A&E Network to Unveil New Network Identity Across All Platforms

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October 9th, 2013


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NEW YORK, NY – October 9, 2013 – As A&E is wrapping up an unprecedented tenth consecutive year of growth, the network is rolling out a comprehensive new brand identity, including a new on-air look, a new website and the tagline BE ORIGINAL, it was announced today by David McKillop, General Manager & Executive Vice President of A&E Network.

A&E has undergone a dramatic and successful transformation to a premium entertainment network, and is now firmly seated among the top five networks on cable.  The network has also made good on its promise to become 100% original in primetime, a dramatic differentiation from other top tier networks like USA (11% original), TNT (20% original), FX (14% original) and TBS (7% original)*.

“A&E has always been a leader in quality original programming and has enjoyed a decade of growth.  Our new tagline embodies who we are and not just what we do,” said McKillop.  “From ‘Duck Dynasty’ to ‘Bates Motel,’ we are 100% original with the most unique characters and content in television.  BE ORIGINAL is much more than a tagline, it’s a rallying cry for our programmers and marketers to always take creative risks, perpetually innovate, inspire and engage the next generation of viewers.”

The new brand identity and tagline will launch on December 11 at 10pm ET/PT, during the “Duck Dynasty” Christmas Special.

“As the A&E brand continues to evolve, it has become increasingly important to let both the consumer and trade know what A&E stands for,” said Guy Slattery, Executive Vice President of Marketing, A&E Network.  “A&E is a brand that celebrates originality. Our content is 100% original, our talent is completely one-of-a-kind and our storytelling is innovative and always fresh. ”

  • Anthony

    USA (11% original), TNT (20% original), FX (14% original) and TBS (7% original)*.

    Guess it depends what your definition of original is. I mean is there really any difference between a network airing a Law and Order rerun versus a Duck Dynasty rerun? Yes Duck Dynasty might be original in the sense that A&E commissioned it but it is still a rerun…

  • hessian

    I KNOW what A&E stands for – Arts & Entertainment. There’s no mention of reality crap in those letters. It’s a shame a network with the mission of providing coverage of the ARTS can’t survive in today’s world.

  • Tony S.

    Original programming? Honestly I just don’t concider “reality tv” original programming. What kind of brains does it take to air drek like Duck Dynasty or a Honey Boo Boo. At least USA and AMC work to put shows on the air they develope and takes some thought to create and watch. A&E, the arts and entertainment network. What a joke.

  • mary

    Honey Boo Boo is on TLC(what used to be known as the learning channel). That’s the network that needs to be reworked. A&E did fine with Longmire & The Glades. But then they go and cancel The Glades, which was doing pretty well for them. Just wondering what “original” programs they are thinking about.

  • Bradley

    First of all, A&E took a huge risk producing and releasing Duck Dynasty. That is the type of Reality TV no one touches and they found a way to make it gold.

    Second, Longmire, The Glades, Bates Motel, etc.
    These are all shows that A&E made. They are a lot more original than other cable networks.

  • Anthony

    First of all, A&E took a huge risk producing and releasing Duck Dynasty. That is the type of Reality TV no one touches and they found a way to make it gold.

    Second, Longmire, The Glades, Bates Motel, etc.
    These are all shows that A&E made. They are a lot more original than other cable networks.

    Don’t be ridiculous. Duck Dynasty was not a huge risk. Similar reality shows had been on the air for years before this and were popular including one on the A&E network (American Hoggers) plus other hit reality shows on other networks that are a similar theme (crazy family with a crazy/dangerous occupation) to name a few Ax Men, Swamp People, American Chopper among others. Secondly you do realize that not a single program you listed is actually produced by A&E (other studios produce them, A&E just airs them), so if that is your criteria then A&E is very unoriginal. While it is true A&E has been very prolific in the reality genre, in scripted it has largely flopped especially compared to other networks that they specifically called out in this release (like USA, TNT and FX).

  • laurie

    I am very upset with this network I will no longer be watching any of the shows on it all because they canceled the glades and didn’t let us know!!! Just like with intervention they didnt even tell the fans of these shows and give it a proper exit!!!

  • Barbara Altbrandt

    I hope this new identity brings back quality to the network. The decisions made thus far show that A&E does not respect their viewers at all. Many fans are angry and disappointed. How can fans (and investors/advertisers) get on board with any of the “new programming” when The Glades, one of their best (in my opinion – THE BEST) show on their network was cancelled without any notice to the loyal fans. Other networks know how to close out a show that has a loyal fan base such as Burn Notice. I applaud them for letting their fans know that this was their last season and closed the show properly. Instead we were told it was a “season finale” NOT a “series finale”. I understand that TV shows eventually come to an end, but to cancel “The Glades” that has been on for 4 seasons with a HUGE cliffhanger is inexcusable especially with the ratings that it had. I will not invest my time with any of their new shows unless they bring back The Glades for at least one more season to wrap it up properly.

  • Michael

    I will not be watching A&E (or what ever they are calling themselves next) anymore either. For a company to say that their primary goal is “Be Original”, a word to the management. You have to have an audience that cares about what you air and when you cancel the best shows to make room for shows that are cheaper to produce (i.e. Reality) you will eventually lose that audience. I am most specifically upset at the cancellation of The Glades. The show was not faltering significantly in the ratings, still had a story line to be explored and yet, over morning coffee, you decided to cancel it with no input from the viewers.

    Boo A&E, just BOO!

  • Elaine

    They want to have all original programming? Then why cancel the GLADES. One of thier higher rated shows/ Bring that back

  • Bobbi Ryan

    To me, A&E does not care about it’s loyal followers. If they did, then they wouldn’t have cancelled “The Glades” with an ending like they did. I understand that all shows have to come to an end, but they could have at least given there loyal fans to this show, and the actors who play in this show a proper send off, not a cliffhanger like they did. I’m disgusted with A&E, and so are many many more people. Do the right thing, and give us one more season of this show to clue it up.

  • Verree

    Bring back your original show The Glades and I will watch A&E again. Until that happens you have list this loyal viewer

  • Brenda

    I loved the Glades and Longmire. But as a loyal fan, I feel A&E is wrong in their handling of the Glades. I will no longer invest my time or energy in A&E programming. I don’t want another show yanked out from under me like The Glades was, leaving a major storyline hanging. The Glades was the best show on A&E. Not just some ridiculous reality show. I will miss Longmire as well, but not going to take a chance on a repeat of The Glades debacle.

  • Linda

    No Glades….No A&E.

  • Donna

    What is A&E without The Glades – nothing in my book!

  • PatriciaG

    They cancelled The Glades in the middle of a wedding, someone hurts the main character and the Network pulls the show. So viewers can’t trust A&E you get interested in a show and then, lights out, no ending. Therefore there is no need to watch their shows.

  • Michael

    A&E sure has come a long way in the past 10 years. But the way they treat their loyal viewers is purely disgusting in the past few months. Plus lately they have been starting to air “reality TV” that is an insult to the people that are involved in the show plus an insult to the watchers as well as everyday people. David MCKillop have fun at your new job while it lasts. When a station starts going down hill it’s people like you that gets booted out the door.

  • Holly J

    A&E, you don’t get it! Viewers invest their time in characters and a show and the LEAST you could have done is given us closure if you felt the NEED to end one of your more successful programs that had a loyal following. Compare this to losing a loved one, knowing what happened, and having the ability to have a funeral and get closure at the parting vs. that loved one disappearing under suspicious circumstances and remaining missing, never knowing or getting the closure. Perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but you get the idea… You let us down. Now your channel runs endless reruns of the same “original” (mostly reality… bleh…) shows (which Glades WAS only on A&E…), so WHY should we invest any MORE of our time and emotion into your programming? We hang on in hopes that The Glades may return, if only for one season, to give us “the rest of the story”. That would make amends.

  • Shavana

    Okay, let’s be real here. They want to talk about being original, right? Has everyone forgotten that ‘The Glades’ was A&E’s FIRST scripted drama to make it more than one season. The other “reality” shows on the network are uninteresting and predictable. That season 4 finale was the complete opposite! So ask yourself this, “Why should the glades be the one to get cancelled?” Having more reality shows will not help the network soar. Having shows of quality that the viewers can commit to is what we all want! If you ask me A&E gave us a big slap in the face when they cancelled the show. Like really, all us viewers have been nothing but loyal and they pull the plug. Very disappointed in them.

  • Lori

    I fail to understand what A&E’s vision truly is. They choose to cancel The Glades, which was one of their more successful shows, leaving fans hanging forever! Why would anyone want to let themselves get hooked on a series featured on A&E? Reality tv isn’t for everyone. Does A&E’s plan include something besides reality? If so, you just lost a huge chunk of your audience by canceiling a show the way you did The Glades!

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