'Supernatural' and 'The Originals' Combine to Give The CW Its Best Tuesday in Two Years

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October 9th, 2013

I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here

via press release:

SUPERNATURAL and THE ORIGINALS combined to give The CW its best Tuesday in two years last night...

The ninth season premiere of SUPERNATURAL was the series' most watched (2.53M) and highest-rated premiere since 2010 in all key demos (1.0/3 in A18-34, 1.2/3 in A18-49).

It was SUPERNATURAL's best A18-49 rating (1.2/3) since 2010 (10/15/10).

Versus last season's premiere, SUPERNATURAL was up 37% in total viewers, up 25% in A18-34 (1.0/3), up 33% in W18-34 (1.2/4), and up 50% in A18-49.

It's The CW's best performance in the time period (Tues 9-10pm) in more than two years in A18-34, A18-49 and W18-49.

THE ORIGINALS also held up well moving to its new night and time, averaging 1.92M viewers, 1.1/4 W18-34, 0.8/3 A18-34, 0.9/3 A18-49.

Compared to last season's average in the time period (Tuesday 8-9pm), THE ORIGINALS was up 60% in A18-34, up 57% in W18-34, up 80% in A18-49 and up 71% in W18-49.

Versus the same week last year, THE ORIGINALS improved the time period (Tuesday 8-9pm) by 26% in total viewers, by 14% in A18-34, by 29% in A18-49, and by 58% in total viewers.

Last night was The CW’s best Tuesday night in two years in A18-34 (0.9/3, since 11/8/11), W18-34 (1.2/4, since 11/29/11), A18-49 (1.0/3, since 9/13/11) and W18-49 (1.2/3, since 9/27/11).

Last season, SUPERNATURAL averaged a 38% increase in total viewers when Live + 7 Day delayed viewing was added. In A18-34, the numbers were even higher, typically jumping 48% in L+7, and in A18-49 it increased 48% in L+7.

Digital streaming of SUPERNATURAL last season averaged a 29% increase in its total audience per episode.

  • dave

    Go Supernatural!!

  • tv#1

    The Originals ratings still worry me. I hope it can settle in that .9/1.0 area and not drop any further.

    Considering all circumstances, Supernatural’s ratings are pretty great. I still say the show is going to run 12-14 total seasons.

  • Ringercomeback

    So pretty much Tuesday hasn’t been this good since 90210 and Ringer were partnered here, and Ringer was cancelled, and 90210 was moved to a death slot and then was cancelled. Stupid stupid. Both shows should be brought back and put in better timeslots

  • Alex

    Indeed. Ringer was a great show.

  • marcos

    CW will never get rid of Supernatural

  • Dan W

    Really kind of bummed that Supernatural did so well. I used to love this show but I think it has ran it’s course. The storylines are so repetitive and I don’t think there is really that much left to do with the characters. I will still watch as long as it runs to see how it ends…but eventually, I’ll probably tune out until the final episode. Was hoping the ratings would fall but clearly they didn’t. Supernatural will never be canceled when it has those kinds of numbers and other shows like Beauty and the Beast are pulling a 0.3 on the premiere of its’ second season!

  • Guardian Owl

    Especially since it does pretty well in syndication, which I suspect might be bringing in new viewers to new episodes on the CW as well.

  • Carlton

    I hope both shows adjust up! that would be amazing!

  • charmedcraft

    I loved SPN, it was a great episode.

    I’m really getting into TO, I thought I wouldn’t like it but it’s grown on me.

  • Percysowner

    @Dan W If you really think it has run its course, don’t watch it. The CW doesn’t care why people are watching, they only care that they are watching. If people continue to watch even if they think the show has run its course then the CW will have NO REASON to cancel because the ratings are good. Networks don’t typically cancel their highest rated shows, unless the costs for keeping it going are more than they are making off the show. This is especially when they are making money in syndication.

    Now personally I don’t understand why anyone wants a network to cancel a show. Where are the hoards of better shows that are being kept off the air because Supernatural is still on? As long as people enjoy it a show deserves to be on.

  • John A

    Great for Spn. The Originals doesnt have much room to drop but i dont expect it to.

  • Edward

    My guess is Supernatural got a major boost from the return of Jeremy Carver as showrunner (after a poorly conceived season 7 when they stripped the show of alot of its strengths like the Impala and Bobby) and people finding it on Netflix. Go Supernatural!

  • San Brown

    So looks like all the promotion SPN has been getting this season has paid off. If they’d done this in previous years, it probably would have done much better then too. Originals I’m still on the fence about.

  • Paris

    I was a big fan of Supernatural but gave up on this show after last season.
    The show is so boring and repetitive right now. I really don’t understand how people still watch it and like it. I believe that people who enjoy the show now wasn’t a fan from the beggining. It was a totally different show back in the first 5 seasons. Supernatural was so funny and criative.

    It’s sad to see your favorite become so awful that you can’t even watch its ending.

    I really don’t know if I’m happy or not about its improvement.

  • Tphxitachi

    A big congratulations is an order for SPN fans. There loyal fans, male fans BTW. And TVD so called loyal fan base isn’t even tuning in for the Originals. Why? Cause there girls.

  • skyfi

    WHERE is the BATB press-release?!

  • JJA

    The Originals will do fine. It already has a loyal following by virtue of the fact that it’s a VD spin-off, so the numbers will NOT drop too much (if at all). Frankly, I anticipate them actually going UP as the season moves-on.

    Supernatural has had a “second wind” since the new showrunner took over last year. The premier numbers are UP largely because of the season 8 cliff-hanger, which was very well received by the fans. Also, the return of Bobby & Death may have contributed too. The numbers will probably drop to a 1.0 by next week, and then it will stay there for the rest of the season.

  • Jase

    Pretty good episode of SPN. I’m thinking Originals’ ratings will settle once they get past the back-story stuff.

  • Freyja

    I really don’t understand how people still watch it and like it. I believe that people who enjoy the show now wasn’t a fan from the beggining. It was a totally different show back in the first 5 seasons. Supernatural was so funny and criative.

    I’ve been watching the show since day 1 and I enjoy it to this day, sure it’s had lack luster seasons, but it’s still better than anything else out there on TV right now. ;)

    But then again I don’t get heavenly invested in TV or the characters, I watch TV to be entertained not to nit pick apart what I liked and hated. LOL

  • Tphxitachi

    The originals will go up, I suspect so as well. It’s premier with a semi re run and it’s time slot was changed immediately. It premier in under unusual circumstance hence the OK numbers. The ratings for the originals will start going to 1.1 and higher soon.

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