Additional Scripts for 'The Tomorrow People', 'The Originals' and 'Reign' Ordered by The CW

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October 10th, 2013


The CW has ordered three additional scripts each for The Originals, The Tomorrow People and Reign, according to several sources.

  • david

    All three shows they want to see where they go with the story in future episodes, that is why they ordered three more scripts. Reign could do good for them next week and beyond but, we will see in a week. Remember just because they order more scripts for a show does not mean they will order more episodes for that show like Emily Owens that gotten canciled. I hope the Originals and the Tomorrow People stay around a 1.0 next week. I am thinking they will have Masters of alution for the summer with Who’s Line. They allready have 3 shows for the midseason in the one Hundred, Star Crossed and Famous in 12. I am thinking The One Hundred will go after TVD to give a good lead in and the other 2 one of them might go to Mondays as it is terribly rated now. I think Seed might start later midseason for during the summer. Its seems like a funny thos as i watched the first epsode online.

  • charmedcraft

    I’m looking forward to Reign, I’m not going to dismiss it without first watching an episode. I like programs/movies with kings, queens, battles, and castles. I hope it’s well done though and not too cheesy.

  • Brandy

    I love The Originals and andam so excited for Reign, so this is good news.But I am suprised they’re ordering mor scripts for Reign a it hasn’t premiered so they don’t know what the ratings will be and also cause it was supposed to be a limitd series.I wonder howl they’ll fit Star -Crossed,The Hundred,Famous in 12.It wouldn’t suprise me if Seed,Whose Line,Master of Illusion ,Famous in 12 end up on fri or are summer shows.

  • platypus perry

    So three additional scripts for all new CW series.

    My only question is if The tomorrow people and The Originals are picked up for the full season would it give these shows the standard order of 22/24 with the additional 3 or would it be that the CW are ordering 3 extra scripts for now and then possibly picking it up for a full season down the road?

    I’m assuming Reign is a limited 13 episode series this fall so same question applies to up above rather than 13 would it be 16?

  • Martha

    Reign is amazing. If you are saying bad things about it you should give it a try. At least it isn’t another cop drama. How many of those do we need? But Reign is amazingly well made. Hope it lasts not only three more scripts but many seasons to come. This seasons new show perfection!

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