Guess the Adults 18-49 Rating for the Premiere of 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland' (Poll)

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October 10th, 2013


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland premieres tonight at 8PM on ABC, the dubious timeslot that where shows like Charlie's Angels, Last Resort and Zero Hour were all met with cancellation after only a few episodes. In fact ABC hasn't had a show renewed in this slot since 2009. Can Once Upon a Time in Wonderland reverse this trend? Or will Alice fall down the "death slot" rabbit hole? Make your predictions below about this freshman's fate, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


  • Christian

    Wonderland- 3.8
    Grey’s- 3.2
    Scandal- 3.3

  • David James

    My predictions:

    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – 2.5
    Grey’s Anatomy – 3.0
    Scandal – 3.2

    The X Factor – 2.1
    Glee – 1.7

    Parks and Recreation – 1.3
    Welcome to the Family – 0.9
    Sean Saves The World – 1.2
    The Michael J. Fox Show – 1.6
    Parenthood – 1.5

    The Big Bang Theory – 5.2
    The Millers – 2.6
    The Crazy Ones – 2.4
    Two and a Half Men – 2.1
    Elementary – 2.0

    The Vampire Diaries – 1.0
    The Originals (R) – 0.4

  • ludoredjohn

    Being a spin off of the still popular OUAT, I’d say there is room for some optimism in the form of at least 2.0-2.2? ABC does well with this type of show orientated to a younger female audience. It has to contend with TVD but this show is no longer the must watch it used to be

  • Alex J

    I think it will tank. Bad slot, not pairing it with the original, fatigue in the OUAT series.
    I am still on the fence whether or not I’ll even watch it.

    It might not be as bad as I’m predicting it, but I think it will be on the bubble all year.

  • OnceFan

    Wonderland has been getting rave reviews ranging from the LA Times to the renowned AV Club, ABC has done a reasonable amount of promo and it should benefit from its mothership show OUAT, which is still one of the flagship hits of the network after all. Thursday 8 PM is probably the worst time-slot they possibly could’ve given it, especially with all the stiff competition, but I still believe this will premiere with amazing ratings and surprise a whole lot of people. – 2.6 with up to 10 mio viewers tuning in.

  • gerry

    this has spinoff power behind it. i think it will come in right around 2.5 with a small drop next week.

  • CBSviewer

    Tonight ratings:

    The Big Bang Theory: 5.1
    The Millers: 2.9
    The Crazy Ones: 3.0
    Two and a Half Men: 2.4
    Elementary: 1.9

    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: 2.5
    Grey’s Anatomy: 2.9
    Scandal: 3.4

    Parks & Recreations: 1.3
    Welcome to the Family: 1.0
    Sean Saves the World: 1.4
    The Michael J. Fox Show: 1.6
    Parenthood: 1.5

    The X-Factor: 2.0
    Glee: 1.7

    The Vampire Diaries: 1.1
    The Originals (R): 0.4

  • Tommy M.

    @ everyone with comments like this
    ABC’s Death slot and head to head with a new TBBT.

    OUAT premiered against game 4 of the World Series (4.2 demo) and Sunday night Football (5.2) but still premiered to a 4.0. TBBT is big no doubt, but there is still room for Wonderland to perform decently.

  • Russ

    Anyone have a list of all the shows ABC has cancelled in that timeslot since the last one they renewed?

  • Kate

    Personally I would put my range from 2.4-2.8 which of course was cross selection here. I watch Once on Hulu every few months when I can watch them back to back – I think I’m going to watch this live.

    On another note to everyone who has been projecting high ratings for Greys and ratings for Glee around 1.7 – I watch both – usually choosing to watch Greys live and DVR Glee. The Quarterback is airing tonight. Anyone who has ever watched Glee (EVER) + most Millenials + all the Morbid weirdos out there = a lot of people watching tonight. I’m looking for Glee to hit around 2.5 and I think that’s a low estimate.

  • erwanfromfrance

    ABC :
    Once Upon A Time In Wonderland: 2.4
    Grey’s Anatomy (200th episode) : 3.4
    Scandal : 3.3

    FOX :
    The X-Factor : 2.1
    Glee (Cory Monteith episode) : 3.0

    NBC :
    Parks and Recreation : 1.3
    Welcome To The Family : 1.2
    Sean Svaes The World : 1.7
    The Michael J Fox Show : 2.0
    Parenthood : 1.8

    CBS :
    Big Bang Theory : 5.0
    Millers : 2.9
    Crazy Ones : 2.6
    2,5 Men : 2.3
    Elemantary : 1.8

    CW :
    Vampire Diaries : 1.2
    (The Originals) : 0.7

  • Kate

    Also maybe I’m crazy wrong but does Once Upon a Time REALLY share that much of an audience with Big Bang? Maybe the sci-fi people but I just don’t see it being a huge issue.

  • Shepherd

    It’s getting so tiring to hear people making honest predictions/ comments about a show being called a ‘hater’ if they say anything that doesn’t predict record breaking numbers. Day after day, people come to these polls thinking that if they guess high and vote 100 times, this will somehow bring the show’s ratings up, and anyone who predicts low will somehow bring the show’s ratings down.

    Not counting last season, the people on this site (as a community) had a long history of fairly accurately predicting a shows ratings. Last year was horrific with almost every poll coming in way too high, or way too low; this year we’ve seen some of the same. Disappointing.

  • Dollface

    I think wonderland will pull off a 2.0 I know tbbt is huge and I likes it a lot but wonderland will appeal to the tbbt demo and people who love ouat and just plan alice or fanasy lovers it will do fine. As for glee it will raise for obvious reasons but just for this week I think it will slide down next week.

  • Russ

    Kate – X-Factor and The Big Bang Theory have big general/family audiences, and The Vampire Diaries has a big female audience, both of which would be big audiences for this kind of show. I’m hoping for the best, but I’m bracing myself for the worst.

  • Riley

    In my opinion this show will either fly (3.0s) or it will flop. (Mid 1s)

  • Andrew Dias

    I don’t see it above a 2.5. Predicting something as preposterous as a 3.8 is mad.

  • Shepherd

    @Andrew Dias

    Predicting something as preposterous as a 3.8 is mad

    +1 :)

  • HalCapone

    I thought Alice was announced as a limited run series of 13 episodes. Can someone please confirm or correct me. In any event, the ratings for this premier episode could surprise in the ratings(to the high side)even up against the formidable Big Bang. What follows in subsequent weeks is anyone’s guess. I am still sticking with my 3.0 to 3.5 guess for this first episode.

    Tomorrow morning, I can only imagine the fantasy geeks and trolls (maybe the entire CW audience, for that matter) on this site complaining about, I don’t know…EVERYTHING, including: cheesy special effects, too much use of green screen, not any zombies or vampires, no appearances by Satan and demons and my favorite, the ever so original, “boring”. Whatever! And the Alice purists complaining how ABC/Disney took too many liberties with the Alice in Wonderland story, making it either too dark or not dark enough, blah, blah, blah. Please, just please, no more people suggesting Body of Proof be brought back from the dead and placed here.

  • Matt

    Wonderland: 2.7 / 9 million
    Greys: 3.0 / 9 million
    Scandal: 3.3 / 10 million

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