Guess the Adults 18-49 Rating for the Premiere of 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland' (Poll)

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October 10th, 2013


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland premieres tonight at 8PM on ABC, the dubious timeslot that where shows like Charlie's Angels, Last Resort and Zero Hour were all met with cancellation after only a few episodes. In fact ABC hasn't had a show renewed in this slot since 2009. Can Once Upon a Time in Wonderland reverse this trend? Or will Alice fall down the "death slot" rabbit hole? Make your predictions below about this freshman's fate, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


  • BenA


  • Nik


  • Dillan

    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: 2.4
    Scandal: 3.3

    The X Factor: 2.0
    Glee: 1.9

    The Vampire Diaries: 1.1

  • hammard

    2.3 – Last Resort premiered to a 2.2, Once Upon A Time was a 2.6 on Sunday. This will be somewhere in between.

  • queeneeuq

    3.2 for Wonderland. Nostalgia rules. :-)

  • jenna

    The bigger question is will Glee rating shoot up tonight because of the Corey Monteith episode?

  • Cyrax86

    The infamous death slot! I’ll go with a safe 2.2, if it can stay around that then all episodes can get to be aired.

  • CreacK

    It may be out there, but Im thinking between 2.7 and 3.1, probably 2.9.

  • AllOfHerTw!st


  • Ringercomeback

    OUATIW 2.7
    Grey’s 3.0
    Scandal 3.5

    X factor 2.0
    Glee 1.9

    TVD 1.1

  • Jamie04

    under a 2.0

  • jean


  • Guardian Owl

    1.9 – 2.0

  • Kissan

    I say a 2.7 and stabilize somewhere in the 1’s and low 2’s.

  • Shepherd

    What a crappy poll. Having to land within 4/10 can hardly be called a prediction imo.

    That being said, the show really only has a 2.5/2.6 rating to draw an audience from. Figure it will lose around 20% of OUAT’s audience and you land around 2.0. Since I get 4/10, I’d say a safe bet is 1.8-2.2; I took the 2.0-2.4 option. My guess – 2.1

    I really think that TO will be the only successful spin off this year. I don’t see Once in Wonderland doing well, nor do I see Chicago PD doing well.

    OiW – 2.1
    Gray’s – 2.9
    Scandal – 3.5

    Ele – 1.9

    WttF – 1.0
    SStW – 1.1
    MJF – 1.6

    Glee – 1.6

    TVD – 1.1

  • skyfi

    Another wave of haters. Ohh… I hate you so much!
    It will not flop.

  • Kim

    I normally would say that Thursday is ABC’s death spot, but there is really no competition this year with X-Factor flopping so bad. I say 2.5 or more.

  • John A

    Depends did ABC Promote it much? Ill go with 2.2.

  • fourat

    there is no network can air 3 dramas in the same day ! not ABC Sunday look at 10pm betrayal-red widow-666 park avenue… or Tuesday CBS : 10pm persons of interest (lower than last year and it wil go lower)-Vegas-golden boy… or Thursday ABC 8pm : last resort-zero hour – Charlie’s angels ..

  • Tori

    Seems like ABC should have premiered this after Once Upon a Time and then moved it into it’s regular slot a la The Originals premiere after Vampire Diaries. Hopefully it won’t struggle here (if it’s actually good) but spinoff’s should premiere after the original show when possible.

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