Additional Scripts for 'The Tomorrow People', 'The Originals' and 'Reign' Ordered by The CW

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October 10th, 2013


The CW has ordered three additional scripts each for The Originals, The Tomorrow People and Reign, according to several sources.

  • Alan

    Seriously Reign? LOL

  • Dan

    @Alan – it hasn’t premiered yet and it has a nice post VD slot, maybe it will be steady and do better than Nikita, Secret Circle and Beauty and the Beast. Who knows, there’s no harm in more scripts just less work to be fine later when/if more episodes are actually ordered.

  • cimmer

    Three!?! You wild and crazy kids you. lol (I know, I know, that’s a big deal for the CW.)

  • Pyxee

    Am I the only one to actually watch the trailers for Reign? I don’t get why everyone keeps saying it has nothing to do with anything else on CW, when the only difference I can see is that it’s set in the 16th century. It’s still a supernatural teen drama. The trailers show blood, visions, murder plots, lots of too pretty teens,angst etc. Still looks like a train wreck and I don’t see it doing better than anything else that has had that time slot, I just don’t get why everyone says it’s too different.

  • Eric_Philly

    They have to figure out something… with the disaster that was their Monday night.

  • Ram510

    Of course Originals and Tomorrow People will get a full season

    Reign I feel is an experiment for CW, trying to add something different to the line up. I don’t know if Reign will stick, I hope something out of the CW “norm” eventually sticks around (especially now that Nikita is done). If Reign fails I can see CW trying again with another “out of the box” program

  • Ram510

    Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised CW have Reign additional script order at this point considering CW gave the dreadful Emily Owens additional scripts as well. For Reign’s sake I hope it doesn’t end up like EO

  • AdamP

    The CW has The 100, Star-Crossed & Masters of Illusion waiting in the wings.

    If Reign is not successful that will leave a slot for after The Vampire Diaries.
    If Beauty and the Beast gets a reduced episode order (which it should), a new show will air after Hart of Dixie.
    If The Carrie Diaries doesn’t get picked up for full season, there is an open space to lead into America’s Next Top Model.

    The new shows would need for at least some of these three to happen

  • starship

    Carrie would have never gotten a full season with its dreadful ratings, let’s be honest. Top Model ends in a few weeks and then there is Nikita which also ends before January. Both Friday slots will be free for the CW to dump BATB there. Masters of Illusion is Friday-bound as well. Then they have Seed and Whose Line which could always be delayed until Summer if the schedule is full.

    I thought Reign was planned as a 13-episode seasons series due to production costs, but then again they wouldn’t have put it in the Fall if they didn’t think that could change. I see those script orders as merely keeping the writer’s room opened as someone else mentioned as all 3 shows are pretty far along in filming their initial order + probably finished with writing the scripts. If Reign is a hit (stabilizing at 0.8 or more), they’ll find where to schedule The 100 and Star-Crossed eventually, they could even move HOD (along with BATB) to Fridays at some point.

  • eelna

    i think that they think, reign is AWESOME! just give it a try!

  • eelna

    masters ofillusion and famous in 12 are porbably summer shows, bc there’s no time-slot for them!

  • Meghan

    Reign is filming episode 9 right now, so this doesn’t surprise me at all. If it premieres well next week then they haven’t lost time in production waiting for new scripts to be written. I hope Reign is successful. It’s a risk for the CW to take, but it still is very much on brand for them as well. I hope their faith in the show proves all the naysayers wrong.

  • starship

    I really don’t get why people claim Reign isn’t suitable for the CW. It’s got Nostradamus + ghosts, i.e. the supernatural element. It’s got love, sex, cheating, and murder, i.e. the Gossip Girl element. And it’s also got period costumes and fancy accents which is like a full hour of Vampire Diaries/The Originals flashbacks and people seem to love those. The only thing against it is that it’s based on historic events and unless they do some really creative interpretations of history, the story has a tragic ending with the main character getting executed.

  • Tom

    “The CW has The 100, Star-Crossed & Masters of Illusion waiting in the wings.”

    From what I’ve read to date, I’d guess that Star-Crossed has the potential to be a real disaster. The show has a weak lead actress in Aimee Teegarden and the sort of “West Side Story” plot that could get tiresome fast.

  • I LOVE TV!

    Why are you talking trash about Reign?? I thought the show was really well received among critics! Definitely gonna watch it

  • erwanfromfrance

    I think CW can be strong this year.
    They have Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with great potential !
    Vampire Diaries and Supernatural are massive hits (1.2 each), Arrow is still a hit (0.9) and The Originals and The Tomorrow People started well (0.9 each)
    Except for Mondays( Hart Of Dixie and Beauty & Beast were DOA), CW can grow from last season.
    About Fridays, I think The Carrie Diaries and America’s Next Top Model are a good match, they can both stay around 0.4, which is pretty good for Fridays.

  • Maximillian

    Im holding out hope for Reign, we will see in one week! The networks female driven shows haven’t done great in the last year, but this is by far IMO the most ambitious show they have done for a while marketed towards that female audience. TVD is great, I can see it pairing well. TCD, BATB I doubt will see a season 3, HoD will get a 4th and thats it if ratings don’t turn around, and Nikita is done. The network desperately needs another strong female show to thrive.

    I am unsure if the network is trying a “limited series” on this or not, but even better if they are. 13-16 episodes would be a perfect season order for a period based show like this.

  • eelna

    Reign is critics favorite cw show. they call it weird, but they like it. it has the most buzz. with anna popplewell(narnia), adelaide (teen wolf), torrance coombs (the tudors), and megan follow (anne of green), it could attract a lot of viewers, and pairing it with the vampire diaries is a good sign. glee and the nbc shows are falling. grey’s and cbs comedies are tough competition. it will not premiere as good as batb last season (1.2/2.78mill viewers), but it won’t fall down like batb. let’s hope for at least a (0.7rating).

  • gerry

    if people are going to jump on tcd for the ratings it got, i’m going to take this opportunity to point out that batb is doing more poorly than tcd without the tvd lead in, so really batb had no business getting renewed either.

    makes total sense for originals and tomorrow people (yay!) but it seems risky to order more reign without even knowing what the premiere number looks like.

  • Wright

    Good for TO & TTP, but Reign hasn’t even premiered yet. They have no idea what the ratings will be.

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