'Shake it Up' Series Finale Takes Fans Down the Catwalk and Memory Lane Sunday November 10

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October 9th, 2013


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--Special Episode Includes New Music from Zendaya--

"Remember Me" - In the series finale, "Shake It Up Chicago" hosts a charity fashion show with Rocky, Tinka and CeCe as its star models, however the girls' runway dreams are cut short when a fashion mishap leaves CeCe with amnesia. While Georgia and Flynn try to follow the doctor's orders and give CeCe time to heal, a devastated Rocky tries everything she can to get her best friend to remember her and the special memories they shared. This final episode of "Shake It Up" airs SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10 (9:00 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney Channel.

"Shake It Up" stars Zendaya as Raquel 'Rocky' Blue, Bella Thorne as CeCe Jones, Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez, Davis Cleveland as Flynn Jones, Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue and Caroline Sunshine as Tinka.

The series choreographer is Rosero McCoy ("Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew").

  • Gavin

    That’s So Raven also ended on November 10th back in 2007. Not the best day for Disney Channel shows.

  • SKylar

    SO NO 1 hour series finale? That sucks

  • Alan

    Worst Disney Channel show ever.

  • dame

    Some people may hate it but compared to most shows on Disney channel, shake it up got the highest rating this year compared to everyone else, I think they only got below 3 million once in season 3, but I love shake it up

  • Stephanie

    YaaaaaaaaaaaaaAay I’ve been waiting for this day to
    Come for two and a half years now so happy its
    Ending and p.s im gonna throw a huge party for it
    That’s how happy i am

  • ray

    If you hate it that much, don’t watch it. (and keep your negativity to yourself – we don’t care.)

  • flychick86

    Wow. I saw a commercial tonight, and found out about it coming to an end about a month ago! =O

  • flychick86

    Yeah, like Gavin said, That’s So Raven ended on that day in 2007! Wow. And no 1-hour special?? Hmm…

  • steph

    It seems like every series ends a season after they do a movie. I remember when this started up after Hannah Montana ended. too bad only a 30 min finale but at least they get one. Pair of kings just got cancelled and didn’t have no finale. I can’t wait though till girl meets world airs!

  • Jayson

    Shake It Up was one of my fave shows. It will be missed! :(

  • Emileigh

    I loved Shake it up and I will really miss it. It makes me sad to even think about it ending. :(

  • gsgsg

    Yes!!! finally no more Bella Thorne!!! I hate her and hate this show so much that I can’t explain how happy I’m now this is ending!!!

  • Lela

    This is the last show I even care about on both Nick and on Disney Channel and I think maybe even Cartoon Network.
    R.I.P Real TV

  • NickelodeonL

    OMG! Best shows is Canceled (iCarly, Good Luck Charlie, Victorious, Shake It Up, Big Time Rush and How to Rock) :( Dog With a Blog is worst show ever of Disney!

  • Fire killer 22

    I totally agree with Nickelodeon L

    Dog with a blog is lame

  • Fire killer 22

    I love dog with a blog and shake it up I am sorry I said I do no not like dog with a blog.

  • random person

    wait did cece remember rocky ?

  • brian s

    No ANT farm is a bad show. They should have canceled this show as well.

  • brian s

    I love Crash & Bernstein. Now that is a funny show!!!!!!!!!!

  • brian s

    See Dad Run is not a bad show.

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