'We Are Men' Cancelled By CBS After 2 Episodes; 'Mike & Molly' To Return In November

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October 9th, 2013

We Are Men Cast

Not a surprise, but CBS has cancelled the low-rated We Are Men. 2 Broke Girls is moving to 8:30p, and repeats of The Big Bang Theory will air at 9pm the next couple of weeks. Mike & Molly returns on Monday, November 4 at 9pm.

  • Dochas

    I was so wrong! Lucky 7 fell but I think I had Dads next up. Either way, no surprise.

  • CBS makes me happy


  • Z

    The real surprise is them moving 2 broke girls to 8:30

  • SCANDALous

    Yea , not a big surprise that We Are Men got cancellled; however, the 2 Broke Girls move is surprising, suggesting it may get slotted Mon @8 next season with Mike and Molly staying @ 9.

  • 728huey

    Well, that was no big surprise. It didn’t even crack 2.0 in the ratings and a full season of Mike & Molly was waiting in the wings. At least M&M will be ready for November sweeps, but at what time will it air? Is Mom being moved to 8:30 pm EST or is M&M going to air at 9:00 pm EST?

  • Ryan

    I think they’re also moving 2BG to shore up Mom with direct lead-ins from TBBT repeats.

    I said We Are Men would be the first cancellation, so I was pretty close. I’ll take it.

  • Andy W

    It seems like they’re trying to save 2 Broke Girls by hoping it retains some of the How I Met Your Mother demo.

    Surprised Hostages is still hanging on although I’m assuming this may not be the last announcement CBS are making this week.

  • Terry

    2 Broke Girls is over-rated. CBS is lucky it has The Big Bang Theory to prop up Mondays.

  • Jon

    I wonder if Mom will get a shortened episode order as CBS has two midseason comedies with Bad Teacher and Friends with Better Lives, the latter I think would benefit from airing after either BBT or HIMYM.

  • Matt

    Thank God, moving 2BG to 8:30! I can watch it right after HIMYM and then be done with CBS for the night.

  • Anthony

    Not sure what that means for how CBS feels about 2 Broke Girls and Mom. You could say CBS feels that poorly about 2BG that it thinks BBT repeats will outrate it, or you could say, that it doesn’t want to waste the HIMYM lead in on repeats (and is thus trying to regain exposure for 2BG), but then what does that say about Mom (CBS thinks it is a lost cause and doesn’t care to waste the HIMYM lead in on it). Too bad we likely won’t find out until later in the season (when CBS announces what is cancelled/where the renewed shows air next season).

  • JaredK

    CBS had no choice but to do this, and do it quickly. Considering how heavily they bet on comedy this season, they could not afford to have one woefully underperforming show torpedo their entire Monday block.

    The only thing that’s even mildly surprising about this shake-up is the 2 Broke Girls move. Clearly CBS has lost faith in its ability to anchor the night. As a third-season show, it’s obviously a valuable syndication asset, so it makes sense that they would try to protect it by slotting it behind HIMYM – the only Monday comedy that’s still pulling above a 3.0. I’m not confident in Mike & Molly’s ability to significantly boost the 9:00 hour, but I do think that it will help to shore up Mom. They’re both Chuck Lorre shows, so the audience should be fairly compatible.

  • Kissan

    I think they’re moving 2BG to 8:30 because they don’t want to waste HIMYM as a lead in since it’s in their final season.

  • JaredK

    Forgot that 2 Broke Girls is a WB show, but the logic still stands. The WB will want to get 2GB to syndication, and CBS will want to benefit from the ratings boost that syndication can provide long-running comedies. It does CBS and WB little good if 2BG were to limp to the 88 episode minimum, then disappear from the air.

  • CBSviewer

    We Are Men cancelation is not a surprise but I wonder if Mike & Molly is strong enough to anchor the night.

  • Dave

    Really shocked by the 2BG move. I was expecting TBBT to take that slot until M&M arrived. Also shocked by the 9pm anchor slot that’s been given to M&M.

    Bold moved here by CBS!

  • AppleStinx

    First Rebecca Romijn’s show gets canceled. Now Jerry’s. Not the start of a good season.

  • Renz

    No surprise here! “We Are Men” sucked!

  • Dan

    Wow I predicted this headline like yesterday. And I assumed that M&M would return sooner (I expected next week) But now when it returns on November 4, which was the latest I expected it to return CBS can promote the show.

    I figured M&M would air at 8:30 but I guess 2BG airing at 8:30 and M&M at 9 is good too.

    CBS, so predictable.

  • HV

    Well now I’m down to only watching TV Wednesday-Friday. If WTTF is the next cancelation, then the first three shows canceled will be three shows I watched.

    We Are Men definitely was not my favorite show. The general idea behind the show and the plot ideas for the episodes were good. The actors (mainly Tony Shalhoub) were good. The biggest problem was the writing. The jokes weren’t very great. The only real joke I thought was hilarious in the show’s two episodes was in this week’s episode when the dog was barking at the Asians.

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