

    Shocking, actually! I would’ve thought them sending off American Dad to TBS would’ve ensured that they were invested enough in this that we could already talk about a second season.

    I know there was talk about a Alex Borstein (Lois, Family Guy) show where they focused on the wife in the family instead of the man? Perhaps they want to have a serious go at that?

  • JoshuaCanada

    Okay then….. that was not expected. It’s the “Next Caller” of this season

  • I LOVE TV!

    FOX…. What a smart network ;)

  • David James

    It’s been Next Caller’d!

  • CBSviewer

    So FOX has only 3 animations for next season ?

  • diegodaily

    FOX is doing a lot of weird moves this season. ‘Glee’ and ‘The X Factor’ are sinking, the new comedies are a disaster… Bad movement to move ‘American Dad’. Now they don’t have replacement next season. A non-animated series on Sundays next fall?

  • JR35

    When will the new version of The Flintstones debut?

  • One

    These police.. 8) ..just couldn’t survive.


  • One


  • One

    Hey, how come the sunglasses emoticon won’t post right?

  • TV Addict


  • diegodaily

    The Flintstones in the post-Family Guy slot next season. I can predict it.

  • tommie

    If they want another animated series on Sundays then they have to decide soon. Their animated shows take around 9-12 months to produce, apparently. I bet they regret sending off stable American Dad now!

  • diegodaily

    Fox is sick, not crazy.

  • Ultima

    Maybe Fox is reconsidering their deal with TBS for American Dad.

    Presumably, FOX moving American Dad to TBS was to free up a timeslot in the fall for a new show (now that baseball will no longer cause Sunday scheduling problems).

    A second season of Murder Police wouldn’t have been ready until winter 2015, so this should have no effect on their American Dad decision.

  • Shepherd

    How is FG offensive? That show is so PG it’s not even funny. (literally)

    Anyway, I’ll also take this to mean that the show was too R rated for network tv. Hopefully this will get picked up by Adult Swim, FX or someone. I’m actually interested in checking this out now.

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