A&E Network to Unveil New Network Identity Across All Platforms

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October 9th, 2013


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NEW YORK, NY – October 9, 2013 – As A&E is wrapping up an unprecedented tenth consecutive year of growth, the network is rolling out a comprehensive new brand identity, including a new on-air look, a new website and the tagline BE ORIGINAL, it was announced today by David McKillop, General Manager & Executive Vice President of A&E Network.

A&E has undergone a dramatic and successful transformation to a premium entertainment network, and is now firmly seated among the top five networks on cable.  The network has also made good on its promise to become 100% original in primetime, a dramatic differentiation from other top tier networks like USA (11% original), TNT (20% original), FX (14% original) and TBS (7% original)*.

“A&E has always been a leader in quality original programming and has enjoyed a decade of growth.  Our new tagline embodies who we are and not just what we do,” said McKillop.  “From ‘Duck Dynasty’ to ‘Bates Motel,’ we are 100% original with the most unique characters and content in television.  BE ORIGINAL is much more than a tagline, it’s a rallying cry for our programmers and marketers to always take creative risks, perpetually innovate, inspire and engage the next generation of viewers.”

The new brand identity and tagline will launch on December 11 at 10pm ET/PT, during the “Duck Dynasty” Christmas Special.

“As the A&E brand continues to evolve, it has become increasingly important to let both the consumer and trade know what A&E stands for,” said Guy Slattery, Executive Vice President of Marketing, A&E Network.  “A&E is a brand that celebrates originality. Our content is 100% original, our talent is completely one-of-a-kind and our storytelling is innovative and always fresh. ”

  • Pat

    After what A&E has done to The Glades fans I don’t watch it anymore. To cancel a program after a finale like the one The Glades had is a slap in the face to all the fans. Don’t want to get hooked on another program on A&E and have them cancel it and let the fans hanging and wondering what would have happened. We were able to find out who shot JR but A&E won’t let us find out who shot Jim. I’m done with A&E.

  • Gina

    I am hoping A&E realizes that if they want to Be Original,they should bring back The Glades and be sure to keep Longmire around.

  • Dana S

    I am confused. You have a successful show that clearly everyone enjoys, and had good ratings then why would you cancel it. That makes no sense. The Glades is one of the best shows on TV, and I’m very disappointed that you didn’t even bother to advise us loyal viewers that you were intending on canceling the show. We have invested many years in watching the story lines unfold, and now we are left with no results. Also, how can you leave it with Jim getting shot. Least you could’ve let Jim and Callie ride into the sunset together. I’m very disappointed in A&E.

  • Cynthia

    I don’t know what they consider original because all that’s been on this station has been what they call reality tv which is not reality tv, I have stopped watching anything on A&E since they cancelled The Glades which was original and I will not go back to watching anything on that station unless they bring back The Glades and stop with these so called reality shows and all the re-runs.

  • tracy

    Bring back The Glades, don’t care to watch reality tv. Give it the send off it deserves.

  • Jen6255

    I and millions of others will not be watching A&E at all Nothing left to watch I think A&E is on there way out. Too many bad decisions. Especially their decision to cancel the best show they had. the Glades. Bye Bye A&E

  • Cathy DeWalt

    I’m with the thousands across America that are disgusted with A&E for canceling “The Glades”. I will no longer watch A&E and invest in a show and its characters, only to have it cancelled – with no satisfactory conclusion. Shame on A&E. They don’t respect their audience and treat us like idiots. Hope another network picks up “The Glades” and that your viewership drops like a rock.

  • Florida Girl

    Yeah, not much art in that entertainment. The only shows I watched on A&E were The Glades and Longmire, and I no longer have any reason to watch A&E since they cancelled The Glades. I liked the actors, I liked the fact that it was set in Florida and showed more of the state than just Miami Beach, and I liked the romance between Jim and Callie. Yes, I got tired of the Kia ads written into the script, and the show got rather predictable towards the end, but hire better writers, don’t cancel the show after a major cliffhanger!!!!

    People from around the world are signing a petition to bring back The Glades, and if the network keeps ignoring us, no new “brand” will entice us to watch scripted “reality” programs. Bring back the original content of The Glades!

  • Florida Girl

    Also, I read somewhere that the decision to cancel the Glades was based on some politically correct reason to boycott filming in Florida. WT*?!!!
    Stupidest. Reason. EVER.

  • SF

    I just had the terrible misfortune of stumbling onto A&E’s show “American Hoggers.” For venturing onto this channel at 9:15 on a Tuesday night, I was rewarded with horrifying images of dogs attacking and disemboweling another animal. The dogs were miked and wearing cameras! Then the people featured strung up the still alive, suffering animal and compressed it into some sort of device to transport it. I don’t know what happened next because I changed the channel.
    In your effort to Be Original, you had a chance to choose programming to raise us up.
    How disappointing that you’ve chosen instead to showcase violence and suffering. Why compete with the nightly news?

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