Guess the Adults 18-49 Rating for the Premiere of 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland' (Poll)

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October 10th, 2013


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland premieres tonight at 8PM on ABC, the dubious timeslot that where shows like Charlie's Angels, Last Resort and Zero Hour were all met with cancellation after only a few episodes. In fact ABC hasn't had a show renewed in this slot since 2009. Can Once Upon a Time in Wonderland reverse this trend? Or will Alice fall down the "death slot" rabbit hole? Make your predictions below about this freshman's fate, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


  • HalCapone

    Alice rocked! I’ll be going down the rabbit hole next week, too.

  • Tony JJ

    I was surprised with wonderland. I watched the extended preview a couple days ago (basically the first 20 minutes) but there were some differences. But the last half was pretty good. I’ll continue watching.

    Big Bang was great as always.
    The crazy ones was awesome. Driving scenes were hilarious and brilliant. CBS has a WINNER. I expect a full season pick up soon. That show could give modern family a run for its money next Emmy awards if the show continues to improve!

    Now onto Scandal!!

  • Tony JJ

    SCANDAL never disappoints! Amazing episode. Best show on TV right now. I feel a ton of Emmy love next year for Scandal, Kerry Washington, and Guillermo Diaz. And it’s only the second episode of the season! Next week looks insane!

    I’m hoping it rises this week.

  • Networkman

    After watching Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, in my opinion, it is much more entertaining than Agents of SHIELD.

    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: 2.7
    Grey’s Anatomy: 3.2
    Scandal: 3.5

    The Big Bang Theory: 5.3
    The Millers: 2.9
    The Crazy Ones: 2.7
    Two & A Half Men: 2.3
    Elementary: 1.9

    Parks & Rec: 1.1
    Welcome to the Family: .8
    Sean Saves the World: 1.2
    Michael J. Fox Show: 1.5
    Parenthood: 1.4

    X-Factor: 2.0
    Glee: 2.3

  • Networkman

    Tonight was great TV viewing. I really enjoyed 3 entertaining hours.

    8pm Once Upon a Time in Wonderland was simply pure fun. I love to see fantasy and our favorite cartoon characters brought to life. Naveen was terrific as Jafar.

    9pm Glee’s tribute episode for Cory was beautifully done. Very emotional hour witnessing the actors true feelings for their friend.

    10pm Scandal- INTENSE. This episode had me in shock and on the edge of my seat. Wonderful acting.

  • senor chang

    3.6 in the overnights. Yiiikes.

    NBC had their roughest night in recent memory, too.

  • Boho

    ABC’s a scheduling department needs a complete revamp. None of their scheduling moves make any sense. Once upon a time in wonderland should have premiered after once upon a time two Sundays ago. They need to move revenge and betrayal and come up with something new for those nights. Revenge and betrayal just don’t work there. I personally thought Wednesday worked for revenge, maybe after Nashville tanks they’ll move it back. I think if they stuck with a fantasy night on Sunday it might stick. I think more people would tune in. Although having to series of once on the same night might be too much? Thoughts?

  • Annie

    Loved Wonderland but it did terrible. Which is sad because it was good. Too many nielson people watching Big Bang Theory I guess.

  • DenverDean

    Fanboys totally overestimated this fairytale. Considering that OUAT is on downward slope with less than 50 episodes aired, not sure why ppl thought it would do better than parent. A better approach would have been to air it on Sunday at 9 with Rev pushed to 10.

  • HalCapone

    I also thought Wonderland was very, very good. Sadly, the overnight ratings for the top 25 markets for it are really bad so be prepared for possibly ugly numbers. Once again, in the most disappointing news department, it looks like NBC, which cratered big time last Thursday, has achieved new lows for their entire lineup. I believe CBS Crazy Ones dropped 15% or so from last weeks second airing which probably makes it safe unless it continues to drop much more each week. And, of course, Big Bang ruled the night.

  • Kissan

    I have the Thursday ratings:


    OUATIW-1.7 and 5 mill. viewers

    Grey’s Anatomy-2.8 and 8 mill. viewers

    Scandal-3.1 and 9 mill. viewers

    TBBT-4.9 and 17 mill. viewers

    The Millers-3.1 and 11 mill. viewers

    Crazy Ones-2.4 and 9 mill. viewers

    2 1/2 Men-2.3 and 9 mill. viewers

    Elementary-1.9 and 8 mill. viewers

    Parks & Rec-1.2 and 3 mill. viewers

    WTTF-0.8 and 2 mill. viewers

    SSTW-1.0 and 3 mill. viewers

    MJF-1.2 and 3 mill. viewers

    Parenthood-1.2 and 3 mill. viewers

    X Factor-1.9 and 6 mill. viewers

    Glee-2.8 and 7 mill. viewers

    Vampire Diaries-1.1 and 2.5 mill. viewers

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